Thursday, September 25, 2014

Storyboard: How Your Website Can Get You a Book Deal

Storyboard: How Your Website Can Get You a Book Deal 

My website just passed the 30,000 visitor mark. It receives a little over 100 visitors a day. Thank you all for stopping by. I know you’re busy so let’s get right down to it. I’m a writer so I automatically have an unfair advantage. I know how to write and how to engage my audience. But there’s also a trick to that and I’ll show you what it is. As a book publisher I am constantly asked what type of books am I looking to publish?


 Books that will sell.

 How do you find a topic that will sell?

Start a blog. That’s what I did.

At first I wrote engaging stories, funny incidents and just about anything that I hoped would entertain my readers. I did this for over a year then one day noticed that when I wrote about certain topics the amount of visitors skyrocketed. Usually it was about writing tips, contacting agents, finding a publisher and all matters regarding writing. When I saw the increasing traffic I realized that if I wrote a book on how to write, how to get published and how to get that book out before the buying public it would likely do well. So I stopped writing my usual fiction and wrote The Best Book on How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Best Seller. And sure enough it began selling immediately and received excellent reviews.

Another topic that brought a lot of traffic was how to start your own business and make money online. I felt this would benefit my readers because I had been downsized and had started my own business so I knew what I was talking about. So I wrote The Best Book on How to Make Money Online. It too, took off right after being published.

 The next blog topic that garnered a lot of readers was How to Sell Products Online. BUT, these business oriented topics were annoying my readers who were interested in writing info.

And they had a point. The site is actually named The Author Zackary Richards.

But here is where many of my writing friends make a MASSIVE MISTAKE. They truly believe that if they write a great book and submit it to an agent or publisher, it will immediately be accepted and published, and rocket them to the top of the literary world. They believe this because they have read of incidents where people who submitted a rough draft of their first novel to an agent, were immediately signed, received a huge advance and their book became a best seller.

Does this actually happen?

On a very, very rare occasion, yes.

And when it does the media jumps all over it giving the impression that this can happen to anyone! However the odds of this actually happening are about the same as you becoming the next Powerball winner. But unfortunately, writers, because they deal in fantasy for the better part of their day, often fall victim into believing the fantasy, and delude themselves into thinking that all they have to do is write that one special book and all their dreams will come true.

And so they fritter away their lives, spending every waking moment working on that super-duper novel that will solve all their problems and while doing so, alienate their spouses, ignore their children, do a half-assed job at work and miss out on all the good and fun things life has to offer.

Why? Because that fantasy has become their religion, their belief system and any attempt to dissuade them from it will make you that person’s enemy!

However, if you will instead kindly step out of the coo-coo for cocoa puffs train for a moment, he’s an alternative method that will very likely succeed.

  • You start a blog. 
  • Go to amazon and find out what books are selling well and have been selling for a while in a genre that you think you could do well in. 
  • Then start posting snippets of your story on your blog. 
  • Use keyword tags that will attract the type of reader who is interested in what you’re writing. 
  • Ask them to comment, offer suggestions, give critique. Develop a following.

Don’t worry about someone stealing your ideas or your story. Like Jay Leno once said, “Simply write faster than they can steal.”

Keep in touch with your followers by getting their email addresses with an auto responder. Offer autographed copies to the one who gives the most valuable critique and advice. Do a google hangout and develop a report with your followers. Write a book a month, charge $0.99 and ask for reviews. Read paperback books like The Best Book on How to Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Best Seller so you’ll actually know how to write and get great reviews instead of getting blasted for being a no-talented amateur.

 Learn everything you can about marketing, reach the biggest audience possible, establish yourself as an authority, get your name out there and… like Steve Martin once said, “It’s easy to become famous. Just become so good they can’t ignore you.”

Here’s one VERY important fact about marketing. Cold calling (meaning contacting agents and publishers to see if they would be interested in your book) has a horrifically poor rate of success. On the other hand when customers contact you (meaning agents and publishers have heard of you and see that you have 30,000 visitors to your blog, 5000 Facebook “Likes” 1000 Google+ followers and e book sales in the thousands,) will make getting a book deal damn near guaranteed.

One last little trick. 30,000 visitors has given this website a PR of 2 and bordering on 3 So if you were to leave a comment along with your website URL then copy and paste my link on your blog post you would get link juice from my site that would increase your ranking and popularity.

I’m so surprised that so few people do that.Check out our site at

Friday, September 19, 2014

Businessonline: The Best Way to Start an Online Business

The Best Way to Establish an Online Business.

Whether it’s an online business or brick and mortar, the majority of new businesses fail. Here’s why:  

1. They come up with a great idea and assume they will make money with it.
2. They don’t take into account the length of the learning curve. Figuring they’ll learn as they go along.
3. Because it’s an online business, they assume it won’t cost them anything to set up shop. It won’t, but no matter what business you choose, getting customers costs MONEY! 
4. They don’t take into account the strength of their competition and the necessity of optimizing their site. 
5. They flit from niche to niche hoping that sooner or later one of them will become a big money maker.

