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How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Bestseller

Hello fellow bloglidites. I am in the process of wrapping up a book on Writing, Publishing and Marketing. 

   I wrote it because I noticed that a lot of my fellow authors were having trouble getting their books noticed and securing book deals. 

   So incorporating my experience as a writer, publisher and marketer I put together this book to share my knowledge of the industry and to give back to the many people who pointed me in the right direction and helped me along the way. 
   It will be especially helpful to new writers, writers considering self publishing and publishers who need to learn how to increase sales online. 
   I'm looking for some beta readers to post reviews on Amazon following its launch in a week or so. 
  It's a straight read, no filler and includes How to correctly upload a manuscript to Kindle, the 10 most common grammar mistakes writer's make. How to copyright your novel, how to create an audio book and book trailer. How to create professional looking book covers at low cost, and how to find specific keywords to get your book on Google's first page. Plus much more. 
     Only nine spots left so if you want a copy email me at and I'll send you a PDF. *Please Note-All material is copyrighted and may not be reprinted or forwarded to third parties.   

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Advertising: Get Real Results Online

    I read recently that television ad revenue is down 50%, which really isn’t surprising since viewership has been in a steady decline over the last few years. And those who do watch TV either mute the ads or fast forward past them.

   When I got into affiliate marketing I learned that although TV and Radio ads had once been the most effective means of getting your product in front of customers, now they barely make the top ten in revenue generation.

   The rules have changed, the world has changed and so we’ve got to change.

   Want to know what the most effective means of advertising is?

   It’s e-mail and blogging.

   Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The first thing almost everyone does when they go online is to check their email. It’s the first thing I do and I especially look forward to seeing what’s in my business email.

   Since I market my books online I think it’s only fair that I review and consider offers from other marketers. A lot of it is crap but I have found some golden nuggets that were worth every penny.

   And no, I didn’t get spammed or hacked or had my identity stolen. It happens, yes, but so does getting hit by a car. Because of the financial meltdown of 2008 many everyday people who lost their jobs decided to start their own business and because the banks weren’t financing new businesses, they found the best way to sell their products was online.

   True, it takes a while to get things going, to build a customer base and learn the ropes and during that period a lot of those businesses fail. But if you’re lucky, like I was, you run into people who can point you in the right direction.

   Today, I am one of those people.

   As a writer and publisher I am always looking for ways to improve book sales. And when you want to learn how to do something well, you watch the people who are already successful and copy them.

   Two very successful marketers, Brad Cullen and Brian G. Johnson created two very effective PDF’s on marketing. I purchased them and found them very useful. But there was something mentioned in passing but not gone into in detail.

   But it certainly sounded like something I could use.

   So I did a little research.

   The product mentioned was Market Samurai so I went to the website.

   I understand now why they wanted to keep this tool to themselves.

   It’s simply amazing! Just watching the tutorials alone is a college education in successful marketing. AND IT’S FREE!

   Seriously, every once in a while a product comes along that blows away everything that came before it. Market Samurai is that product. It immediately show you the most effective way to drive traffic to your site and let’s face it without a steady stream of traffic your business is going nowhere.

   Another important factor for a successful business is to find the laser-targeted keywords that will get your business offer on the first page of Google. Market Samurai filters out the non-performers, the traffic landmines and AUTOMATICALLY calculates the best method to drive high performing, low competition traffic to your site. It’s freaking amazing!   

   I will say this without the slightest hesitation. If you are selling ANYTHING on line you need Market Samurai. It doesn’t cost a dime to try and if you decide it’s not for you then let the free trail expire. No Harm, no foul. But I honestly can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to buy it. I was only three days into the 12 day free trial when I bought it. Honestly, I was afraid the company that makes something this useful and advantageous would be bought out by some giant company and then either pull Market Samurai off the market or jack up the price to something like $997.

   And who knows, it still may happen. So I highly recommend that you download the free trail and give it a try. (Note* when you have Market Samurai gather keywords or have keyword analysis done it may take up to a minute to pull all the information, otherwise it works remarkably fast.)

