Thursday, October 24, 2013

The 17 Trillion dollar debt Part 2

   17 Trillion dollars! Let’s face it, under our present congressional combo package of clowns, crooks and outright liars there is no way we’re going to pay that off. Sure we have the talking heads featuring government economists who spout numbers, predictions and long term forecasts that would dazzle that pie plate spinner on the old Ed Sullivan show.

   But as we ALL NOW KNOW, these so-called professionals have no more idea of how the economy works than you or I. That became shockingly apparent following the 2009 economic collapse. Remember Mad Money’s Jim Cramer telling people there was nothing to worry about as little as 24 hours before the financial meltdown? The average wage earner who followed his investment advice lost BIG, REAL BIG. Amazingly he is STILL on the air giving financial advice.

    So let’s face facts, WE ARE ON OUR OWN. Nobody cares about you, nobody cares about your financial well-being, nobody cares what will happen to you now that the money is gone. Its’ every man for himself and when that becomes shockingly clear and the government admits it can no longer prevent the total economic collapse…

   …Well that’s why they had Homeland Security purchase 2 billion rounds of ammo. You know, just in case we storm Washington demanding to know what the hell they did with our money.

   The government we all pay taxes to, you know the one that takes money out of our paychecks, are pretending they don’t know what happened to it. We had a balanced budget in the 90s. Then all our money disappeared! And not only did all our money disappear, they overdrew our account to the tune of 17 TRILLION dollars.

   So, who went to jail for this crime? Seriously, I want to know who went to jail for robbing us and leaving us a past due balance of 17 Trillion dollars? Was it the welfare mothers? Illegal aliens? The One-percenters? The Tea Party?

   My friends. Whether you blame the liberals or the conservatives for this disaster, you are WRONG. It was the special interests who control our congressmen and had them juggle the rules so that they could siphon our taxes directly into their pockets. And when it all fell down, one group of politicians tried to blame big business and the car companies. But they’re not responsible. They sold a product and we paid for it.

   The other side points fingers at social programs. But they were already in effect and paid for when we had a balanced budget, so it wasn’t them either.

   It was Congress, plain and simple. They were offered bribes in the form of campaign contributions, so they sold us out and are now trying to turn us against each other. Take a moment. Does Bob the liberal school teacher have the power to change banking and real estate laws? Does Nancy the conservative insurance broker have enough political influence to affect the stock market and the way they’re allowed to do business?

   Of course they don’t.  

    But Congress does and it’s going to take a while before we can throw them all out of office.  In the meantime they are still crooks so we must take steps to secure our financial well being.

   So step one. We have to start our own businesses. I’ve done it, you can too.

   Start by creating a business email address. Doesn’t have to be anything revealing or clever, an address like would be fine. The reason is, you’re going to need to watch tutorials, download info and sell online. Some of this stuff you’re going to want to keep so when an important document arrives in your business emailbox, transfer it to a separate file so it will be easy to find when you need it. And while the possibility of you being spammed or hacked is rare, it does happen on occasion so if it does, simply delete that business email account and start over. This way your personal email account is always kept personal and unaffected.

   Your next step is to find a product to sell through affiliate programs, (more on that soon) or create an online course teaching others what you already know. For example. Say you’re a web designer, or specialize in car transmission repair. You can create an online course explaining how it’s done and then sell it online to others who need new skills to compete in this rapidly changing economy.

   But that’s great idea only if you already know how to create and market a ‘How-To’ video course. But you likely don’t. If only somebody had already thought of that and decided to film a video tutorial that walks people like you step by step through the process.

   Fortunately, somebody did. Here’s the link: If you take a look you will notice that 986 people are presently taking the course. The average customer rating is 5 Stars! And has 35 positive reviews from those who have already completed it. And comes with a 30 day no question asked money-back guarantee.

   I have reviewed the course and the information is extensive. If you have a skill or ability that others would like to learn then you should download the course. (and keep in mind it doesn’t have to be rocket science or computer programming. It can be How to quilt or paint watercolors or organic gardening. Actually anything you know enough about to teach, and that people would be willing to purchase in order to learn, is really all that is required.) 

    Then, once you know how to create and market your skills online, you change a fee for the course and offer a full 30 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. 

   Because you know what you’re talking about and people have no problem laying out good money for a product that teaches them how to make money teaching others the skills they already have.

   Or perhaps you need to learn a new skill. Maybe you’re in customer service and your company is in talks with IBM regarding their Watson Machine.  Or create design models to spec and your company is looking into 3D printers…

   There is no guarantee that Social Security will be there when you retire. So now is the time to take action. How much better would your life be if you had a number of separate income streams funneling money into your account each month?

   I do. And every month or so I create a new income stream. No, it’s not enormous amounts. I don’t make thousands a day like the big money gurus claim BUT I am making money online and the amount is steadily increasing every month. I can show you how to do it and it won’t cost you a dime because there are already a number of FREE money making tutorials out there and I make them available to my newsletter subscribers.