 These people are doomed. Which is a shame because for the most part they are people just like you and me who simply wanted something better for themselves and their families.

They were brain-washed with the media’s tales of how Joe Schmoe started some online business that immediately became a massive success and rocketed him to fame and fortune.

So they got to thinking, if Joe Schmoe can do it, then I can too!

No you can’t.


I said NO!

But if…

Do you want me to come over there…!?


I didn’t think so…

Anyway. Joe Schmoe was astoundingly LUCKY or astoundingly brilliant and likely BOTH.

Are you?

If you are a clear-thinking, hard-working man or woman and are tired of the daily grind, sick and tired of an abusive boss and are at the point where having an established back-up income just in case the economy goes south again seems like a pretty good idea…
Then listen up.

It took me almost 5 years to make my business profitable. The reason? I didn’t have the necessary tools or the knowledge.

And so I struggled year after year using the trial and error method.

And learned that trial results in failure the majority of the time. Ask any successful person and they’ll tell you the same.

Want to GREATLY increase your chances of success? Want to avoid the misery and likely failure that occurs to seven out of ten new businesses? Want a full refund if, after 90 days, you don’t have a growing, lucrative online business that will likely make it possible to quit your present full time job?

Sound too damn good to be true?

I thought so too, until I took a chance and discovered it was even better than I anticipated.

You see, one very smart gentleman by the name of Ken Evoy, saw the difficulty people were having creating a successful online business. They were leaving out essential steps, were pouring time, money and effort into websites that didn’t have the slightest chance of success, had no idea how to build a customer base or test a potential business before rolling it out to see if generated enough interest to make sales.

And since he had already created several successful online businesses himself, he decided to start a company that would guide new online business people through a step by step process that would make sure ALL the essential building blocks of a successful online business were incorporated. Made sure the website offered a product or service the buying public was interested in. Contained high-interest, low competition keywords that would drive traffic to their site. And created links that would propel the site to the top of the search engine pages.

This not only eliminated the trial and error method, it also created a community of online business people who understood the complete process and could mentor others when their new businesses ran into difficulty.

Frankly I would have paid ten times the thirty bucks a month it costs if I knew about it when I started out. I could have saved the thousands I wasted on hardware and software products that promised to drive unlimited traffic to my site but did little to nothing.

The name of the company is SBI.
Who can benefit from its services? Anyone who is interested in starting an online business but doesn’t know how.

Seriously, you can save yourself YEARS of trial and error by learning how to create a profitable website THE VERY FIRST TIME from a company that has launched over one-hundred thousand money-making sites for their customers.

Here’s the link to the video. 

Give it a look and decide if it’s for you. Frankly, with its 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee you have no reason not to at least give it a try.

Take it from a guy who’s been there. This actually works! 

Want more information on how you can create additional income streams? Then have a look at The Underground College where for only small fee you can learn skills that could double and even triple your present salary

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Business Online: How to Set Up Your Own Online Business

If you've clicked on this link to see how to set up your own business online...

You've likely made the smartest move of your life.

    Five years ago I didn't know anything about business, online or offline. All I knew was that I was a writer with a book deal, a newly completed successful book tour and a new book ready for publication.

    Then the Great Recession hit and it all fell apart. I lost my day job, my book deal, my wife to divorce and developed a couple of health issues. At about the same time the writers strike hit and all those striking writers wrote books which glutted the market.

    And that's when I created Ari Publishing, which, in retrospect, was not the smartest of moves considering the state of the economy.

   But strangely enough, it was!

    Because I learned that when the economy collapses most people become very conservative. That lowers the competition making it possible for those in the know to take advantage and make a great deal of money.
But that door of opportunity doesn't remain open for very long. It took me 5 years to learn how to make money with your own online business. I bought several thousands dollars worth of info products, how to books and video tutorials.

    Most were crap and a waste of money. BUT, I learned what products were very helpful, what techniques actually generated money and most importantly, I found out what online mentors actually knew what they were talking about and had the very successful businesses to prove it. Like I said it took me 5 years of hit and miss (mostly miss) to find out what worked and what didn't.

   And since I already know where to go and who to learn from, you could very likely have a money-making online business in a couple of months.

   But here's the catch.

   In order to get this information you need to go to  It's free and filled with information on how to sell whatever you want. Products, services, your own books, music CD's, crafts, frankly whatever you like. Go to our Just starting out page to see all you need to create a business

    So watch this very informative video and if you want to start bringing in some extra income each month then fill in your name and email address below and you'll receive additional tutorials like this one every two weeks.

 However, If you want to start RIGHT NOW and need to learn EXACTLY how to create a successful business then you need to GO HERE.. They are the best and most successful online business creators and tens of thousands have become successful entrepreneurs following their method. Again here's the link. If you're serious LOOK NOW. because I change my website links depending on what people are asking to know now. 

So fill in your name and email address and get new online business information like this every two weeks.
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