Monday, October 13, 2014

You are Being Lied to

You are Being Lied to.

You ARE being lied to. Every day and in every way.

Not that being lied to is always a bad thing. For example I lie for a living. I tell stories about events that never happened. People actually pay me money to lie to them.

They seem to enjoy it.

However, I’m a novelist and so people understand from the get-go that what I have written is pure fabrication, created for entertainment purposes.

No harm, no foul.

But it has gotten out of hand and it’s our own fault.

Here’s why. Our ancestors, who grew up before radio and television, learned early on exactly how life works. It is often brutal, cruel, unforgiving and vindictive. On the other hand it is also filled with love, kindness, generosity, and beauty.

Our ancestors accepted life’s harsh realities. We however have been deluded into thinking that the brutal, cruel, unforgiving and vindictive parts either doesn’t exist or if it does, can be corrected through education and dialogue.

This belief will likely to get us all killed.

Here’s where we went off the rails. We grew up listening to radio and watching television and movies. The only reason radio and television programs were created was so that businesses could sell their products through advertisement.

Again, no harm no foul.

BUT, they discovered that people DON”T LIKE HAVING THEIR BELIEFS QUESTIONED!  And they especially don’t like it when life’s realities are portrayed as they actually are. Because when people’s fairy tale view of real life is challenged, they fire off an angry email to the sponsor, and to everyone on their email list.

Here’s my experience with that fact. In one of my books I quoted some very disturbing facts regarding government expenditures from various, reliable, trusted sources. In a review one reader wrote “I wanted to give the book a full 5 star rating but I found the information regarding the government so upsetting and depressing that I will only give it a 3 and that I feel is being generous!”

And so, I was being punished for informing that person of actual, verifiable facts that apparently they did not want to know.

Over the years advertisers learned to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

And when they wanted to see beautiful young people nude or semi-nude, they got it. 

And when they wanted to see beautiful young people nude, getting high and doing dangerous things to make an obscene amount of money, not only did they get to see that, they got to see those beautiful young people flaunt the law, disobey the rules AND get away with it.

And when other young people started emulating those actions, and wound up addicted to drugs, contracting STD’s, getting DWI’s, being involved in fatal car crashes and receiving lengthy jail sentences, those entertainment companies claimed “Hey! It’s not our fault. WE didn’t MAKE them do those things, we only showed people having fun.

The latest thing they are trying to sell is the belief that it is the husband’s fault if the wife cheats because the husband clearly didn’t do enough to keep her in love with him. This is the argument in movies like Stupid Crazy Love and This is Where I Leave You. I wonder how much responsibility the film makers will assume when some poor wife is beaten half to death by her husband when she tries using this as an excuse for being unfaithful.

They are selling actions without consequences. Which violates Newton’s law of “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

BUT they ALSO learned that another thing young, beautiful, semi-naked, getting high, flaunting the law, disobeying the rules, boys and girls do, is to pirate movies without paying for them. 

Well! That’s apparently that’s a horse of a different color! Because the entertainment industry suddenly made it VERY CLEAR THAT FLAUNTING THE LAW AND DISOBEYING THE RULES COMES WITH SOME VERY SEVERE CONSEQUENCES! And to prove their point that not only got the FBI involved, they also brought in Homeland Security.

One last thing. Have you noticed that in commercials the fathers are almost always portrayed as completely incompetent or just plain stupid? And the mothers scold the husbands as if they were disobedient children? And lately even the children are joining in the scolding?

For some reason this sells. So to sell their products, they teach our children to ignore their fathers because he’s an idiot to be ridiculed.

While researching one of my books I learned a very interesting FACT. Your brain works very much like a computer. It becomes whatever you put into it. So if you believe that you can do whatever you want without consequences, you will begin doing just that, and if you’re convinced that it’s okay to cheat on your husband because he’s not paying enough attention to you, you will cheat. And if you’re taught from childhood that all fathers are fools and incompetent then you will never feel safe and protected.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say lied to? I meant brainwashed.
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