Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Make Money. No BS FREE tutorials

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I recently bought a BMW. I’m not saying this to brag but because 5 years ago I was jobless, broke and my car was falling apart. The only thing keeping me afloat were my book royalties, but after paying for advertisements and promotion, that was barely enough to live on.

At fifty years of age nobody was interested in hiring me and things looked very bleak. While doing promotions for my novels, I came across a guy who had written a book on how to make money online. Personally I thought it all was a scam but after listening to how he made his money, (and checking out his Mercedes) I have to admit I became interested.

His pitch was simple. With the advent of the internet it became possible to buy things online. You didn’t have to leave your house, or deal with traffic or pay for company overhead. A perfect example was (and still is,) Amazon.

They have no stores, no salespeople, no window displays, no argumentative customers, they don’t create products (with the exception of the Kindle and Amazon TV) no security teams, No ASCAP payments. Simply put, no hassle. You buy from them online and they ship it. When you get it you either like it or send it back for a full refund.
He then explained that there are presently thousands of people with small websites making more income with them than they are making from their jobs. Many have quit their jobs. Or no longer need one.

Me for example.

Many of my friends have asked me to show them how to make money online. I try and show them but I’m a writer not a teacher. I have little patience and frankly the time I spend teaching them could be far better spent with me concentrating on making money for myself.

The problem with most online gurus is that they are like me. They assume you know this that and the other thing and all they succeed in doing is making you confused and frustrated. Most promise that you’ll make a fortune in no time using their system BUT FIRST, you must pay them thousands of dollars.

I always wondered why none of them offered to show you how to get started FIRST and then, if it worked and made you some money, THEN offer a product that could show you how to make more.

That’s why I thought it was a scam.

That is until I met Marcus. Marcus has been making money online since the year 2000. But what makes him different is that he realized that unless you actually make some money using his FREE system, you’re certainly not going to purchase anything from him. In fact, you might even bad-mouth him and that’s not good for any business.

In addition he understands that this is all new to you. He knows you are suspicious and afraid of being ripped-off. That’s why the tutorials are FREE. You’re under no-obligation the purchase anything. And by offering his teaching videos in that manner, he knows you’ll be more likely to listen to what he has to say, implement his teachings and hopefully make some good money.

I know this because I have watched Marcus’ free tutorials, made some money with them and then purchased his simple sites, big profits program.

And that’s where he pulls out all the stops. And what you learn from that point can make you a lot of money and you now have the tools to take advantage when the opportunities appear.

But the best part is this. If you download the FREE tutorials and decide that although interesting, it isn’t for you. That’s it. You’re done. No hard feelings.

In fact, it’s helpful that an occasional person drops out, because it proves that there are no strings attached.  

In a nutshell, here’s how it works. You download the tutorials. Watch them and follow the instructions step by step. You contact Marcus directly if there is something you don’t understand. He’ll explain it to you. Then continue and see how Marcus does it by watching over his shoulder.  You learn, and create your own income streams.  The more you do, the better you become and the more money you make.

Like most successful people, Marcus has made his fortune while he was young. He intends to retire at the end of 2015 to spend more time with his wife and children.  

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