Monday, August 11, 2014

The 5 Best Sing-Along Songs

The 5 Best Sing-Along Songs

Everybody has songs they like to sing-along with. Doesn’t matter what style, or year or genre, we just like them and the minute we hear them playing we burst into song regardless of our lack of talent.

So I’ve compiled 5 of my favorites and create a countdown from number 5 down to my most favorite sing-along. It’s funny how they are all in different styles, from different decades and from both well-known and obscure bands.

And as always feel free to sing-along

Now wasn’t that fun? I first heard that song on some obscure indie radio station and immediately downloaded it into my ipod when I got home.

As instructed, I left the theater singing! Couldn’t quite help it, it was such a catchy tune

When my brother saw this band in concert, he said the entire audience in Madison Square Garden was on their feet and singing along!

Every so often my wife would walk in on me while I was singing and dancing to this song. Instead of making me feel like an idiot, she would start singing and dancing along with me.

I only discovered this song a month or so ago. Damn near impossible to keep from getting up and singing and dancing along.

Remember hatin’ is bad :)

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