Friday, May 31, 2013

How to Improve Your Writing and Marketing Skills

   If you believe you are terrific writer and are astounded that you haven’t been signed by a major book publisher yet…
   Welcome to the club!

   But… there is one thing you should know. Odds are you aren’t very good. This is not to say you couldn’t BECOME very good but unless you’ve been writing faithfully every day for about a decade, your work could probably stand some improvement.

   Here’s the thing. If you are indeed a talented writer you are probably a little nuts. Well maybe not nuts, I think delusional is perhaps the better word. The noticeable flaw almost all talented people have is that they believe they have the talent to write great stuff, ergo, anything they write must be great. Makes sense right?

   Unfortunately, that isn’t true.

   Here’s what IS true. Like a talented kid on a baseball field there are various phases a writer must go through before he/she attains any real level of ability. The minor leagues is a great place for an emerging baseball talent because it gives him the opportunity to evaluate his talent against his peers.

   This is often where kids who always believed they were destined for the big time discover that they simply aren’t good enough. It’s heartbreaking but often a good thing because they can stop chasing a dream and start creating a reality.

   As a published novelist I’m often asked what college I attended and what courses did I study that taught me how to write professionally.  The truth is I didn’t go to college. Right after high school I started playing in a rock and roll band and spent the next decade doing just that. But I grew older and rock changed and I came to the point where I didn’t like doing it anymore.

   But I always loved writing. And as a creative person I needed an outlet and the idea of writing novels suddenly caught fire with me.

   So I began writing books and short stories. Wrote like a maniac, figured it would take about a year before I got a book deal and two years tops before my first best seller.

   It took twelve.

   Oh there were some ‘almost deals’ in between, interest from agents, publishers requesting a second look but it took 12 years before I actually signed a book deal.

   And looking back it’s obvious why. Yeah I had talent but my skill level screamed amateur, which is why I believe the ‘almost deals’ fell through.

   I needed to spend some more time in the minor leagues.

   And the minor leagues for writers are called writers groups. So if you aren’t already a member of one, then join one. If you are any good, it will be noticed and if you aren’t, well that will become obvious too.  This is where you get ready for the big leagues.

   Here is delusion #2. Once you’re picked up by an agent and publisher, and once your book is published and hits the shelves it will rocket to the top of the best seller list.

   No. It won’t.

   In today’s society we are spoon fed fairy stories to avoid facing the grim realities. 
   When books like Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray take off like rockets it’s plastered all over the media, so much so we’re led to believe that’s what happens all the time to authors in every genre. Same deal with the lottery. Joe Schmoe from Idaho wins 50 million dollars with his last buck and millions go running to the store to buy their lottery ticket because if it happened to Joe Schmoe, who is just like them, ergo, it should happen to them too, right?

   Nope. Here’s what really happens. You spend a decade honing your craft, building a small following, finally you are offered a deal by a national publisher on a YA book you’ve written. You sign, begin the re-writes, are assigned a publicist, a marketing campaign is created and all is going well when, famous actor comedian Jim Carrey announces he has written a YA novel and is shopping it around. Your publisher signs him after a protracted bidding war at auction.

   Suddenly, you advertising budget is slashed, your publicist is in meetings with Mr. Carrey’s people. You're informed that some ‘adjustments’ have been made to your book launch.

   In other words, you and your novel are being given cab fare and so begins your walk of shame. Oh they will live up to every word on the contract. Your book will be published, it will be shipped to the stores, it will be featured in various newspapers and magazines for the first week of publication.

   And then you’re on your own.

   Now what? Carrey’s book is due out in two weeks with a full blast publicity campaign and unless you do something his YA book will BURY yours.

   “But I was assured…” “But I was promised…” “I was led to believe…”

   As predicted, you fail to act and Carrey’s book roars to the top. Yours dies a quick death. Your agent drops you. Your publisher’s legal department sends you a letter informing you that, because your title did not perform as expected, the publisher WILL NOT be publishing that 2nd novel.

   And because your first book tanked, no other publisher wants any part of you.

