Saturday, March 21, 2015

Like many women my sister was a victim of the Great Recession and found herself suddenly without a job. She had been a medical documentation specialist and was replaced by the evolving technology.
Always a trooper she buckled down and took a part-time job in a retail store then another part-time job in a convenience store. The jobs were grueling and required her to spend up to twelve hours a day on her feet.

And making very little money.

Recently however, her fortunes have improved and it had nothing to do with those part time jobs. In fact she recently quit one of them and will likely quit the other within a month or two.

The reason, she started her own business. Having a business of my own I thought it was a great idea. But then I learned the difference between mine and hers. I have one main business while she a lots of small websites. One she recently built is making around twenty dollars a day.
Every day. That comes to $7,300.00 per year. That’s more than she made working at the convenience store. And she made that money on her computer at home.

Intrigued I asked how she learned to do that and she said she discovered the website and on the first page there is a video tutorial you download and it teaches you step by step how to create simple websites and make money from them.

I asked how much it cost and she said it was FREE.

I was skeptical. I’ve been around MLM marketing for a while and there is always a catch. So I went to the site and downloaded the training.

To my surprise it WAS free and it was legit! Of course, there were numerous one time only offers during the training but I watched and took notes during the entire course and it didn’t cost me a dime.

In addition, I learned quite a bit and I’ve been at this for years.

So, if you’re a woman looking to make additional income with no out of pocket expense for training I suggest you click on this link and have a look around. There apparently is no obligation although it does appear to be geared toward women only.

I’ve been touting the advantages of having your own business for years and now there is finally a website that shows you step-by step how to build one AND make money from it with no out of pocket expense.

It’s been my experience that these free sample offers don’t last very long so if you’re interested, go and download the training now because I can almost guarantee that once word of mouth gets around within the next few days that FREE offer will close and be replaced with some pay to play offer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Marketing your Books

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Let’s get right down to it, you’ve written a book, had it properly edited, submitted a carefully crafted query letter and received an automatic rejection letter.

But your book is really, really good!

Doesn’t matter. In order to get a book publishing deal you have to convince the publisher that you know how to sell the book. Nothing else matters. Forget all those fairy stories where some kid writes his first novel and submits it and he’s instantly rocketed to the best seller list.

Doesn’t happen.

Here’s the reality. Book publishing is a business! AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ANY BUSINESS IS MARKETING THE PRODUCT. Without marketing many great products die a lonely death on the shelves. With knowledgeable marketing even the crappiest bit of fluff can generate millions of sales.

Here’s the reality. If you’ve written a book and believe it should sell on its merits alone, you will likely die broke and undiscovered. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Want a book deal? Then you need to understand how to market your product. And that’s what your book really is…

A Product!

Right now you have two choices. Keep writing books, sending out queries, attending conferences and receiving rejection letters…


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