Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Relationships: What Women Don’t Understand About Men

   The differences between men and women couldn’t be any clearer than it is in women’s romance novels. The men in these stories are strong, brave and true but that is only the template. What is really brought to the reader’s attention is how attentive the male characters are. They listen to the women, defer to their judgment, and constantly tell them in the most romantic way possible just how beautiful they are, how sexy they are, how important they are to the man’s happiness.

   Seriously, it’s hilarious!

   There are only two real male personalities that actually act in that manner, gay guys and playas. This is why women like having gay guys as friends because they listen, compliment them by telling them how beautiful and sexy they are and see to their needs.

   Playas understand it too, which is why women are constantly surprised when playas romance the hell out of them, then, once the sex is over, its ‘Buh-Bye.”

   Scott Adams the ‘Dilbert’ cartoonist gives what I think is the best explanation as to why women are so disappointed with men.

   The scene begins with a woman coming to Dogbert for advice.

   Woman: I’m considering dating man but I’m worried.

   Dogbert: What’s his name?

   Woman: Bill… His name is Bill.

   Dogbert: Ahh… Bill… Yes, I know all about Bill. He has no emotional depth and thinks of your conversations as mere chatter. He wants your body, not your mind. Several times a day, Bill imagines himself with different women.

   Woman (disappointed) Darn, This time I thought I’d found a normal guy.

   Dogbert: Okay, then I have some really bad news for you.

   Real men are nothing like the men portrayed in romance novels. Not like most of the men portrayed on TV. But women don’t want to accept this and firmly believe the man who is just like those portrayed in romance novels is out there and all she needs to do is find him.

   Good luck with that!

   Because if you do find him, don’t be surprised if somewhere down the line he announces that he has a secret boyfriend. Or learn that not only is he the most romantic guy to you, he is also the most romantic guy to a bunch of other women he is banging.

  Or worse, a woman goes after a ‘Bad Boy’. On the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ the attractive female friend ‘Penny’ complains to Leonard and Sheldon that, “I’m always dating guys who only think about themselves, treat me like dirt and break my heart. What’s wrong with me, am I stupid?”

   To which, after a moment’s thought, Sheldon replies. “Yes, you are.”

   And she is! Why? Because she let her ego convince her that she could ‘change him’ with her super-duper sexuality.

   Ladies, I’ve written books on Marriage and Divorce and I’m going to save you a lot of pain and misery by telling you the hard and unvarnished truth.

   Stop searching for a man who will sweep you off your feet with romance and passion. Every one of those guys has something up his sleeve that will break your heart.

   Here’s what to look for instead. Find a guy who truly likes you. Love fades but a strong friendship can last a lifetime. Find a guy who is kind when he doesn’t have to be. Find a guy who is strong during difficult times, who values your opinion, who is stable, fair and honest.

  And yes, over time he very well may become a balding, potbellied, beer drinking football watching, fart machine but he will always put the welfare of you and the kids first, and he’ll be faithful, be a great father and role model, a passionate lover, a solid provider and your best friend.

   And if that’s not enough, then don’t get married because, believe me, it will not end well.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Movie Review of The Conjuring

   It's been a long time since I've seen a good spooky movie. I was a real horror fan but the genre degenerated into torture porn (Saw & Hostel) and so I went my merry way.

   The last truly scary movie I enjoyed was Poltergeist which no doubt reveals my age but I don’t care, it was scary fun. Unfortunately it doesn’t hold up as well as I would have liked but that’s primarily because the special effects they used have become horribly outdated. Like how Bella Lugosi’s Dracula frightened an entire generation yet today it’s considered passé. Same with Frankenstein.

   Thanks guys, it was fun.

   I think the reason I liked Poltergeist is because we got to know the family, related to them and understood their panic when so many bad things happened and they couldn’t stop or control any of it.

   I suppose that’s the reason I enjoyed the Conjuring so much.