   “But that’s not fair...!” “Carrey’s book got a lot more publicity…” “I received no support for my agent or publisher…”

   Yeah, that’s unfortunate and often that's what happens. However, if you had taken the time to learn book marketing, you would know enough about it to go toe-to-toe with Carrey’s book and win the industry’s respect by showing you can hold your own.

   It IS that important. So when you wonderful folks out there ask why I’m suddenly writing so much about marketing and starting your own business instead of my usual light banter, it’s because it’s stuff you need to know.

   The world is changing. The publishing world in particular. So if you want to avoid running into a buzzsaw like the Carrey story with your novel, give a look at the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap on the top right. It contains a lot of very useful information on how to get you book before the public without spending a lot of money on advertising.

   Speaking of advertising my very popular short story collection, Storytime will be a FREE download on Amazon starting Monday June 3, 2013. Make sure to get your copy, you won’t regret it. 

P.S. Stop by here tomorrow and get a sneak preview of the story 'Sea Cruise" 


Thursday, May 30, 2013

WHY You Should Start an On Line Business

   Do you like having money? Having a roof over your head? Food on the table? Electricity?

   Sure you do. We ALL do.

   This is why you should start your own on line business. Will it be easy? Oh HELL no. When has making money ever been easy?

   But here’s the thing…

   It will be YOUR money. Not income dependent on an employer, or a pension, or government benefits. And think about this common scenario. Over the last few months sales at the company you work for have been down. Fellow employees are being laid off. You start checking the want ads just in case, but nobody is hiring.
Then the inevitable happens.  You get the ax.

   Dear God! What are you going to do? How will you be able to pay your mortgage? Your bills? Your utilities?

   You start to panic, then…

   Wait. You just remembered you have an on line business that you have developed over the last year and sales are steadily increasing. If fact, being unemployed may be a blessing in disguise. Because now you can devote yourself to your business full time which will only grow your business more!

   And when that days comes, (and in today’s economy, it very likely will) you will look back on the day when you decided to follow the advice from that world renowned super genius ZACKARY RICHARDS and went ahead and started your own on line business just… in… case.

   And when you took action, you discovered starting an on line business was much easier than you thought. That all you needed to get started was choosing a niche, which is a particular product or service you would enjoy telling people about. There are likely hundreds of thousands of people out there who are interested in the same things you are and would like to buy the same product you would buy once they became aware it existed.

   I’ll give you a perfect example. If you notice on the top right of this blog there is an ad for the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap.  Click on the image to see what the product offers.

   Basically, it’s a ‘How-To’ book and video tutorial that shows authors with books on Kindle, methods that when used, greatly increase awareness of, and generate interest in, your book(s)

   After I downloaded it I discovered that it provided a number of ways to get my book out before the buying public that I didn’t know existed. In addition, it included ways to tweak methods I already knew, that put my books in front of an entirely new audience. 

   Plus, since the author had my business email address, she was able to send me updates of the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap which got my books in front of even more readers.

   My point is I’m a writer and my niche is writing. And the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap helped my book sales. And because it helped my sales I decided, this was the perfect product to market myself. So I went to asked the author if I could market her product, she agreed and now we’re both making money from it.

   Since the product is very inexpensive, neither of us is making a fortune but that’s not the point. The point is to show how simply it can be done, and that you can do it too.

   Here is the process in a nutshell:

   Set up a business email address

   Choose you niche.

   Sign up for free at and (note* warrior requires a one-time $10 fee to start selling the products featured there ( it used to be free but idiots began joining and creating products that didn’t exist so they had to start charging a fee.)

   Both sites are top notch and have distinct advantages. Clickbank sells higher end products that you can make a lot of money from fast and Warrior forum features products ratings from experienced marketers so you know right of the bat if the product is worth your time and effort.

   Here’s a real testimonial about clickbank:

   Then you tell the world about it by blogging, or placing free ads on or writing an article about it on and a number of other ways I reveal in my newsletter (you should sign up on the above right. I won’t spam you but you will receive very useful info that can put your business growth on the fast track. )

   The most important thing I’ve learned about writing and being an author is that no matter what it is you do as a profession, you MUST make the world aware of your presence and that you have something to sell that’s worth buying.

