Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Open Letter from the Baby Boomers to the Millenniums (kids born in the 21st century)

An Open Letter from the Baby Boomers to the Millenniums (kids born in the 21st century)

We are your grandparents. We have taken the road you now see before you and this is what we found.

First, we didn’t listen, but you should. The difference is that our parents had strict rules of behavior that demanded we do this and that and when we asked things like why guys couldn’t have long hair, they didn’t have an answer. In fact, they didn’t have an answer to a lot of our questions. They simply said, because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Not good enough.

So we ignored them and went and grew our hair and did whatever we damn well pleased.

That had its good and bad points. They said don’t do drugs, but they never said which ones. And when we discovered that marijuana was less harmful than alcohol, a drug they took in massive dosages, they lost their creditability,

So we assumed all drugs were okay,

We were wrong. Seriously WRONG!

I can tell you in all honesty that I’ve never met a person who said ‘My life was terrible until I started doing illegal drugs. Once I started doing crack, meth or heroin everything got so much better.

Never. Not Once. Not ever

What I HAVE heard So Many Times, Over and OVER throughout my life was, “It all started going downhill when I started doing coke, or meth or heroin.

It’s not recreation. It’s a path to destruction.

Here’s another thing you don’t know. TV is your enemy.

Why? Because TV tells you everything you want to hear. Want to be lied to? TV can do that. Want to be told that doing something you know is wrong is okay? In fact it’s cool? TV can do that.

Dislike a political candidate, TV will give you good reason. Hate an ethnic group. TV will show why you are right. Want to forgive a group that has done unforgivable things, TV can help you do that.

Lie, cheat, steal? TV understands.

TV is the easy way out. It will always forgive you. It will always accept you. It will be everything you want it to be …


If you do that you will make yourself a very dangerous enemy.

Oh they smile and pat you on the back and reassure you that everything is just fine. Just TRUST US, they say. We have an Ivy League education. We are smarter than you, superior to you, frankly, better than you. We are the sons and daughters of the elite, meaning the offspring of the early robber barons.



We are very wealthy and powerful people and we learned early on how to smile as we kill.

So just keep on chanting U-S-A, U-S-A, and waving flags while we lower your standard of living, the value of your money, the right to privacy, just a little bit each and every year. Year after year. Oh yes, blame the president, the congress but most importantly, BLAME EACH OTHER! because that will keep you from blaming us,

Because frankly, you are merely cattle, to be used in any way we see fit.

You can’t win. Why? Because we have hired psychologists and pollsters who know exactly what buttons to push, what phrases to use, what people to blame to get you to do exactly what we want.

Don’t listen to your parents. They are old and out of touch. Listen to US. We are Hip and Cool and we WILL accept you AND Teach you that there are only two things that matter. Getting laid and making a lot of money by any means possible. Remember, morals are for the weak. The strong TAKE what they want.

MY generation marched on Washington, burned draft cards, fought for equal rights and demanded the vote be lowered to 18. We finally got us out of Vietnam, who, strangely enough, is now a political ally.

The forces you face, grandchildren are far more powerful than the ones we faced. We could be invisible, you can’t. Throughout history there has always been one unifying force and that is FAMILY

TV tries to destroy families because without families, children can be manipulated to believe anything they’re told. Mom and Dad, is your spouse difficult? Is your life not as happy and fulfilling as the lives you see on TV? Well, why are you putting up with that?! Why don’t you get a divorce, so you can FINALLY FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY?

Because that perfect person is out there waiting for you. That flawless person who will give you the stress free life you’ve always wanted.


So my dear grandchildren, let me leave you with this piece of advice. Don’t believe anything you read, hear or see on TV without personally verifying it to be true. This will take time and effort and in the beginning may make you unpopular BUT, when you can PROVE what you say is True and the media can’t, the tide will turn.

And you just might save a generation. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

How I Got 25,000 Visitors to My Website

How I Got 25,000 Visitors to My Website
Today in just under 2 years I have reached the 25,000 visitors mark. There were not tricks involved. No purchased visits, no fiverr deals, no blackhat. Just 25,000 readers who were interested in what I had to say.

Now here’s the damnedest thing.

After writing over 200 posts, posting countless pictures, videos and songs, the number of comments made by readers in regard to those posts (or perhaps rants) is in the low teens.

Am I so remarkably insightful; are people so dazzled by my missives that after reading, they sit back and say things like: “Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! There is nothing I can say. His astounding perception and understanding of each topic he writes about is completely correct on all counts!”

Judging by the way I am treated in real life, the above is seriously doubtful.
So how did I get 25,000 visitors to my site?

Simple. I gave the people what they want. And the fact that I do have a distinct advantage.

I am a writer. And all writers are crazy, which makes them fun to watch and listen to because you never know when they are going to go off the deep end and that shit is really entertaining!