   Like Poltergeist the characters in The Conjuring are regular people. Nice people in fact and we get to see them playing family games and hanging out with each other. They are the type of family you could easily become friends with and have your kids play together.

   It starts off the way many good spooky stories do. A family of seven, mom, dad and the five girls buy a big old house. It’s a bit run down so it needs some repair and cleaning up.

   No problem. Everybody pitches in and things get done.

   But then comes the bump in the night. The sudden drop in temperature, something in the shadows. Just a little spooky at first but not frightening.

   But that all begins to change and ‘Who you gonna call? Ghostb..!

   The Conjuring trailer

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

   No, not them but a psychic couple who works with the Catholic Church doing exorcisms. When the family pleads with them to at least come and look at the house they finally agree & when they get there they discover the place is filled with malevolent spirits who have attached themselves to the family and will follow them wherever they go.

  So there’s no escape.

  That’s all I’m going to tell you.

   Just a warning. This is no torture/gory screamfest but there are several moments that will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

   You’ve been warned!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Obamacare, Lobbyists, Tea party, Politics & Other Crap

   Like most of my fellow Americans I’ve been railing at the government for its infighting over Obamacare, lobbyists etc. And like most I’ve been under the impression that if Congress only understood what they needed to do, they would rap their heads like those V8 commercials, say something like, “Oh, now I get it,” and proceed to pull our country out of this mess it’s in.

   Not gonna happen.

   Why? Because they have rigged the system. It doesn’t matter if you vote Democrat or Republican, they’re both controlled by big money interests and as lawyers will only serve those paying them. And should you vote out the democrat and replace him with a republican, or visa versa, the ousted politician will go to work as a lobbyist and continue to control what Congress does.

   Yeah, we’re that screwed.

   Since Congress has no intention of addressing the high unemployment rate (because the stock market is at an all time high and their handlers want nothing to interfere with that) we’re on our own.

   I’ll say it again. WE ARE ON OUR OWN

   Working two, maybe three part time jobs? Barely making ends meet? Hoping the economy will improve so you can go back to you regular line of work before you exhaust your savings or max out your credit cards?

   Take a deep breath. This is going to hurt.

   The economy is better than it’s ever been. Corporations are making record profits, the executive management team is raking in more bonuses than ever before.

   Then why haven’t you been called back to work?

  Because they have PERMANENTLY replaced you with a software program or outsourced your job.

   I’m sorry but that IS the reality. The government has skewed the employment numbers to look like things are improving. BUT THEY AREN’T! They are counting part-time minimum wage jobs as full employment.

   So if you’re hoping against hope that your old way of life will make a comeback, you’re painting yourself into a corner, one that may have serious consequences for not only you, but for your family.

   If you take only one thing from what you’re reading here make sure it’s this.

   The government is not your friend, they are not your ally, they have no interest in changing the status quo, they are not going to help you, they do not care about your situation. They do not care if the economy collapses because they are all rich enough to survive it and if it does collapse it will drive down wages and prices which is exactly what they want.

   You may not believe me and that’s fine, but just take a moment to look around. See who’s working those part-time jobs the teenagers used to have. If you have a job, how many of your co-workers been downsized? How many times have your hours been cut?

   I have written a large number of posts regarding this issue, stupidly thinking that if we simply pointed out what needed to be done, Congress would quickly act to rectify the situation.

   Well, I’m sick of doing that. They’ve made it clear they know exactly what the problem is and has no intention of correcting it.

   So I will.

   I have created a new website called The Underground College

   Its purpose is to provide retraining for those whose jobs are becoming obsolete or have already vanished. Going back to college is expensive, very expensive. The Underground College is not. It’s an inexpensive way to acquire new skills, ones that are in high demand and highly sought after in the marketplace.  
   There are two types of people. Those who feel comfortable with the reliability and structure of working for a company and those who prefer to set out on their own and create their own business.

   The Underground College provides instruction for both choices.

   Pensions have been steadily disappearing for decades, there has been talk of cutting Social Security and Medicare. The reality is the only person looking out for your interests is you.

