Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Payoff Your Student Loan

How To Payoff Your Student Loans

written by Zackary Richards for Ari Communications 

Most you know my story but for those who don’t I’ll be quick.

In 2010 got downsized from job I had for over a decade. At 50 discovered nobody was interested in hiring me. Started my own business. Starved for a couple of years. Spent every waking moment studying online business. Finally figured it out, made lotsa money, living happily ever after.

I look at my kids and their friends. They have it worse than I did. They are victims of what used to be called “the company store.” Meaning that regardless of how much money they make, they’ll unlikely be able to pay off that debt.

They were told that in order to get a good job they needed a good education. So they got one at a ridiculously high cost, then discovered those good jobs had been outsourced or replaced with advancing technology. And as for their student debt?

It was not dismissible. Even if they filed for bankruptcy.

Because I studied online business I KNOW why these kids are in such trouble. Their government set it up that way. They turned our children into assets. Why? Because they had wasted trillions on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without raising taxes to pay for it. Spent trillions bailing out major banks, insurance companies, Wall Street and car companies.

Empirical evidence of outright fraud, mismanagement and payoffs by these companies, however, nobody when to jail. So instead our children are being saddled with the responsibility of paying for all their fiscal irresponsibility and criminal mismanagement.

I can help. As I said I have become very knowledgeable regarding online business and how to generate income from it. Since I own a publishing company I recorded an audio book titled How to Payoff Your Student Loans. In it I show you how to make money from numerous websites that need input and services from knowledgeable people and are willing to pay for it.

The audio book is Free. And its free because I got a break when I really needed one. I’m just paying it forward. Here’s the Link