Another thing I do is write interesting titles for my posts. For example: Ahoy Scumbags! My Adventures with Negroes. Are You a Bore? Let’s Find Out! You’re Smart, They’re Stupid, Here’s Why, and The Mirth & Merriment Ends Here.

They are oddly curious titles so people click on them and read the story.

But it’s not all fun and games I also write serious posts. I posted several on why Homeland Security (A outfit created to protect us from terrorists) purchased 2 billion rounds of ammunition and urban assault vehicles.

Precisely, who do they intend to use them on? We already have a military to defend our shores.

I also spoke out against involving our country in Syria’s fiasco and I feel the same way about this Ukraine business. AND I pointed out the military boondoggles of spending nearly a trillion on a fighter jet that doesn’t work and BILLIONS on a new aircraft carrier that is LESS efficient than those from World War 2.

But here’s the real trick.

When I post to my blog I use google analytics to track how many people visited the site to gage that post’s popularity. The most popular were the ones I made on how to make money on line. Boy! Those really took off!

So it comes down to this. If you want more visitors, find out what they like to read and give them more of it.

One last thing. This blog site has a PR ranking of 2 and over 300 legit backlinks. So if you have a website and want a valuable link then I suggest that you comment on one of my posts and leave your URL at the end. As long as it’s not a link to something that shouldn’t be viewed by anyone who might visit my site I’ll leave it up. If it’s good I might even backlink to yours.

In closing I’ll say this. THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and my various websites and facebook pages. It’s helped me establish my publishing business and sell enough books so that I don’t have to go out and get a real job. In case you’re interested my other sites are and

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Do I Start Over

How Do I Start Over?

I’m glad you asked.

We start school at a young age so we can learn how to live and prosper in this life. We learn how to read, write and how to do arithmetic.

After that it’s all crap.

You’re not taught the necessities like, how to make sure you’ll always have enough money, how to win at office politics, how to get the right spouse, how to get the right job, the type of people to avoid at all costs etc.

And because we’re not taught those things, sooner or later in almost everybody’s life, a series of unbelievably unfortunate events happen, BAM, BAM, BAM and suddenly you’re in serious trouble.

Been there, done that.

Looking back I cringe. God, it was horrible! Truly horrible!

I assume you feel the same way. But I got through it.

You can too.

One of the many good things about America is that it’s a country where you can reinvent yourself as many times as necessary. And often reinventing yourself many times IS a necessity. Why? Because your former life is so filled with misery that the very thought of it makes you wince.

There is a line in an old song, “Just remember whenever you’re down and out the only way is up,” It is well intentioned but isn’t totally accurate (I’ve learned NEVER to say, “Things can’t get worse,” because they can and more often than not, a LOT worse!) and in those situations where you’re sitting on the curb with head in hand wondering What the hell am I going to do now?!!

Let me tell you what you are going to do now.

At that point you have only two choices.

And those choices come from the movie The Shawshank Redemption (thanks Stephen King) and they are…

“You can get busy living, or you can get busy dying.”

That’s it. That’s what it all boils down to. Those two choices.

So… Which is it going to be?

Here’s how I made my choice. One day I suddenly stopped, took a good hard look at my circumstances and realized that Life was not only kicking my ass, it was trying to turn me into its bitch.

And that pissed me off! And it was then that I decided I wasn’t going to bemoan my fate anymore. Instead I got really angry and decided to fight back. I didn’t care what it threw at me, didn’t give damn what I had to go through, I didn’t care that I was 50 years old, suddenly unemployed, suddenly without a publisher, with my car falling apart, in the middle of a divorce, with mounting health problems, serious financial problems and no support system, Frankly I was terrified But…


Instead I kicked, clawed, bit, scratched, pushed and fought.

And slowly learned what worked and what didn’t. I figured out why I was in the situation I was in and how I had unknowingly put myself there.

That’s right. My life was a mess because I didn’t know HOW the game of life was played and so kept making the same mistakes over and over.

I don’t do that anymore.  I know better now.

But back then I swore that when I finally turned things around and created the life I wanted, I was going to write a book to tell others how to rebuild their lives AND to scream from the rafters and warn everyone that most of the information we received about life while growing up is completely wrong, counterproductive and dangerously misleading!

Basically it’s a blueprint for a life of failure and misery.

And so now that I do have the life I’ve always wanted, I wrote that book. Because while I was going through that horrible time I would have paid anything for a book that showed me how to get out of my old life and start over.

For the information contained in that book I could have easily charged $40 a copy because it’s worth every dime. But because the people who need it most are likely having money troubles too, I’ve decided to charge under $5 for the e-book and a little over $6 for the audio book.

The title is How to Start Over: Rebuilding you Mind, Body & Finances and its available as an e-book & as an audio book. here is the link:

Read or listen to the sample and decide if it’s for you. Because if you’re struggling like I was, it’s likely just what you need to turn things around.