   For you authors, here is a small booklet that will help generate more interest in your book(s) that’s not covered in the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap.

   And one other thing. One of the most important rules of gaining customer is to give them one of your products for free. This way if they like it, they will likely buy your other products.

   So on June 3, 2013 this coming Monday, my very popular short story collection STORYTIME will be a FREE download on KINDLE. It contains 23 gripping tales in action/adventure, sci-fi, romance, horror, comedy and paranormal. All reviews are 4-5 stars. Those who have read it love it and you will too. So mark your calendar and download your copy, you’ll be glad you did! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Step #10 How to Start an Internet Business w/etc. The Most Important Factor!

   Welcome back and I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. As promised, today I will be telling you the things you’ll need to have to become a success in affiliate marketing.

   And what are they?

   They are: Confidence, self assuredness, determination and positivity.

   One of the most successful affiliate marketing companies, The Empower Network, instructs their members start each day by reading (or listening to or watching) positive reinforcement books, CD’s and videos by self improvement gurus like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown. They strongly believe a positive attitude to start the day, leads to positive results.

   One of the most successful affiliate marketers in the business, Vick Strziheus makes it clear in his mentoring sessions, that you CANNOT succeed if you maintain a negative attitude and has cut off contact and refunded money to students he felt were simply too negative minded and self defeating.

Zig Ziglar speaks about the importance of self confidence here:

   None of us is a stranger to failure. Thomas Edison, one of the great inventors of the last century readily accepted failure as part of the process. He once said, “I have not failed. I have simply found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” He also said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to succeeding when they gave up.”

   Booker T. Washington the renowned educator once said: “You cannot hold a man down without staying down with him.”

   And here’s a strange fact that almost proves the above statement. Most successful people absolutely believe that if you press hard enough, push long enough, are unrelenting in your drive, keep trying new ways to achieve success, and believe with all your heart that you will persevere…

   The universe (because it has other things to do) will stop fighting you, relent and let you have your way.

   I have been in the affiliate marketing biz for a few months now and have also noticed that those who are now very successful, but were on the verge of bankruptcy, were at the end of their rope and had experienced their world crumbling down around them when the universe finally relented and let them through…

   Are also the ones who are most generous with their time, talent and mentoring. This is not to say they aren’t trying to sell you something. They are! And there’s absolute nothing wrong with that.

   As I have said many times during this ‘How to Start and Internet Business w/, etc. series, everyone needs to create a business email address and use it to get information from various sources on the internet.

   I can honestly say I have used mine hundreds of times for various reasons and I have never once regretted it.

   Internet marketers are looking for customers just like any brick and mortar business like say, an Italian restaurant. They don’t have time to waste courting people who aren’t interested in their product anymore than an Italian restaurant would chase after customers who don’t like Italian food. (Good grief, who doesn’t like Italian food?)

   But, the advantages! I can honestly say that I enjoy opening my business email far more than my personal email. I get to try tons of products for free or with a 30 and sometimes 60 day no questions asked return policy. I have tried many of them and like any product you buy at a store, some were good, some were bad, (which I sent back with no problem) some were just okay (which I also sent back with no problem) and some were spectacular!

   I received a near college course on business marketing for free from the Empower Network, learned the bones of constructing websites for selling on facebook from /  I got a great tutorial on how to boost my book sales on Kindle by downloading the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap. (Have a look on the right. Click on the image to see all it has to offer.

   I have also downloaded a tutorial on how to create and sell phone apps for smartphones. (I’m working on one now) plus how to create and sell wordpress minisites for amazon products at $250 a pop.

   And no spam!

   As I have said throughout this entire series, our future, the future of the middle class is not the two or three minimum wage jobs that corporations are offering to work us all to an early grave. It will be you and me, selling our products on the internet, easily competing with giants like Walmart and Target because we all get our products from the same place. Amazon proved it is the wave of the future. When people realized they could find a book they liked at Borders or Waldenbooks and could then purchase it for considerably less through Amazon, they did.