   Don’t put it off. Download the free trail now and see for yourself just how quickly Market Samurai can build your business. Here’s the link again:

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Winning the Battle Against Depression

Winning the Battle Against Depression

   If like me, you watched Ken Burns’ amazing Lewis and Clark documentary, you were likely saddened by the disintegration and suicide of Meriwether Lewis following the Corp of Discovery’s return from their trek to the Pacific Ocean.

   Meriwether Lewis was a brilliant but troubled man whose family had a history of mental health problems. Still he took life by the horns and fought through those horrific hours and days of unrelenting depression to become an educated and highly respected man.

   Fortunately, as many health professionals have discovered, a constant diet of challenge and problem solving often forces bouts of depression to temporarily lessen.

   Thomas Jefferson noted that while on the Expedition, Lewis’ struggle with depression abated.

   No, it hadn’t.

   But the constant difficulties and tribulations of daily life during their journey made it nearly impossible for Lewis to focus on his own gnawing sadness and the adrenaline bursts from the almost never ending dangers honed him into an awe inspiring figure and national hero.

   Through the most harrowing of times he remained a calm and decisive leader, much of it likely due to the stabilizing influence of his good friend William Clark. He built friendships with the Indians tribes and created a template for what our relationships with the Native Americans could have, and clearly should have been as we expanded across the nation.

   What I found so inspiring was Lewis’ indomitable drive, his refusal to permit any difficulty to dissuade him from the task at hand. He was a man bound by honor and friendship. He had been entrusted with the mission by President Jefferson and would not let anything stop him from accomplishing that task.

   They set out in May of 1804 and spent over 2 years traveling over uncharted territory. 
   What Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery saw and encountered had never before been experienced by white people. And because the United States is such a vast expanse their environment radically changed many times as their journey progressed.

   They also encountered animals, the likes of which were unknown in the civilized…

    But enough of the history lesson.

   What truly stunned and saddened me was what happened after the expedition. Lewis and Clark were national heroes. Much due to Lewis and Clark’s skilled leadership, the entire Corp of Discovery (save one who died of a burst appendix) returned home safely. The nation loved and admired them. Parties and gala events were held in their honor.

   Lewis and Clark were rewarded with huge tracks of land and positions of great power and authority.

   And why not? They had proven their ability to take complex and difficult situations and bring them to positive conclusions.

   But Meriwether Lewis’ demons were now well rested and ready to place new horrors on the psyche of the emotionally and physically drained explorer.

   Although he had kept a painstakingly accurate journal of their adventure, upon their return Lewis was seemingly unable to write the book about their expedition that Jefferson was eagerly anticipating.

   In addition, Meriwether, the man who had found a way to overcome countless difficulties and dangers had lost the ability to control his own life. Personal problems festered and grew, he lost track of his expenditures, the women he courted quickly distanced themselves from him. He became progressively unable to do his job and it soon overwhelmed him.

   He became dependant on alcohol and morphine to combat the malaria he had contracted. And his unsteadiness caused the predators to gather. He was soon accused of financial mismanaging the Expedition.

   While on route to Washington to clear his name he continued to deteriorate. While stopped in Tennessee he said his friend William Clark would be arriving soon to accompany him.

   Clark was thousands of miles away and knew nothing of this nor of Lewis’ emotional collapse.

   In an apparent emotional freefall, Meriwether Lewis put a gun to his head and... 

   ...My God.

   I think the reason this sad turn of events stunned me is because Ken Burns’ storytelling had made me know the man, as well as like and admire him.

   Strangely, we share the same birthday.

   My last blog post was about struggling with emotional issues. I usually write a new blog post ever day or so, but that one was getting some many hits that I decided to step back and let it run its course.

   If you are battling difficult emotional issues, there are techniques you can learn to take control and keep depression, anxiety and stress at bay. Since we are all different, some of these techniques will be very effective, others partially effective and some not at all.   
Learn more HERE

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Chronic Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, OCD?

   Do you have anxiety attacks, phobias, depression, OCD, or post traumatic stress disorder? If you’re in the arts odds are you probably have one or more. Writers for example have a high rate of suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual perversions, chronic depression, hypertension etc.

