Friday, August 30, 2013

War with Syria

    This may come a surprise to you but I have (on a rare occasion) been on the wrong side of an argument. So this is why I’m writing to find out if ANYONE thinks it’s a good idea for the United States to invade Syria.

   The US government has an enormous deficit, in the trillions if what I’ve been told is correct. In fact, there is a sequester in effect right now that is cutting social programs like food stamps for poor people because we are so broke.

   Understood. Sometimes we all have to pull together and tighten our belts. So where are we getting the money to invade Syria?


   Up until now I figured The President was doing the best he could under the circumstances and it does seem that the economy is improving, abet slowly. So why would any Commander-in-Chief, regardless of his political affiliation, decide to invade a foreign country that POSES NO THREAT TO US and risk bankrupting our nation.

   WHY!?? For some lofty belief that we’re the protectors of the weak and downtrodden? Of the oppressed and abused?

   If that were true than why aren’t we planning an invasion of North Korea? Oh that’s right. We did that already and it didn’t turn out as well as we anticipated. In fact, when was the last time we went to war and it turned out just as well as we anticipated?


   So why are those in authority talking about some minimum intervention when history has proven that never happens?

   I think I know why and I pray to God it isn’t true.

   I was very suspicious of our invasion of Iraq. Very Suspicious. It didn’t seem the least bit possible that they possessed weapons of mass destruction when in the first gulf war, their so-called super accurate scud missiles couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle.

   But they had oil. And lots of it. And who would stand to benefit if Saddam was removed and we took charge of all those oil fields. I believe American oil companies would do very well should we be the only player in town.

   Now here’s the deal. China, Russia and India are rapidly industrializing and the need for oil in those countries is increasing exponentially. What’s more, they live in the area, and we’re half way around the world. Of the four of us, who is the smallest in size? That would be us.

   So how do we make sure we have enough oil for the next 50 years or so?

   Well, what if we took Assad out of the picture and took control of the oilfields (for their own good, of course) wouldn’t that solve that problem?

   Yes, it would, but here’s another problem. Russia, Chain and India don’t like the idea of us controlling all the mid-east oil. They might even step into the fray, I mean, they’re just around the corner and it wouldn’t require any major effort on their part. It would for us however and another over-extension of our military just might push us over the edge both financially and militarily.

   Take a moment to think about what might happen. Both Russia and China send troops in support of Assad, technically advanced troops with weaponry comparable to our own, with several million more men than we have.

   Besides I’m sure the Syrian people would welcome our brave troops with open arms.

   And IEDs and suicide bombers.

   So if oil companies are concerned about their interests in the middle east then THEY SHOULD HIRE PROFESSIONAL SOLDIERS TO PROTECT THEM. And not expect our young men to lay down their lives and endanger us all to protect the ill gotten gains of Robber Barons.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Write a Book, Publish and Market it

   When I decided to make writing my career I had no idea how to go about doing it. The ‘How-To’ books of the time were horribly dull, dry and out of date. So I ventured into the publishing world like a blindfolded man stumbling into an ass kicking contest.

   I quickly discovered there are predators everywhere. These BS vanity presses and print on demand outfits reach out to the aspiring writer with promises of instant success as well as fame and fortune as a BEST SELLING NOVELIST!

   My friends that is NOT how it works regardless of the telling and retelling of how this author or that author became a bestselling novelist with their first book.

   Do you know who really becomes a bestselling novelist with their first novel? People who have been writing for years and whose files are filled with rejection letters.

   And yes I was a member of that club.

   Back then, more than anything I wanted, no, needed a book that would walk me through the ins and outs of how to successfully get a book published. Since I did not know what I did not know, I didn’t know what to ask.

   But I know now. And this isn’t just for aspiring writers; this is for writers at every level who is having trouble getting their book into the hands of the reading public.

   And I’m going to tell you how to do it for FREE.

   But here’s the catch. It’s going to be FREE for only one day and one day only. Here’s why. When I was starting out I was broke and could have used a leg up from those who had made it through. But to be fair successful people are not prone to tell their secrets, at least not for free.