   Which is why there is no Borders or Waldenbooks anymore.

   So folks, the time has come to get in the game. And I because I readily give out my business email address to marketers whose products I find interesting, I have received numerous videos and e books on how to market just about anything AND make a good deal of money doing it. So if you’d like to see them, just type in your name and email in the box on the right to get my monthly newsletter. Or email me at 

   The world is changing, my friend. The time to get on board is right now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Step #9 Start an Internet Business w/etc. Finding your niche in marketing.

   It’s common knowledge in the internet marketing business that Health, Wealth and Love are the top niches and generate the most sales. Why? because they have so many facets. Start with health; there is: How to stay healthy, how to get healthy, how to eat healthy, how to exercise healthy etc. Wealth runs the same gamut: How to get wealthy, how to stay wealthy, how to invest, how to buy real estate etc. And love, well that’s the biggest of all. There is dating, marriage, baby, college, retire, breakup and divorce, etc.
I even wrote an ebook and audio book called DIVORCE-The Middle-Aged Man’s Survival Guide, Here’s the link:

   The point is those niches are filled with affiliates who are highly experienced and already know which one to go after and which ones won’t convert (sell). If you’re new at this you probably don’t want to cross swords with the heavy-weights just yet. So 
   I’m going to show you a way to test out niches to see if the is a market for what your selling or not.

   For example, I’m a writer and so I went to and found out the level of interest there was in what I produce and sell, which are ebooks and audio books.

   Here’s the level of interest in ebooks:

Here is the level of interest in audio books:

    Both are doing well so apparently it’s a good niche for me to promote.

    As for what you might consider, here is a video by internet marketing guru Travis Sago where he explains exactly how to check the niche you’re considering for the level of interest and potential customer base.

   We have a nice long Memorial weekend ahead and I’m sure you all have things to do and people to see so I won’t publish step #10 until Tuesday.

   In the meantime, when you get the chance, review steps 1 through 9. You have all the basic information you need to start making money as an internet marketer. What you need to do now is start practicing.  

   So here’s a quick guide:

Set up your business email address

Chose a niche

Test that niche on google trends following the video tutorial above

Check out the products and find something you want to market.

Set up a free account on so you can write ads to sell the product

Set up account on and so you can write an article promoting your product (*NOTE ezine will not let you put a link inside your article. There are ways around that, that are acceptable but more on that down the road)

Create a headline for your ad and article that will attract the most amount of viewers. There is a video that will show you how to create laser targeted keywords in the title that will drive traffic directly to your ad or article. Here’s the link:
   There are a number of other ways to attract customers to your products other than writing ads and articles but this method is the simplest, cheapest and the quickest to master. As we move ahead I’ll show you more advanced techniques but for now, study the basics, get your feet wet and get a sense of what you’re doing. There is A LOT of money to be made BUT you’ve got to find your own way by figuring out what works, why it works and how you’re going to promote it.

    I’ll likely be beering and barbequeing it over the weekend but I still check my email so if you have a question or run into a problem with the above email me at and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Step #8 Start an Internet Business w/etc. LET’S JUST DO IT!

   Okay, talking time is over. If you’re still with me, then you’re serious about starting an internet business.


   Because it’s time to start making money. To keep you from getting a bad case of paralysis by analysis I’ve used the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) throughout these lessons so that when you do choose your niche and select your product, we’ll start slow until you get the hang of it and start making some money.

   Although there are a number of sites where you can chose a product to promote, the best to start out with is Warrior forum. It cost ten bucks for a lifetime membership and for the education you can get there, it’s the best ten bucks you’ll ever spend.

   So if you haven’t joined yet here’s the LINK:

   Then go to the top right of the page and click on register. Then look over terms of service, agree to it & create a user name. Pick something associated with your niche. 
   Since I’m a writer I would go with something like Bookguy or novelman. Fill out the rest of the info and wait for the confirmation email.

   Once your user name is established you can use it to become an affiliate marketer at

   Once there, sign in and click on Affiliates on the upper tool bar. You’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Then click on View Available offers and a screen like this one will appear.

