Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    Storytime is a collection of my wildest and most popular short stories. Written over a period of 12 years I’ve decided to share them with my faithful readers and those unfamiliar with my work. Due to the new Amazon Kindle program, I am able to offer this 441 page novel for FREE! That’s right, FREE to download to your Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android or any other electronic reader device!
    Don’t have an electronic reader device? Then click here 
to download a free app so you can read Kindle Books on your computer.
    Unfortunately, Amazon only offers this promotional freebee for 5days.
With this offer those who are hesitant to buy a book from an author whose work they’re not familiar with can now, for the next 5 days, read my most popular stories for free. But you got to move fast before the promotion ends and Storytime reverts back to its regular price.  
    What type of stories do I write? I’ve written stories in a number of genres. For example:  The Last Stop Bar and Grill deals with the supernatural. Oh Tonight How We Shall Love is a tale of erotic horror.  Sea Cruise tells of a retiree who believes all life’s joys and passions are behind him until fate serves up an adventure of a lifetime.
    There’s also comedy. In “How to Write a Literary Masterpiece, I explain how any half-wit with a crayon can produce a Pulitzer Prize winning novel just by following my simple formula. In ‘A Treatise on Intellectualism versus Thuggery’, McGruff the Crime Dog and South Park’s Sexual Harassment Panda debate the causes of War and the definition of genius.
    Is Mystery and Suspense your thing? Then have a look at “The Eyes Have it” a tale of an ordinary construction worker who wakes one morning to discover his eyes have changed from coffee brown to neon green. Believing it a temporary thing, he dismisses it and heads off to work not realizing that within 24 hours he and his family will be running for their lives, hunted by the full force of the United States military.    
    Like television? Then you’re in luck! My sit-com titled ‘Bill Collectors’ is included. It features 4 outrageously bizarre characters battling the insanity of corporate in-house politics.
Fan of the Edgy and Off-Kilter? Have a look at ‘Stark’ A man wandering a world where time has stopped, A land of eternal twilight where no one ages, hungers, thirsts, or has sex. His is an empty and desolate life until a seemingly young girl enters and changes everything. Or check out the quirky ‘Yellowbelly’, a narrative in which an unrepentant coward freely confesses to his lack of courage and character, but his words take on a chilling twist when a predatory and sinister undercurrent emerges.     
    Are tales of brave knights and beautiful damsels more to your liking? Then have a look at ‘A Bedtime Story from Uncle Zack’. In it, the Lord High Defender of the Realm, Lord Narsis, comes to the aid of the beautiful but secretly bewitched maiden, Calliope. When the fates throw them together, Narsis falls in love with her and attempts to break the spell. But broken spells often reveal more than just the truths they were created to hide.
How about Science-fiction? If that’s your thing, go right to ‘Testing, 1…2… But before you start, remember that sometimes, what you’re reading, may also be reading you. Or if you prefer the more traditional, then check out ‘The Cloak’, a story set during the cold war featuring a spy whose weapon is a garment that responds to his every command. He marvels at its abilities and touts it as the utmost in advanced technology. Except it isn’t a technical marvel but something far more unsettling and disturbing.     
Ever wonder life’s all about and how we all got here?  If so, the surreal ‘A View Askew’ is the story for you. Battling personal demons? Look for ‘The Art of Lion Taming’. It may be right up your alley.
There are 23 short stories in all, each different and engaging in their own way.
If you’re wondering why I’m giving away this book it’s because I often receive e-mails from fans asking why I’m not as well known as they feel I should be. This is likely my fault as I don’t publicize and market my books as aggressively as I should. Once a book is completed and available for sale I should make personal appearances, do radio and TV interviews and book tours but when I get an idea for a new story, I become so obsessed with getting it down right away, my publicity campaign for my latest published work often winds up on the back burner.
So I’ve chosen a different path. I’m hoping that by providing a broad spectrum of my work for free, people like you will download Storytime, give it a read and want to read more. Perhaps suggest it to a friend. Here’s the link to the free download of Storytime.

Hope you enjoy.
Uncle Zack