Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Marketing your Books

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Let’s get right down to it, you’ve written a book, had it properly edited, submitted a carefully crafted query letter and received an automatic rejection letter.

But your book is really, really good!

Doesn’t matter. In order to get a book publishing deal you have to convince the publisher that you know how to sell the book. Nothing else matters. Forget all those fairy stories where some kid writes his first novel and submits it and he’s instantly rocketed to the best seller list.

Doesn’t happen.

Here’s the reality. Book publishing is a business! AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ANY BUSINESS IS MARKETING THE PRODUCT. Without marketing many great products die a lonely death on the shelves. With knowledgeable marketing even the crappiest bit of fluff can generate millions of sales.

Here’s the reality. If you’ve written a book and believe it should sell on its merits alone, you will likely die broke and undiscovered. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Want a book deal? Then you need to understand how to market your product. And that’s what your book really is…

A Product!

Right now you have two choices. Keep writing books, sending out queries, attending conferences and receiving rejection letters…


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