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How to sell ANYTHING Online

The Best Book on How to Sell ANYTHING Online

Although I’m known as a fiction writer with a very popular action/thriller series titled “Revolution in America” under my belt, I’ve also written several non-fiction books on how to generate additional income that have sold very well.

Strangely, they are just as frightening as my action/thriller books.

When I wrote the first Revolution in America book Noon’s Rise to Power,
I wanted to show what the end result would be if multinational businesses fully controlled the federal government.

But I digress.

You clicked on this link to learn more about how to sell anything online. Smart move, because in the near future having that information will likely keep you from becoming homeless.

“Calm down, Chicken Little,” you say. “It’s not that bad.”

“Yeah… it is.”

When you must fully rely on a stranger’s good will to feed and house your family you’re taking a terrible risk. When you take out massive loans to pay for an education to work a job that may very possibly be outsourced or handled by evolving technology, you are taking a terrible risk. Frankly, if you have only one source of income, you are playing Russian roulette, not only with your future well-being, but with your family’s as well.

Basically what I am teaching here is survival training.

A little back story. Five years ago I was downsized from a company I had worked for over ten years. It was a good company and I intended to work there until retirement. However, The Great Recession hit and just like me, millions found themselves out of a job. What made matters worse was that I was in my early fifties and employers were not interested in hiring experienced professionals. They wanted young, cheap and able to work long hours for little pay.

That is exactly what they got because the young college grads had run up student loan debt in the hundreds of thousands and suddenly discovered that the jobs they had worked so hard to prepare for were no longer available. Many of them are still working two and three jobs and haven’t had a day off in months and sometimes years.

They tell themselves the economy will eventually pick up and they will finally get that high paying professional position they had worked so hard to achieve.

The realities are strongly against that happening.

“But that’s what happened following every other recession,” you say.

That’s true but the ever evolving technologies, (IBM’s Watson Computer and the 3D Printer just to give two examples) are eliminating jobs faster than new positions can be created.

The global economy is here and if you don’t adapt you will be crushed. And yes, that sounds like I’m trying to scare you, and yes, I AM! You need to be scared and more importantly, you need to take action because I know what I’m talking about.

When young men are sent to war they are first trained. They learn what to expect and how to respond. Most never see combat, but do you think they regret learning how to defend themselves and stay alive in life threatening situations?

Of course not. It’s information they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. And although I’ve never seen combat, I HAVE, however, had my share of emotional and financial battles that I never saw coming. In the period of two years, everything I had built throughout my entire life came crashing down. I had gone from being a happy, successful family man to a guy who had become broke, alone and valueless in the job marketplace.

Dark times.

Realizing that if I didn’t take action I might wind up out on the street, I went online to see if there were ways to make money online. There were! But what I didn’t realize was that there was tons of useless information to sift through to get to the real meat. I spent every spare minute doing this and after three and a half years I FINALLY put all the pieces together and began making money doing it.

Fortunately you can very possibly learn what took me over three years to find and piece together, in three short WEEKS.

To date I have written three books explaining the process. The first one. The Best Book on How to Start Over: Rebuild Your Mind, Body and Finances    is the basic training. In the first section you learn how to develop a positive frame of mind, and destroy negative thoughts. This is essential, you will only become successful once you are convinced that it is possible and that you can do it. In The Body section, you learn how to get your body in top shape through proper nutrition and reasonable exercise. In the Finances section you learn about the new economy, how it works, how it will affect you and your family and how you can create additional income streams and stop relying on jobs and bosses to make ends meet.

In the second book The Best Book on How to Make Money Online,
you learn exactly what methods work and which don’t, what affiliates are, how to create your own online business, how to find a money generating niche and how to build upon it to make a profitable and consistent income that can be scaled up to make you independently wealthy.

And lastly, The Best Book on How to Sell ANYTHING Online
teaches you the marketing and sales skills necessary to run a successful online business. Your learn how to create a traffic grabbing sales letter, how to write an eye catching ad that will generate customers and how your business card can become an effective selling tool. You will learn that online selling isn’t difficult, and requires only a few, proven to work, marketing tools that attract buyers. And these methods work whether you are selling books like me, or products, services or information.

I don’t want to come off as a fear monger but you need only look around to see how drastically the economy has changed over the last few years. Underemployment and unemployment are still at record levels yet the stock market and corporations are making huge profits while continuing to downsize employees. Our young people are being crushed by student loan debt while the corporate owned media is singing Happy Days are Here Again.

For them, it most certainly is. For you, probably not so much.

Each book cost less than five dollars to download. Under ten for the paperback.

For less than the cost of a meal at a decent restaurant you can learn how to be financially independent and unconcerned when the next round of lay-offs begin.

But that can only happen if you take action now.

