Saturday, November 18, 2017

An Honest Review of " Justice League."

An Honest Review of “Justice League.”

You’ve likely read the critics reviews of Justice League. Most pan it, saying the characters are thin, the CGI unbelievable and the plot ludicrous. The problem with most critics is that they are over-educated, pseudo-intellectuals who bad-mouth any movie that doesn’t live up to their artsy-fartsy expectation of high-art that addresses social problems, the downtrodden, sexuality, and diversity.

Justice league doesn’t do any of that.

What it did was turn Aquaman who always looked like a poster boy for the Hitler youth, into a growling, tall, dark and gruesome character that fits right in with Batman and Wonder Woman.

The majority of the laughs come from the Flash. And Ezra Miller does a fine job. A much different character than The TV version and I like both.

As for Cyborg, the character needs more depth, but as the newbie, he will likely be fleshed out more in future films.

Unlike “Spider-Man Homecoming” a movie loved by the critics, due to its ridiculous diversity, and the hero’s clownish ineptitude, Justice League is simply a super-hero movie where the good guys courageously take on a formidable bad guy and after getting their asses kicked a couple of times, press on to save the day.

What’s more, it’s fun!

I am convinced Joss Wheaton saved the movie because many of the sneak previews we saw were not contained in the film itself. What’s more, I noticed a number of kids with their parents and both clearly enjoyed it.

As did I.

But there are flaws. Lois Lane reveals one of the character’s secret identity in front of a squad of policemen. And Batman makes a fatal mistake, yet gets away with it. How, is glossed over and not explained.

I can live with that.

Overall, this is a “fun for the whole family” type of movie. And if you’re on the fence about seeing it due to the critic’s comments, go see it anyway. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.