 Here’s is probably where you should take notes. Just under the words WSO Affiliate offers is a red toolbar with the words:

WSO Date   Sales  Visitor  Conv. Visitor Value    Average Price  Bumps   Comm Rate and Refund rate. request

   Here’s what those words stand for: WSO Date=the date the product went on sale. Sale=the number sold so far. +100 means over 100 could be 102 or 2million. Visitor Conversion=the percentage of people who clicked on the product and bought it. Average Price=what the product is selling for.  Bumps=the people who after a quick look left. Commission Rate=the percentage of the price of the product you will receive as its seller (i.e. if it sells for $10 dollars at a 50% rate you would get $5 dollars) Refund rate= the percent of purchasers who didn’t like the product and asked for a refund.

   And finally ‘request’. Remember these products are these people’s livelihood so they don’t want troublemakers or spammers representing them. If you decide you like a product enough to become an affiliate then after you click ‘request’and the box appears, convince them that you believe in the product and want to sell it.

   Keep in mind you may get a few refusals at first. It’s not personal. Once you start making sales the refusals will drop.

   So lets say you picked a product in your niche, perhaps even bought it and liked it and the seller gave you the go ahead. What you will receive is an affiliate link that you put on your sales ad or article. Now, how do you go about selling it?

   Our first stop is  Here is the link with instructions on how to use it.

   Today I decided to become an affiliate for a product called The Kindle Bestseller Roadmap. I bought the product myself and liked it enough to promote it. So the first thing I did was write an ad on Here’s the LINK: 

   So go look around, get a feel of the place and make sure that if you like a product scroll down and read the reviews. Sometime you can find something others are missing and make a killing (remember the grill man)

See you tomorrow


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Step #7 How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, No Experience and NO Money

Although I have, in the past, pointed out the dangers of moving too fast when learning internet marketing, it is important to learn the jargon.

   Once you start rolling out products and steadily build your business you’re going to need to communicate with other marketers without constantly stopping and asking: “Wait, what did you mean when you said,…”

   Like affiliate marketing itself, none of it is hard or difficult to learn. In fact, most of the jargon in the video below are merely shortened versions of the full word, (i.e. the word blog is short for weblog.) Others like OTO stand for ‘one time offer’ Some are the names of software programs marketers use like ‘Camtasia’

   Learning the jargon also makes it easier to get help from those more experienced. 
   Affiliate marketers are a terrific group but they are not the patient type. They’ll gladly tell you what you need to know but they also expect you to have done the preliminaries to get up to speed.

   So grab your favorite beverage and sit back and watch this very informative video put together by fellow marketer Eric Holmlund. You might want to take notes so it wouldn’t hurt to have a sheet of paper and pen nearby

   In the next few days I’m going to get down to the actual promotion of products both on clickbank and on Warrior Plus. If you haven’t done so already, create your business email address and use it when joining It’s free but you have to confirm your intention of joining by clicking on the email they send to your business email.

   Also I suggest you lay out the $10 bucks and join  Although their product are generally less expensive than clickbank and others, the real advantage is having the reviews and testimonials already written which helps greatly when your customers are on the fence on whether or not to buy.

   Enjoy the video and I’ll see you tomorrow.

P.S. Sign up for my newsletter. (top right) I have several free tutorials that will speed up the learning process plus, I'll show you how to build a customer base that will keep coming back again and again. 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Step #6 How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, NO Experience and NO Money.

How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, NO Experience and NO Money. Step #6

   Okay by now you should have some idea on what your niche is going to be and what type of product you’re going to promote.

   Remember that it should be something you have an interest in, feel comfortable talking about and it is something people are going to want to buy. Remember what we talked about regarding Latvian Basket weaving.

   There are two ways to approach this. The first way is to promote a product you already have. The second is to select a product from clickbank or Warrior plus and market them. specializes in digital downloads. There is a ton of great products that you can promote with 50% or better commissions, and there are many that, if properly promoted, can make you A LOT OF MONEY very fast. (i.e. the grill man I told you about in a previous post). There is an amazing video that walks you through the process step by step but that’s still a bit down the road.