    So if you want in (and it doesn’t cost anything and I protect email addresses) write in your name and business email address in the blue box that says Zack’s Tips on the right then click on Free access. I usually send out a newsletter every couple of weeks or so. And because it’s run by you can unsubscribe at anytime.

   Remember, now is the time to take action. Don’t wait for the next government shut-down to discover that your government pension, your social security and Medicare benefits have also mysteriously disappeared.

  Act now before its too late.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The National Debt is 17 trillion And what YOU need to do right now.

   And so ladies and gentlemen the Congressional Circus has finally left town but they’ll be back soon with another theatrical presentation of ‘We only fight for the rights of those who fund our campaigns, we couldn’t care less about the rest of you slobs!”

   That is the reality we’re facing right now.

   And how did things get this out of control? We got caught up in the Washington dog and pony show while the corporate crooks and military industrial complex ransacked the economy, started two unnecessary wars and corrupted Wall Street.

   And just so you know; if you’re a liberal it’s the conservative fault! And if you’re a conservative it’s the liberals fault!

   As a long time Radical Moderate I can understand what both liberals and conservatives want and the reasons they want it. The conservative want a balanced budget, they want this country to stop living beyond its means and stop wasting taxpayer money. They are not a gaggle of Snidely Whiplashes looking to throw grandma and Polly Pureheart out on the street, they want fiscal responsibility.

   I can understand that.

   And the Liberals want to make sure that, while you are working, you are making a wage that can support your family and make it possible to put something aside for retirement. They want a benefit program at retirement age that will provide enough money to get by and health care that won’t ransack their savings.

   I can understand that too.

   Regardless of your political affiliations when Clinton left office we had a balanced budget. Then came 9/11 and everybody lost their minds. From then on it was all downhill.

   The problem was we hadn’t really thought 9/11 through. We declared war on Afghanistan but Ben Laden was a terrorist. He had no army, no navy, no air force, and no nuclear missiles with which he could invade our country.

   What he did have was a diabolical plan. It cost him very little to carry it out and the results were far reaching. While searching for him we spent trillions on the military, on creating Homeland Security, on cyber warfare, on invading Iraq and as a result, nearly bankrupted ourselves and almost brought about a second Great Depression.

   And all that happened while Ben Laden sat in his bedroom in PAKISTAN watching ‘The Price is Right.”

   In the end we sent a Navy SEAL team in and killed him. Didn’t need the new super-duper jets or new aircraft carriers or armored tanks, just a few specially modified helicopters to stop by, double tap and hit the road.

   As a nation we need to stop chanting U-S-A, U-S-A and pointing fingers at the other side. Stop and analyze what got us into this mess and focus on what we need to do to get us out.

   Here’s my suggestions and remember, it’s just that, suggestions.

   Cut military spending in half. The military was created to protect this nation from foreign invaders. That’s it, nothing more. Somehow over the years America’s military became the security guards of corporate interests while pretending to be the world’s policeman.  THIS HAS TO STOP! No one is going to invade us because, as a nation, we have more guns in private hands that we have people. If a foreign invader landed in Manhattan, they’d be wiped out by the time they reached the Bronx.

   If Exxon/Mobil needs their oil fields protected, or Halliburton is worried about their oil leases, let them hire their own military personal to fight bad guys and keep our military out of it. Email the Hessians, it’s been a while and I’m sure they could use the work

   Stop military exercises off the coasts of Korea and China. All it accomplishes is resentment and continued military buildup so let’s stop doing it. Maybe if we stopped showing off our military might by parading our ships in and around everyone else’s backyard we wouldn’t have so many nations hating our guts.
   Keep our navy in and around the United States where they belong.

   And one last thing. Don’t fall for that threatening nonsense that scares people into thinking that by cutting military spending we are leaving our nation defenseless against our enemies. It’s nothing more than propaganda. Large scale wars like WW1 and WW2 can’t happen anymore. (At least not for very long once the nuclear missiles start flying) Enemy troop ships planning a D-Day type invasion would be vaporized by nuclear tipped missiles, large scale air force bombers would suffer the same fate as would all the ten billion dollar each aircraft carriers we continue to build for no apparent reason. The Nazis, Commies and Yellow Menace have marched into history. Russia can’t afford a war, China doesn’t want one and the Arab nations will eventually blow themselves up if we just leave them alone.
   The real war is against the middle class.

   Manufacturing jobs are still being outsourced to the lowest bidder, Customer Service jobs will soon be replaced by smaller versions of WATSON, the IBM computer that won on Jeopardy and the leaps and bounds progress of 3D printers will eliminate assembly lines, building construction and food preparation businesses.

   And if you don’t know what a 3D printer is, you’d better find out because it will have as big an effect on the economy as the introduction of the computer in the 1980’ and 90’s.

   As for what else you need to start preparing for, come back soon and I’ll tell you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

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   One man comes forward.

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   But I digress…

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