   Ain’t life grand!

   Before I was the delight to be with that I am today, I admit I had some problems with anxiety. I came to the conclusion that the majority of people had anxiety thermostat of about 25-35 and when things got crazy that thermostat could rise as high as 70-75.

   On a daily basis my hovered at around 75-85.

   If this sounds like you, clickhere

   I never slept (still don’t). When I was a young kid my parents would visit with my aunt and uncle on Long Island (in NY) on the weekends. Usually we’d head home between 1-2 am. My brother and sister were always sound asleep in the back seat.

   As for me, I stood on the back seat hump between the two front seats (there were no seatbelts in those days) and carefully stood guard in case my father somehow became sick or injured and was unable to drive. I was convinced that should it become necessary, I could pilot the car to safety.

   To this day I have never fallen asleep in anything other than a bed.


   I attempted to cover my introversion, shyness and anxiety by keeping a low profile but that wound up being viewed as snobbery and as such, I spent most of my childhood fighting jerks.

   By my teen years I had become the embodiment of the rebel without a clue. Angry and rebellious, I remember a girl friend asking me why I hated the world so much and I replied, “Because the world hated me first.”

   Fortunately we usually outgrow such douchebaggery and realize the world has more important issues to deal with than to give us a second thought.

   But that still left the problem of the chronic anxiety and introversion. I was able to conquer the introversion by becoming the lead singer in a rock and roll band. Some anxieties, I have learned, are caused by our constantly maneuvering to avoid some personally disorder from being found out.

   Good to know but it doesn’t solve the problem.

   If this sounds like you then clickhere

   I was concerned when my daughter was young because she was exhibiting the same personality traits I had. Fortunately my daughter has single-mindedness that I find awe inspiring.

   In her teens she announced she was joining a martial arts class. When I asked why she said, “I’m sick of people saying nasty things about me behind my back. I’ve always tried to be nice but they still treat me like crap. So since I can’t get them to like me, then I’ll get them to be afraid of me.

   After a few months of training I was stunned by the change in her personality. Gone was the shy wallflower with the defensive posture. Here now was a self-assured, confident leader who stood up to anyone who dared challenge her.

   As for my anxiety, over the years I attended a number of different therapies, some helped, other were useless and over time I used a combination of what I had learned, physical training and dietary changes and brought my anxiety under control.

   But it took decades. And frankly nobody should be under that kind of unrelenting pressure for the better part of their lives.

   When I first got into affiliate marketing I was taught to start each day by listening to a positive reinforcement video on youtube, People like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer etc. By listening to them I learned that you often become what you tell yourself you are.

   If you berate yourself by saying things like, 'I’m such a loser', your brain reads this as information to be stored and not simply a rant. Do this enough and your brain will accept this as fact and your personality will change to accommodate that belief.

   This is proven fact. So never berate yourself or treat yourself in a manner you wouldn’t tolerate coming from someone else.

   So if you are suffering from chronic anxiety, depression, phobias, OCD, post traumatic stress disorder and yes, even hoarding, you can literally retrain your brain to stop those destructive behaviors.

   The most successful method available today is what’s known as the Linden-Method. It has a 96% success rate, has hundreds of testimonials and is recognized by the National Institute of Mental health (NIMH) as a valid treatment regimen and is 100% guaranteed to work. It doesn’t involve any drugs or yoga or hypnotism.

   It’s the 21st century. Great strides have been made in medicine over the last few years, especially with personality disorders. So if you have condition that’s been making your life harder for years, why not learn how to put an end to that problem once and for all

   Check out the Linden-Method, it works!

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The He-Man Woman Haters Club

    First of all let me point out that I am NOT a member of the He-man Woman Haters Club. I was happily married for 25 years, and my sister, two daughters and mother are the kindest and most considerate people I know.

   I am however, becoming convinced that all the other women have some obsessive need to explain to me, right off the bat, what they will and will not tolerate.

   I went on a date the other day with a woman I met at the library. She seemed nice, attractive, and personable so I asked if she’d like to have dinner and she said yes.