   However, if they are going to be told, guys who are broke like I was and need this info but can’t afford to buy it or pay for a college course, well for one day they can have it at no cost.

   However, if you find it helpful and can use the ideas and methods detailed within, I would appreciate a positive review on Amazon.

   That seems fair, right?

   Then after the one free day, it reverts to its regular price of $4.99 which believe me is pretty reasonable considering how much information is packed inside.

   So if you are interested, mark your calendars and copy this site link to Amazon to use this coming Thursday, August 29th where it will be free for 24 hours. Here’s the link:

AND if you don't have a KINDLE, Amazon provides a FREE reader so you can download and read any Kindle book here's the link:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Computer Virus

   I’m going to tell you a little story about erotica. Now don’t panic, I’m not going to get graphic. Actually what you are about to learn may come in very handy if you’re on the net a lot or for business like I am.

   If you follow my blog you know that I download a lot of information for my marketing strategies, my stories and for my blog. I’ve been doing this for several years and never had any real problems and on the rare occasion that I did, I simply killed the email address and opened a new one.

   Easy Peasy

   BUT… As I was putting together a blog post on erotica (it’s the best selling category on kindle and is making some people a LOT OF MONEY) a warning popped up from a anti-virus company I had never heard of informing me that my computer had contracted a virus and I needed to buy their product to unlock it.

   Nuts to that. So I fired up my Avast anti-virus software and set it to work!
6 hours later it finally tracks down the evil doer and flushed it out. So I went back to work. The next day I start my computer and the virus is back! So I said time for some real anti-virus software so I went to the store and bought Mcafee Anti-virus. I figured I’d just pop the Disk in, fire it up and let Mcafee do the work.   

   But there IS NO DISK. After opened the box I discovered that in order to avail myself of their anti-virus product I had to go on line and download it from their site.
Simple enough, except for one thing. The VIRUS WON”T ALLOW ME TO GO ONLINE! So I fired up Avast one more time waited the 6 hours, then uploaded Mcafee once the virus was again flushed.

   I figure problem solved. Mcafee is supposedly a very good anti virus software. So the following day as I’m wrapping up my post on the popularity of erotica my computer suddenly locks up and my screen is filled with this official government looking announcement that informs me that the Department of Justice has locked down my computer because I was supposedly viewing sites that had underage people naked
AND…If I didn’t submit a payment of $300.00 through Money Pac within 48 hours my computer would be permanently shut down and I would be hauled off to jail.

   Fortunately I come from a law enforcement family and know that if I were involved in the underage flesh trade, I couldn’t simply buy my way out by forking over $300.00 bucks from my paypal account. But I admit for a minute there I was stunned and tried to figure out what site I could have gone to that would feature something like that. So I quickly checked my browsing history and saw there wasn’t anything even close. In fact the majority of my research focused on middle-age empty nest couples getting into the swinging lifestyle and the unfortunate increase of STDs for that age group.

   Well my computer may have been locked up but my smartphone wasn’t so I went to Google and typed in the first line from the so-called department of Justice warning which reads : The work of your computer has been suspended on the grounds of the violation of the law of the United States. And Google showed me a full page of warnings and methods to clear your computer.  Here’s one of them:

   So it turns out these scams are called ransom scams. Meaning you have to pay them money to get your computer working again.

   And why the hell didn’t my Mcafee anti-virus software catch this!?

   And what sort of sick bastard would create such a program? Can you imagine the panic some poor schmoe who’s surfing the net looking for pictures of hot women would experience when he suddenly finds himself charged as a sexual predator? Or a woman innocently looking for pictures of hot young studs having her computer suddenly lock up and threaten her with jail time?  And in both cases be too afraid to contact a computer professional to fix their machine because they fear the computer pro would report them to the police?

   So apparently there are soul-less predatory monsters out there.

   As for the sterling protection Mcafee provided I’ve found a program that actually works and cleaned out my system in less than ten minutes. It’s called and they let you have a 30 day free trial. So if you need real anti-virus software that actually works, go with

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Call to Action: You Need to Act, America, to Protect this Country

    I don’t usually indulge in politics because I like to read and write funny or informational material and frankly politics is very dirty business.