   The main danger of affiliate marketing is taking on too much too fast. We’ll get to it I promise but not until you have a stronger knowledge base.

   The other place you should check out is the They also have products you can market but the advantage here is that, as a forum, you fellow affiliates will often rate a product and will warn you off if it’s a dud.

   So give it a look here Then scroll down, see what they have to offer, check out some of the forums and get a feel for the group. If you chose to market their affiliate products it will cost you a one time fee of $10 It used to be free but some idiots thought it would be funny to post products that didn’t exist, ergo the $10 fee had to be created to keep the nit-wits at bay. Once paid you can click on affiliates and see what they got available to market and what the other affiliates think about the product. They even have a product of the week that is getting the most conversions (sales)  

  Time is very valuable in affiliate marketing and you don’t want to waste it.

   In the Marketing Method I sent you, there is a video that instructs you how to write ads and articles for products. The step by step tutorial for does a terrific job of explaining how it’s done.

   I have a product of my own that I’m selling on Amazon so I decided to take out for a spin and write my own ad.

   I also wrote an article for that permits me to do my thing while still promoting my product. Here’s the link

   The process for doing both was very easy and won’t take much time once you get the hang of it.

   If, like me, you have a product of your own to sell, your best bet to get the highest amount of readers is to publish an article on . They have more readers than any of the others but they also have very strict rules. You cannot put an affiliate link anywhere on ezine. But if you have a product of your own, you can list that link in the Resource Box. Ezine is a great way to get traction for your products.

   So give and  a test run. Then send the link to your friends and to me if you’d like at and we’ll see what we can do to punch it up.
   I’ll give a breakdown on how to promote a product from clickbank tomorrow, so bookmark this site and sign up for my newsletter at the top right. When I come across something spectacular I immediately inform the people who get my newsletter, so if you want to be the first to find out about a hot selling new product, or a new heavy traffic generator it would be a good idea to get on that list.

   See you tomorrow.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Step #5 How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, NO experience and NO Money

   Okay it’s Monday and you’ve had most of the weekend to read and test drive the Marketing Method I sent you that proves you can start an Internet Business with no product, no experience and no money. If you're new or didn't get my email, sign up here to get on my list so I can send you the tutorials and info that you'll need to start making money on line. 

   This is not to say there aren’t pitfalls in affliate marketing. As mentioned in the Marketing Method, choosing your niche is very important. There is a fine line between picking something like weight loss or health tips which are very popular and something obscure, say for instance, Latvian basket weaving.

   The problem is weight loss products already have A Lot of affiliates plowing that field. Same goes for health tips so there’s too much competition for a newbie. On the other hand the number of people interested in Latvian basket weaving might be too small to generate a profitable niche.

   As mentioned in the article the best way to get ahead of the competition is to use laser targeted keywords to get your selected product on Google’s first page. Nearly all the top affiliate marketers swear that’s the fastest way to get your income stream flowing.

   So let’s review the steps so far.

   First you create a separate business email account. This is crucial if you’re taking this seriously. Without one, none of the free sites I will be directing you to will give you access and I won’t be able to forward you the video tutorials that explain the process. Also, keep in mind you can cancel access to your email by simply scrolling down to the bottom of the company’s ad or offer or whatever and click unsubscribe and you won’t hear from them again.

   Once that’s done, you sign up and get a free account at  then you go click on marketplace on the toolbar and start searching for a product you think will sell. Here’s a trick to tell what’s a potential top seller and what’s a dud. If you look under the product you’ll see its stats. Focus on the product’s GRAVITY. I have the location of that stat circled in red on the clickbank picture below. As you can see the gravity of this product is 183 which is very good. That means the product is selling well.

    Rule of thumb is anything over 50 shows real potential, but it also means a number of people are marketing it. So go with something you’d buy yourself. In fact you should consider buying whatever you intend to promote if you can, this way if it is as good as you think it is, you’ll gladly promote the hell out of it and make some money. And if it’s a bomb, then cut your losses and try something else.

