Sunday, July 29, 2012

Experience the Joy of Knowing Me.

Yeah, I figured that would grab your attention but don’t run away just because I suckered you in. First, let me tell you why I brought you here.
Here’s the deal. At the end of August my latest novel, Noon 2: The Resurgence will be released. It is the sequel to my very popular novel, Noon: The Rise to Power.
Now the question I’m sure many of you are asking is “Why would I read the sequel when I haven’t read the original, and why would I read the original when I have no idea if you have any talent. Frankly, a lot of the indie books I’ve read weren’t very good; in fact, some of them were downright terrible. Why, I remember downloading this book about…”
I get it! I get it! Yes, there are a lot of stinkers out there. Believe me I know. I’m a publisher and wouldn’t believe some of the crap that I had to…
But I digress.
Back to topic. Like any intelligent consumer, you need to be convinced that what I’m selling is worth having.
Fair enough.
Up here in the North Country we have this annual festival where all the restaurants in the area come together at one location and set up tents where they sell samples of their food. All the profits go to charity and many a good restaurant is discovered for only a pittance of what it would usually cost to dine there.
This is a pretty good business case. I have eaten at several of these restaurants and probably never would have, had I not sampled their product beforehand.
So here’s my sample. I have a book of my short stories titled ‘Storytime”. Its received several glowing reviews and has become quite popular. I believe its popularity is due to the wide variety of stories featured. There are Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Erotic horror, Comedy, Crime drama, Suspense, Fantasy and Romance. Plus a whole lot more. 23 in all so you’re bound to find a favorite among them.
Click here to see the reviews.   
And I’m giving it away for FREE starting July 30, 2012.
“So what’s the catch?” you ask.
Here’s the answer. Once you download and read Storytime, (which is DRM free so it can be downloaded to any electronic device) you’ll soon realize that my writing is engaging and my stories worth reading. And having established that, you’ll likely be open to reading Noon: The Rise to Power and, with its $2.99 price tag and 30 day money back guarantee (USA residents only), what’s there to lose?
Click here to download FREE 'Storytime.'
Then when Noon 2: The Resurgence is released at the end of August, you, like all the others who have read the original will be clamoring for a copy which will make the sequel’s launch a memorable success.
So you see, everybody wins!
“But what if I don’t own a Kindle or Nook or Ipad or Smartphone?” you ask.  “What if it’s just me and my computer?”
Well, you’re in luck. Amazon provides a FREE download of their Kindle Reader app which makes it possible to read the stories you download from Kindle right there on your computer!
Just click here to get the FREE download. 
“But Zackary, what if I’ve already read and enjoyed Storytime?” you ask. “What am I to do?”
Good question. The answer is to download and read Noon: The Rise to Power.
Why? Well because even though you may not be a fan of political thrillers, having read ‘Storytime’ you know I don’t write like other authors and so you already know Noon will be considerably different, besides there is that 30 day money back guarantee. So, c’mon (wink) admit it, I’ve piqued your curiosity so why not click here.  and download it and if you’re not completely dazzled, I will give you your money back and never darken your door again!
And seriously, who, in their right mind would turn down that offer?