   So pay a visit to The UndergroundCollege and see what it has to offer. I have purchased a library of tutorial e books and videos which will be provided for FREE to those who sign up for our newsletter.

   Bottom line: I’m going to do my part to get the middle class back on its feet and am going to need all the help I can get since the government has no intention of lending us a hand. Hope to see you there.

   Here’s the link:

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Debt, the Economy and the Return of Mighty Mouse

   Many of my readers are likely too young to remember the phrase “Here I come to save the day!” This was Mighty Mouse’s catch phrase. He also sang a lot of opera which I never quite got as a kid.

   But I digress.

   I’ve written a lot of posts regarding the economy, offering suggestions on how to fix it. (One of my suggestions was actually presented to Congress) and like many of you I am pretty sick and tired of Congress’s petty politics, infighting and finger pointing.

   There is enough blame regarding our present state of affairs to go around. And our elected representatives have made it very clear they don’t care what we think, and why should they? We keep sending the same lot of bribe taking (That’s exactly was ‘campaign contributions are!) sycophants back into office. Why? Because they’ve managed to convince the public that it’s the ‘other side’ that’s trying to destroy America, and so they must be returned to office to prevent that from happening.

   It’s a great con instituted by Hermann Goering, Hitler’s War minister and 70 years later we keep falling for it  

   So put down your placards, stop the U-S-A, U-S-A, chants, put your anger on the backburner for a moment and gather round the campfire.

    Since I don’t have a horse in this race, nor any personal agenda I hope you will listen and hopefully believe me when I point out some serious realities that our representatives really don’t want us asking questions about.

   Here are the facts.

   The jobs lost in the Great Recession ARE NOT COMING BACK. Here’s why. The stock market has rebounded to the point that it has even surpassed the markets ‘highs’ set before the economic collapse. So with record breaking profits, why would businesses hire back the people they have learned to do without?

   Regardless of whatever altruistic reasons you may have for them doing so, THEY AREN’T GOING TO DO IT, because frankly, employees are a pain-in-the-ass. They have personal problems, play office politics, file lawsuits, demand raises, healthcare, 401K’s etc. So Mr/Ms employer is not going to hire you unless your skillset is necessary to the success of their business.

   It’s that plain and simple.

   New computer software technology is replacing entire departments that were mainstays for industries for decades. Departments like, Customer Service, Credit and Collection, Bookkeeping and yes even I T are being downsized and in most cases eliminated all together.

   So if you still happen to have a job and some money in your pocket, you might want to invest in 3 D printer technology because within the next few years it will likely replace all manufacturing and assembly line jobs and their workers.

   This scenario does not bode well for our heroes and heroines in the workforce does it?

    Unfortunately, it also doesn’t make it any less true. Nor the fact that the Department of Homeland Security recently purchased 2 billion rounds of ammunition. Apparently our government is taking steps for their own protection. As for us… well, good luck fellas, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

   Fortunately, all is not lost and to quote that late great American hero, Mighty Mouse:

“Here I come to save the day!”

   That’s right. I’ve figured out a way to save the day and make it possible for the American public to again earn a decent salary without having to work themselves to death with their present 2-3 minimum wage jobs.

   It is not a get rich quick scheme,  

   Nor is it anything you need to buy from me. What I have done is create a new website that provides detailed information on how you can add to and redirect your present skills and interests into those that are in high demand by the present business community. It WILL require study and commitment in order for you to be successful. FREE e books and video tutorials on a wide number of topics and disciplines will be made available to those interested.  

   Since our representatives in Congress see no need to take action to get middle class America back to work, I’ve decided I’m going to do it.
   And you can help by making a note to drop by this site on Monday. That’s when I’m going to roll out the new website with all its bells and whistles.
  See you then.

Monday, November 4, 2013

System crash

Hi friends,
     My computers suffered a systems crash this weekend and I'm still sorting things out. I have a big announcement coming very soon that will affect all my readers. Stop back soon for the unvailing
Best Zack