   We went to this little Italian restaurant in town. Food was excellent, music soft and the atmosphere cozy. We talked and she mentioned that her favorite movie was Avatar.  
   I nodded and smiled not indicating in any manner that I hated the movie Avatar.

   People have varied tastes so I didn’t give it a second thought.

   She asked what my favorite movie was and I said V for Vendetta, then she asked if I had seen Avatar, I said yeah and attempted to change the topic.

   She wouldn’t let it go. Didn’t I think it was beautiful? Didn’t I think the humans were wrong and the Navi were right? I shrugged and again tried to change the subject.

   No such luck.

   Then she starts in on V for Vendetta, a movie she admittedly hadn’t seen. Didn’t need to see it she said.  Said, judging by the title it’s some Mafia Godfather wannabe with cars blowing up, scores of people being mowed down by machine guns and scads of bare breasted women. (Actually, it’s a political thriller about a corrupt British government and one man’s attempt to overthrow it.)

   After her comment, I attempted to tell her what the movie was actually about when she starts this “You know, you men are all alike,” nonsense and I’m thinking; How’d the hell did we get here?

    But that wasn’t the end of it. As we continued to eat she’s building up a full head of steam, starts telling me in no uncertain terms what she will and will not tolerate from a guy. Then starts rattling off all the horrible things OTHER GUYS did to her, and that she’ll be damned if she put up with that kind of treatment ever again!

   I continued to make small talk, nod and throw in an occasional ‘that’s terrible’ and ‘That guy’s no good’ comments while quickly finishing off my food and hoping I can end this date and get to the video store before it closes.

   She orders two more glasses of wine and starts to mellow out, but it’s clear she’s still ticked that I don’t share her love of Avatar. I don’t care, I’m already wondering if this week’s new movies are in.  

   The ONLY advantage of being over 50 is that you’re no longer ruled by testosterone. 
   Twenty years ago this women could have set me on fire and I’d still be trying to get her into bed. But my brain works better now. It tells me this woman is trouble and that I should cut and run.

   And unlike so many times in my past, this time…I listen.

   So I drive her home and walk her to her door.

   When we get there, she said she had a nice time and would I like to come in. She takes my hand and gives me that ‘come hither’ look.

   I say, “Have a nice evening,” turn and head to my car.

   She’s obviously stunned because it takes her a few moments before she stammers “So that’s it?”

   “That’s it,” I reply and as I’m about to step into my car I hear her shout, “You men are all alike!”

   As I drove away I wondered if she had any idea that her rant told me exactly why any relationship between us was doomed.

   It had nothing to do with her love of the movie Avatar. As I said, people’s tastes vary. What her rant did tell me was that she became furious when people disagreed with her. That she had a history of falling for ‘bad boys’ who mentally and physically abused her and that she was putting me in the ‘Friendzone’ by confiding in me regarding her experiences with other men.

   Oh, yes, we would have had sex but only until she managed to find some hulking brute who will treat her like crap. Then, as I attempt to find someone new she’ll start the late night phone calls in tears and regale me with her tales of woe and drama.

   So here’s a hint for the ladies. We don’t like being used anymore than you do. But I will admit, men do have one advantage. We learn early on that if we do something stupid we WILL get our asses kicked. And so we either change our behavior or expect the beatings to continue.

   Women however, have learned that crying, batting their big sad eyes, and jutting out their pouty lips, or if necessary agreeing to have sex, will likely get them off the hook. So they don’t realize that bad choices create bad consequences.
I’ll give you an example. If a man is sleeping with another man’s wife and the husband catches him and shoots him, the man won’t hold a grudge. He knew the chances and the consequences.

   The woman however, will expect to get away with it. She’ll cry and make up all kinds of excuses and most time she’ll be let off the hook.

   But listen guys, that kind of attitude is sexist and demeaning to women. Today’s women are out on the streets everyday demanding equal rights and insisting they be treated with the same respect and dignity that a man is.

   And they are absolute right!

   So the next time you catch your wife in bed with another man, after you shoot him, shoot her too.