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To get The Best Book on How to Make Money Online Click Here

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Writing Wrongs: How to Become a Famous Writer

Writings Wrongs: How to Become a Famous Writer

Because this is a blog about writing I’m often asked why I write so many posts about business and marketing. There is a good reason although it does separate my readers into two camps.

Those who believe in the integrity of the art form and those who write simply to make a buck.

You can do both. In fact it is essential that you do both and I’m going to explain why.

Those who only write for artistic reasons aren’t really writers, they are hobbyists. They have allowed their massive ego to co-opt reason to insulate themselves from the massive rejection they feel they must endure to “Pay their dues” or “Suffer for their art.” They warm themselves with the belief their work will eventually be discovered (likely after they’re dead, if at all) and their body of work will be celebrated as genius. 
This belief comforts that massive ego and shores up their “See, I told you so!” psychosis.

These people need to be smacked in the head.  As John Wayne once said “Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.” I assume these people get some comfort in the thought of looking down from the heavens and feeling vindicated.


And the ironic part of all this is that for a long time I was one of those people!

That changed however when I met the people who write simply to make a buck and discovered that these people, who have no writing talent whatsoever are making thousands every month in royalties.


Here is the first thing I learned from them. You will ONLY get a book deal if they (publishers and agents) believe that the book you have written will appeal to a large book buying audience. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to prove me wrong by pointing out some novel about Elbonian folk dancing that became a national best seller. That was a fluke! That would like countering my statement that you will never win the lottery, by pointing out the few people that have.

Ask yourself this question. Who is more likely to become rich? The person who saves money, makes business contacts, researches what businesses are most likely to succeed and then learns everything they can about that business and then opens that business in an area that has a lot of traffic, or the person who maxes out their credit cards and savings to open a business selling something that interests them in the empty store down the block?

Want to set a fire under your ass? Want to put a gun to the head of that insane ego of yours? Stipulate in your will that any of your work that is unpublished at the time of your death be destroyed.

As that great American philosopher Groucho Marx once said: “Posterity? What do I care about Posterity? What has posterity ever done for me?”

The second thing I learned from them is that publishers aren’t interested in writers who don’t have a strong following. If they sign you and publish your book they have to invest a considerable amount of money to publicize and promote it. They need to make money with that investment and if you don’t have a following they aren’t going to take a chance regardless of how great the book is or how enthusiastic you are.

Here’s what I did. I created a strong following through this blog and others (This blog has had over thirty thousand readers) I discovered that fiction books outsell non-fiction books but fiction requires a great deal of advertising and promotion to build a buzz and generate sales. And that costs a lot of money!

To sell non-fiction books however, all you have to do is find a topic people want to know more about and write a book on that topic. For example: Once I learned all the ins and outs of writing a book that sells and creates a loyal following, I wrote The Best Book on How to Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Best seller to help fellow writers who aren’t having any luck getting published, by explaining to them exactly what they need to do to turn things around. It is selling very well on all three platforms, as an e book, paperback and audiobook. You can get a copy by clicking on the picture on the right. The e book is under 5 dollars. The paperback under ten.

Seeing I was onto something, I started thinking about writing another non-fiction book. Then realized that, like me, millions were downsized during the 2009-2010 recession and as a result were floundering emotionally, physically and financially. So I wrote The Best book on How to Start Over: Rebuild your Mind, Body and Finances. And BINGO another hit on all three platforms. Again you can click on the image on the right to read a sample or buy the book.

Now here’s the thing, when writing the financial section of that book I realized that I would need to write an entire other book to properly explain how to make money online.

So I did. And the result was The Best Book on How to Make Money Online. In it I explained the most lucrative niches to get into and how to generate income from them. When researching the book what stunned me the most was how much money can be made and that the biggest hindrance to success is people spreading themselves too thin. Again another hit on all three platforms. You can get your copy by clicking on the book image on the right.

But the most successful of them all was the book that came out of the most miserable and soul-crushing experience of my life.

My divorce.

I had been married for 25 years. Thought everything was going fine. Then BOOM, it was over.

Never entered my mind to write a book about it, thought it too personal, too painful.

Like me, none of those men saw it coming. It was then I realized that I had to get the word out so guys who were going through what I went through could protect themselves and prepare for what was going to happen. So I wrote DIVORCE: The Middle-Aged Man’s Survival Guide.

I honestly believe I have written a number of great fiction books. They have all received very positive reviews, but the MOST Important Book was DIVORCE: The Middle-Aged Man’s Survival Guide. Because some men have told me that book literally saved their life.  One guy described it as a rescue boat when trapped on a desert island.

Now here’s the take away from this post. Should I wish to have my next fiction book published through a traditional publisher, I can begin my query letter by pointing out that I already have a large number of readers, have several non- fiction books that are selling very well, have great reviews and have proven that I am a prolific writer who can provide consistent high quality product AND KNOW HOW TO MARKET THEM!

And that my friends, is how you get their attention.

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