Friday, December 24, 2010

Hypersensitivity is not a virtue

Freedom rings where opinions clash     Adlai E. Stevenson

 I have been accused of being tactless and insensitive and rightly so. I don’t suffer fools gladly and imbeciles doth vex me.  But what really irks me is the smug hypersensitivity displayed by those who see themselves as enlightened and intellectually superior.
You’ve seen them; they wander the perimeters of polite conversations contributing nothing until somebody says something they decide is offensive. Immediately they become shrill, wildly hysterical and overcome with emotion. They quote questionable statistics and sociological studies that supposedly prove their point, then demand apologies and accuse anyone who disagrees of being insensitive or racist. “Where is your sense of compassion?” they ask as if hypersensitivity is the next step in mankind’s evolution and one that you, as a blithering doofus, will never be able to achieve..
We put up with this nonsense because we understand these overly sensitive people need to feel that they are the intellectual ‘light in the darkness’, but the time has come to put our collective foot down. We live in a dangerous and violent world and their wrong-headed belief that all people are basely good or can become good once the error of their ways is properly explained is not only stupid, it’s dangerous. History is filled with evil people who couldn’t be changed (Hitler, Al Capone, and Caligula just to name a few).
In addition, I am suspicious of anyone who zealously supports any cause that does not directly benefit them. I will not march for civil rights or gay rights, and not because I don’t support these causes, because I do. But I will not march or do anything that will cause the government to perceive whatever group I am supporting as a threat.
Because when the governmental hammer comes down (and friends, it always does) and the round-ups begin, they will not sic the dogs on me, they won’t burn crosses on my lawn and I will not be dragged behind the back of a car until dead, why? because I am white, heterosexual, a landowner and can afford legal counsel. And I have seen how quickly these riot causing, rabble-rousers disappear when push comes to shove.  
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