   I suggest you start with inexpensive products first. Just to see what you feel comfortable promoting. Then when you start making some money, email me  at and I’ll send you a three part, nearly 5 hour tutorial by one of the very best affiliate marketers who will show you— step by step— exactly how to find and promote the products with the highest commissions and the greatest conversion rates (conversations is when a person views the product you’re promoting and decides to buy it.)
   Next step. You’ve found a product that you like and think will sell. Congratulations! The question is, how do you get it out before the buying public? Here’s a secret, whenever someone is looking for something, THEY USUALLY GO TO GOOGLE FIRST. Then they scan the first page. People rarely go on to the 2nd page so page one is where you want your product to be.

   But how do you get on page 1 of Google? The answer is laser targeted keywords.

   And what are keywords? Keywords are single words or phrases that people looking for something on the internet type in to find what they’re looking for. The one's I used are on the bottom of this page. On one of the previous steps I explained that by placing the word or phrase in quotations inside the google box, google will tell you how many searches have been made for that word or phrase.

   The goal is to get a low number but without becoming too obscure, which is where nobody will find your promo ad or article. So let’s use “exotic fish” as an example on Google. Search results, 842,000. Way too many. How about “rare and exotic fish” that drops it to 157,000. Better but still too high. “Rare exotic and predatory fish” brings us down to 127,000. So we still got a way to go. How about “Rare exotic and predatory fish in Los Angeles” You would think being more specific would lower the searches. Nope. Just the opposite, it jumped to 63 million! So always check them before you use them.

   So let’s try a mix with similar words. How about “exotic and unusual fish” BINGO, my friend. That drops the searches to 9,450 which almost guarantees a 1st page spot on Google if you put that phrase in the title of your ad or article. If you do, you’ll very likely get some conversions. Cha-ching!

   Next step. How do you make people aware of your product? One of the many ways is to write an ad or an article. Ads are especially easy and can be placed for free. Here is a FREE tutorial that walks you through the process.
Note* This tutorial is embedded on the article I sent you under How I used USAFREE ADS, so some of you may have already seen it.

     Tomorrow I'll show you other ways to make the public aware of your product so you should probably bookmark this blog. And if you haven't submitted your name and email address do it now so you can get the free tutorials. For example, Watch your business email because later today I will be emailing a video tutorial that explains EXACTLY how to get the BEST keywords that will drive customers to your product.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Step #4 How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, No Experience and No Money

How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, No Experience and No Money Step #4

By now all of you who submitted your name and newly generated email addresses should have received my email with the link to the marketing method that shows how to generate income from the internet. If you haven’t, email me at and I’ll shoot it right out to you.

   Or put in your name and email address here and click submit. This way you’ll be sure to get the instructional material I’ll refer to as we go on.

   As mentioned in my email, it’s best to print out one copy and save the electronic one to your file because of the many instructional videos embedded.

   As you can see there are a number of steps to follow and videos to watch. None of them are hard to learn or require any computer coding expertise. Which is why I was going to go over them with you on this blog post today, but I’ve already received a number of emails asking that I give them some time to ‘test drive’ the free marketing methods and take notes from the videos.

   This is clearly a good idea.

   As I mentioned in the earlier posts on this topic, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by how many money making opportunities there are. Especially with the economy being what it is. So instead of pressing forward, I’m going to ease up a bit and let you all look the article over, kick the tires and decide if affiliate marketing is something you’d like to get into.

   And if your retirement nest egg isn’t what you’d hoped it would be at this point, if your student loans are a never ending ball and chain, or if you’re working two and three jobs and barely making ends meet, then you should give this some serious consideration.

   This is the future and just like the techies who rose to the top of the food chain during the internet explosion, those who can do affiliate marketing are the one who will sought out by those who’s brick and mortar store begin floundering.

   And if you’re questioning whether there really are internet jobs out there I’ve attached a video below that outlines many of the opportunities available. Some are business opportunities, some are work at home jobs and some are similar to being an internet secretary. Here’s the LINK