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Novels: The Best Books to Read

Novels: The Best Books to Read

Summer is finally here and that means its time to lay out in the sun with a good book to read. But what are the best books to read? Best seller books are usually the first consideration. New book releases and recommended books are usually a good choice. But do you want fiction or non-fiction? Or one with the best book reviews? Or the latest popular books?

The answer to those questions is simple. You want a book that you can enjoy. But how do you know if you're going to like it? Back in the day you could go to a local book store, pull up a chair and read a chapter or two. But bookstores are now hard to find and the selling prices are prohibitive in this economy.

Fortunately, there is a way to sample books you might like and read a few chapters.

AND you can do it right here!

At the top of this page is a parade of book covers featuring a number of titles in different genres. Simply, click on any of the book covers as they scroll by and you will be taken to its feature page on Amazon. There you can read a synopsis, the book reviews and then click on the cover to read the first few chapters. It's free, it's easy AND you just might find the perfect book!

AND several are available as a physical book, an e-book and an audiobook!
Don't have a Kindle, nook, ipad or other e-book reader? No problem! Amazon has a FREE program that lets you read the books you chose on your computer Here's the Link:

Here is a brief synopsis of each book

Revolution In America: This ongoing best selling series is set in the foreseeable future where the United States Government is controlled by international corporations and the vast majority of Americans are being  crushed by ever increasing debt.   Enter Dr. Alexander Noon, a man considered to be the Leonardo DaVinci of the 21st century. Determined to put an end to governmental corruption and outside influence he gathers a group of technical specialists and together they put his plan to seize power in New York and then the United States into action. Book #1 Noon's Rise to Power (now available as a audio bookBook # 2 Night of the Scarecrows, Book # 3 Resurgence, Book #4 The Unknown Soldier, Book #5 The Corporate Wars will be released in 2015

Divorce: The Middle Aged Man's Survival Guide: There are countless books advising middle aged woman how to cope with divorce but few that address the needs of men who were blindsided by a wife who no longer wants to be married to them. This book is Extremely popular and has great reviews. For the paperback version click here

The Dead Machine: Virgil Vanderhill is a middle aged military communications scientist who's in a loveless marriage and a thankless job. Realizing that the only person who ever loved him was his departed mother, he sets out to invent a machine that will allow him to speak with her. After months of failure and burning through ten of thousands of dollars he finally succeeds. What he doesn't realize is there is a reason why he can speak to his mother and people of questionable reputations but not good people who were dearly loved. Its a mistake that will have deadly consequences.

How to Start Over: Rebuilding your Mind Body & Finances: It is truly a rare person who, at some point in their life, doesn't experience crushing setbacks, emotional distress, physical illnesses, or financial troubles. The question is how do you overcome, get your life back in order and start being happy again? This book shows you how. For the paperback version click here

The Messiah Complex: Three broken men, overwhelmed by emotional problems, physical ailments and  loss of faith suddenly find themselves center stage amid bizarre unexplainable events. An advertising executive  encounters something clearly not human on a snow covered highway. A disfigured recluse's new roommate may very likely be a serial killer and a small town reverend develops miraculous healing powers.
But none of it is what it seems. And as events unfold these three men will be forced to risk their lives and their very souls to protect mankind from a being that has spent countless eons plotting its destruction.

The Best Book on How to Make Money Online A Step-by-Step Guide: It is a FACT that over the next few years the majority of business will be done over the internet. That Amazon's profits have tripled over the last three years while Walmart's has steadily fallen over the same time period speaks for itself. There literally HUNDREDS of ways to make money online. You just need to see how its done. It's not hard and this book walks you though each step. It's the future of business, don't get left out. For the paperback version click here

Storytime: This highly reviewed collection of short stories is a favorite among readers. Mysteries, thrillers,  romances, crime dramas, comedies, erotica, who-done its and sci-fi. With a selection of 23 stories you're sure to find a number of favorites

The Marriage Rules, The 100 Questions you MUST ask your future spouse BEFORE getting married: One of the main reason people get divorced within the first few years of marriage is because they didn't take the time to get to know their spouse before hand. Many people keep secrets that aren't revealed until after marriage and its those very secrets that lead to break-ups. This in depth books asks the questions that are important to maintaining a relationship. The answers often reveal red flags and deal breakers that will make you thankful that you discovered beforehand. If you are planning on getting married this book is a must!

How to Write,Publish & Market Your Novel Into A Best Seller: Weather you want to be published by a traditional publisher or go the indie route the only thing that really matters is knowing how to write books that sell. Knowing what agents and publishers are looking for GREATLY increases your odds of getting a book deal. So pick up a copy and learn what the pros do to get their books into the hands of the decision makers. For the Paperback version click here 

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