   Because everyone deservers equal rights!

   Can I get an Amen?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Apocalypse: the End of the World: and the Future of Employment.

   Because of the bizarre weather, many people feel the end days are upon us.

   I’m not buying it.

   Not that wholesale destruction, mass hysteria, starvation and nuclear devastation wouldn’t be fun to watch, but after that December 23, 2012 bitter disappointment, I’m not getting my hopes up.

   So let’s look at the other possibilities.

   I’m not going to get into whole climate change debate because I boor easily and have a short attention span. However, it’s clear the weather patterns are changing and we’ll need to change with them.

   I mentioned in a post some months ago that we should reconfigure most of our military into a rapid response teams that could be quickly deployed to areas under siege from Mother Nature. They would evacuate afflicted areas, clear roads, restore power, provide food, water, sanitary facilities, showers and washing machines.

   In addition, a system of high speed monorails would be built above the existing rail lines, so that needed supplies could be transported from any point in the country to another within hours. Why monorails? Because they travel 40-50 feet above ground and would likely not be affected by floods, mudslides, hurricanes, tornados, fires and in most cases earthquakes.

   That’s Genius!

   Yes, I know. But I have other matters to address. For example: What is the employment scene going to be like in these dark days ahead.

   Surprisingly, pretty damn good!

   Because weather patterns often continue for decades, sometimes centuries, employment is going to have to adapt too.

   So here’s how it will look.

   There will be no more ‘work hours’ no ‘daily commute’ because all business will be transacted on line. We’ll eat when we’re hungry, sleep when we’re tired and work when we want to make money.

   There will be no ‘Big Box’ stores because all products will be ordered on line from the ‘manufacturer’. No ‘factories’ because all products will be created by 3D printers. 
   All deliveries will be made by automated trucks with no need for a driver. They will operate like the driverless ‘Google car’ Here 's a link if you don't know what that is : 

   They will be automatically loaded at the monorail yards. (*Note: The monorail trains themselves will transport commercial products when not needed for weather emergencies.

   As the autotruck approaches your house it will alert you by phone. When it arrives, it will use a mechanic arm to place your delivery on the sidewalk outside your house or apartment, where you will pick it up and carry it inside or, if too heavy, you’ll hire some locals to assist you.

   Overall, it should be pretty good, except of course for the horrifically deadly weather.

   Here’s why this scenario will happen.

   As a race we adapt to what works and more importantly, what’s easiest. Back in the old days, the rich were people with strong accounting skills and laser-focused attention to detail. They understood the mechanics of making money and for the most part had no intention of sharing that information.

   And so, we went from a society of individual farmers who grew their own product, sold it at market and reported to no one. We worked when necessary, dressed as we liked, ate when we wanted and slept when we were tired.

   Then the industrial revolution occurred and we were all taken prisoner. We traded our freedom for the money offered at factories. We became slaves to the time clock, to our overlord’s whims and demands.

   As the saying goes, ‘He who has the gold makes the rules.”

   And that, my friend, is going to change, because with the internet, it’s possible to work from home when you want, or even where you want. You can buy everything you need online and you can sell anything you want online. You can be your own boss and make as much money as you want, dress how you like, eat when you’re hungry and drink when you’re dry.

   Just like the good old days!

   The internet made it possible for us to remove our chains and tell those greedy ‘Robber Barons’ who pay minimum wage salaries, with no benefits, who nickel and dime us to death with, fees, charges, and claims of providing services that do not exist, to take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

   Can I get a hallelujah?

   And so, buddies lets gather round and sing one of those old ‘feel good’ songs!

   Altogether now, Happy days are here again, the skies above are clea…

   Well, perhaps that’s not the best choice seeing that in the days ahead, anytime you venture outside or stick your head out a window, you’re likely to be sucked into a whirling vortex, pelted by hail the size of softballs, swept away by raging waters, buried in mountains of mud, struck by lightning, fall into a sinkhole, cooked by wildfires, and ravished by air-borne flesh-eating bacteria.

   On the positive side however, the video games will be AWESOME!