   Never more so than now.

   Congress’s approval rating has sunk down to 17% the lowest in American history. Yet the majority of the men and women presently in Congress will be reelected unless we take action before the 2014 elections.

   Now why would a group of people who have done such an incredibly poor job as legislators be enthusiastically returned to office?

   Because they have learned to pit us against ourselves. They pepper us with ominous warnings that ‘the other side’ will destroy America if they aren’t immediately returned to office to protect you and your family from the horrific actions that ‘the other side’ will force upon this great nation.   

   Those are lies. The Tea party won’t destroy America nor will the Socialist party or the Right to lifers or the Green party or any other independent party. The reality is that no party is a bigger threat to your freedom than the Democratic and Republican parties.

   Why? Because they have been corrupted. Yes, both as parties and as individuals, every single one of them.

   “Oh not my Senator/Representitive!” you say. “Why only last week he raised $100,000 dollars for the children’s cancer hospital, or fought for a 25 cent raise in the minimum wage. Or called for an increase in the defense budget to protect us from the Islamic terrorists, North Korea and whoever they can prop up in an attempt to scare us.

   It is all smoke and mirrors, my friends. All carefully orchestrated to con you into thinking they’re your champions when in fact they are simply obeying the campaign financiers’ directives. Those are the people who are actually running this country right now. Do you think $100,000 means anything to them? Or a 25 cent minimum wage raise?

   Of course not. Not as long as they can use their agents in Congress to stop any attempt to raise their taxes, or close corporate tax loop-holes or enforce regulation of hazardous practices (Remember the BP oil spill in the Gulf, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion?)

   Common sense and compromise is the basis of what made this country great. Everything we’ve accomplished so far was because one party reached out to the other and they hammered out a jointly acceptable solution.

   The campaign finance directors of both parties have banned that practice. So we presently have a legislative branch that is stocked with agents fulfilling the directives of zealots, who refuse to compromise on any issue and insist that only their policies be recognized.

   The result? Deadlock. Congress has freely admitted that they simply can’t work together but could, if their party could get enough votes to completely shut down the other.

   They are asking us to destroy the two party system; the foundation of what this country was build on.

   What’s more they’re trying to convince us it’s for our benefit.

   Trust us, they say.

   Trust them?!! The overwhelming majority of those presently in office are lawyers. People trained to lie, misinform, manipulate the facts, muddy the waters and use whatever tactics necessary to win the case for their clients.

And regarding these esteemed members of Congress, who do you think their clients are? Who do you think they’re working for?

   It isn’t you.

   The elections of 2014 will likely be the most important in American history. It will be an opportunity for us, the American people, to take back our government from the campaign financiers and corporate money-men.


   We don’t need television to inform us on where the candidates stand on the issues. We have the internet and need only go to their website or watch their speeches on YouTube.

   That is why you should only vote for independent candidates.

   And don’t be concerned. Go ahead and vote for the Tea Party Candidate, or the Socialist Candidate, or the The Damn Rent’s Too High Candidate (that’s an actually party in New York) or the Green party or Reform party or Right to Life party, or whatever independent party is available in your area. Because if we do, the campaign financiers’ and money-men’s lackeys will no longer be in office and the people you do elect (regardless of how radical they seem) will have to become moderate and hammer out agreements that will benefits us all.

   And if you feel none of those independent parties’ candidates have the talent or ability to get done what needs to be done.

   Then maybe it’s time you stepped up to the plate.  

   That’s right, YOU. Mr. or Ms. Fellow American.

   If you are a respected member of your community, a doctor or scientist or teacher or craftsman or fireman or cop or office worker or whatever, and you would work as hard and as long as necessary to straighten out the mess created by our present legislative body, then I will vote for you.

   I don’t give a damn about your religion, background, color, sexual orientation, education, conservative or liberal or present day profession. If you are an honest, hard-working, reasonable, intelligent and open to working out a compromise that is the best interests of the American People you need to be in Congress.

   And for those of you who agree with what I’ve proposed here, forward this article to everyone one you know and ask them to forward it to everyone they know and maybe by the 2014 elections we can elect a congress that once again represents us and not special interests.