Monday, December 19, 2011

Why We're Different

          There are three types of books the public loves and those books are about the police, lawyers and doctors.  Look at what’s on TV, what’s playing at the movies. Apparently the viewing populace can’t get enough. 
And some are admittedly very good.
          Every so often something different comes out and it is that very difference that makes it popular.
          So when my fellow authors and I formed Ari Publishing we decided that was the direction we wanted to go.
          For example: If you like Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, then you will very likely enjoy Noon the Rise to Power, where a renowned physicist and a team of technical specialists plot to overthrow a thoroughly corrupt American government and replace it with a dictatorship .
          If you liked William Peter Blatty’s ‘The Exorcist’ then you might enjoy ‘The Messiah Complex’ How far would you go to rescue your child from a kidnapper? What if the kidnapper was a demonic figure? What if your child was being held in hell itself? Would you risk eternal damnation to save that child? Would you go that far?
          Do you enjoy ghost stories like Poltergeist? If so, you might want to give The Dead Machine a look. What if ghosts are actually the spirits of evil and predatory men and women who were denied heaven and damned to walk the Earth for all eternity? What if a scientist creates a machine to talk to them only to later discover that the machine also makes it possible for those dead criminal souls to take over the bodies of the living?
          Or what if you prefer something written in the classic style, like Jane Eyre or Little Women? Then I suggest you pick up Tilde, a truly engaging story of a bi-polar young artist making her way through the difficult days of the Great Depression.
So before you download Steven King’s 11/22/63 or Grisham’s The Litigators, both at $12.99 each (and who can blame you? They’re both very good books.) Why not stop by and add one of the above to your Christmas list? (most are only $2.99 during this holiday season) You may very well find yourself a new favorite.