Monday, July 23, 2012


I need to ring in on this bastard who murdered those 12 people in Aurora Colorado.
The fact is, we have brought this on ourselves.
Why? Because we have gone from being a country that acts, to a country that reacts. Every time something like this happens, everyone starts wringing their hands and asking, “How could this have happened?  All the talking heads start in on how we need to understand why this happened.
No we don’t.
We simply need to stop it from happening.
How do we do this? Simple, we make it real. Since these young lunatics can’t seem to differentiate between a video game murder and an actual murder, we show them the difference.
Right after the shooting, Holmes should have been dragged into court, 12 jurors assembled and tried right there and then. Since there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he is guilty, he should be sentenced to hang.
That’s right, HANG. No lethal injection, no appeals, no technicalities, no delays.
No excuses.
Immediately after sentencing, he is taken outside the courtroom and while the televisions cameras are recording and broadcasting, a rope is thrown over a lamppost. A noose is fashioned.
It is then, the realization that this is not a game becomes clear, not only to him but also to the people who are watching. This is not his 15 minutes of fame. This is the monkey’s paw of attention. He will be famous all right, but not for killing those 12 people. He’ll be famous for being the first murderer executed on national television in Hi-Def.
And as that reality sets in, as his slow death looms before him, as he panics and cries and begs and pleads and swears that’s he’s sorry and that it was all just a terrible mistake and that he didn’t mean it and…and…and…
He will be dragged kicking and screaming to the center of the street where the rope hangs from over the streetlamp. The noose is pulled over his head and tightened around his neck. While handcuffed he is pulled into the air ten feet above the ground.
The camera’s zoom in on his wildly kicking feet, then pans on his face as it slowly turns blue, then on his eyes as they bulge from his head, then on his tongue as it falls from his mouth. And we watch for minute after minute after minute as he desperately fights for survival, as he struggles to draw just another breath.
After 15 minutes or so of televised agony, he finally succumbs.
Immediately afterward, the President appears on the screen and announces that this is to be the fate of every mass murderer.
There will be those who will protest this policy. Plead for mercy and understanding. Perhaps he was mentally unbalanced. Perhaps he was abused. Perhaps he had a brain injury.
Doesn’t matter.
Regardless of the reason those 12 people are still dead.
Our problem is that we have become a nation of philosophers and intellectuals, of ponderers and questioners.
“Where,” they will ask, “is our compassion?”
To which I will answer, “Where is your sense of responsibility?”  
Nearly every day there’s another incident where some mental patient, or gangbanger or disgruntled loser decides to take their problems out on the world. And why not? In New York a life sentence is often drastically reduced to where the murderer spends less than a decade in prison, or pleads down to a lesser charge in a deal with the D.A. to save time and money.
David Hickley, the man who shot President Reagan and James Brady, is permitted unsupervised excursions from the mental facility.
Our ancestors never put up with this. John Dillinger was shot in the back as he ran from police and rightly so. Bonnie and Clyde were mowed down with over 100 bullets without warning. Again, rightly so.
Nowadays, a police officer would be jailed for murder if he shot Holmes in the back if he ran from the theater.  
So for those of you who call for understanding and compassion it’s time to admit your way has failed and to stop endangering the rest of us with your pleas for leniency.
Because you’re getting us killed.
I could have been a victim of that madman. I was at a midnight showing of  “The Dark Night Rises,” fortunately, I wasn’t in Aurora.
Ever notice that this never happens in an area where the law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry a concealed weapon?