Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Spider-Man Far From Home-An Honest Review

By Zackary Richards


The first question any review reader wants to know is, should they see it?

The answer is yes. It’s clever, funny at times and has a number of plot twists that will keep you interested.

But there are a number of flaws.

The first hour is basically a travelogue. Peter and his classmates bounce around Europe and it's there we meet Mysterio. Nick Fury tells Peter that Mysterio is from an alternate Earth and has fought the Elementals before and Spiderman is needed to help him


In the second hour another villain appears.  And here’s where things get a little wonky. 

For one the writers can’t seem to figure out how strong Spiderman is. In one scene, the bad guy is beating the crap out of Spiderman. And this new baddie doesn’t have super strength. In the next scene, Pete receives a blow that would have staggered, if not permanently crippled the Hulk, yet Pete pretty much walks it off.

Another area the writers can’t seem to figure out is Pete’s Spider-sense.   One moment it is keeping him alive against overwhelming forces, yet in several other dangerous scenes, it seemed to have stepped out for a smoke.

Then there is the choice of costumes. At the beginning of the film, Pete still has the armored one from Infinity War but fights the Elementals with the cloth one.

And what is with Aunt May?!! Pete’s not even sixteen and she’s fine with him fighting super-powered beings. There is a reason the military doesn’t allow kids to fight in wars. And I raised teenagers and there is no way in hell I’d allow my fifteen-year-old, albeit superpowered, kid, out of the house to fight superpowered monsters.

But I get it, It’s entertainment, not a documentary. And as entertainment, it does a fine job but it’s the two after movie trailers that I have the most trouble with. I’m taking a guess here, but I believe this is the last Spiderman movie SONY will allow Marvel/Disney to make. And so Marvel/ Disney jacked up the Spiderman series cannon so badly during that first trailer that SONY will find it damn near impossible to reinstate the Peter Parker/Spiderman character as a friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

And the second one is incomprehensible! Nick Fury-Aliens-holographs-shape shifters? WTF!!

Still, if you’re a fan of the Marvel movies, go see it. You’ll have fun.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

How to Create Fans for Your Stories

 By Zackary Richards

First, if you think that by simply writing a book will automatically garner you a publishing contract, you are mistaken. It no longer works that way, if ever it did.

The first step when it comes to getting a publishing contract is to prove to potential publishers that you can write well enough to create a fan base. Meaning there are people out there who are willing to spend money to read your work

And you’re not going to be able to do this until you can write well and can take criticism. I suggest you join a writers group. This way you can have a group of people who can critique your work and help you improve it.

Do not attempt to publish before you are ready. How will you know when you are ready? You are ready when you value constructive criticism more than praise. AND when you can tear your story apart and start from scratch or make major changes knowing you’ll be able to do that.

Once you can do that write a short story and upload it to Amazon Kindle. Charge .99 cents and at the end of your story leave an email address for readers to comment on what they liked and what they did not like.

Or create a blog and give the stories to anyone willing to leave you their email address and tell you what they liked or disliked.

In both cases you’ll start building a list of readers who are telling you exactly how to make your books better and attract even more readers.

Once you have about one thousand readers or so, start writing your full-sized book (around 300 pages) once done then start shopping around for an agent or publisher.

Start the letter with I presently have over 1000 constant readers of my short stories and am looking for an (Agent or Publisher) to secure me a book contract.

And that my friend is how you get a book contract.

Now what about those stories about some kid or old lady who writes their first book, and are instantly published and it sells millions of copies?

Those people are astounding lucky.

It happens. Just like winning the lottery. And the odds are the same.

If you want to know more then read my book “The Best Book on How To Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Best Seller” Here’s the link