Monday, November 11, 2013

Obamacare, Lobbyists, Tea party, Politics & Other Crap

   Like most of my fellow Americans I’ve been railing at the government for its infighting over Obamacare, lobbyists etc. And like most I’ve been under the impression that if Congress only understood what they needed to do, they would rap their heads like those V8 commercials, say something like, “Oh, now I get it,” and proceed to pull our country out of this mess it’s in.

   Not gonna happen.

   Why? Because they have rigged the system. It doesn’t matter if you vote Democrat or Republican, they’re both controlled by big money interests and as lawyers will only serve those paying them. And should you vote out the democrat and replace him with a republican, or visa versa, the ousted politician will go to work as a lobbyist and continue to control what Congress does.

   Yeah, we’re that screwed.

   Since Congress has no intention of addressing the high unemployment rate (because the stock market is at an all time high and their handlers want nothing to interfere with that) we’re on our own.

   I’ll say it again. WE ARE ON OUR OWN

   Working two, maybe three part time jobs? Barely making ends meet? Hoping the economy will improve so you can go back to you regular line of work before you exhaust your savings or max out your credit cards?

   Take a deep breath. This is going to hurt.

   The economy is better than it’s ever been. Corporations are making record profits, the executive management team is raking in more bonuses than ever before.

   Then why haven’t you been called back to work?

  Because they have PERMANENTLY replaced you with a software program or outsourced your job.

   I’m sorry but that IS the reality. The government has skewed the employment numbers to look like things are improving. BUT THEY AREN’T! They are counting part-time minimum wage jobs as full employment.

   So if you’re hoping against hope that your old way of life will make a comeback, you’re painting yourself into a corner, one that may have serious consequences for not only you, but for your family.

   If you take only one thing from what you’re reading here make sure it’s this.

   The government is not your friend, they are not your ally, they have no interest in changing the status quo, they are not going to help you, they do not care about your situation. They do not care if the economy collapses because they are all rich enough to survive it and if it does collapse it will drive down wages and prices which is exactly what they want.

   You may not believe me and that’s fine, but just take a moment to look around. See who’s working those part-time jobs the teenagers used to have. If you have a job, how many of your co-workers been downsized? How many times have your hours been cut?

   I have written a large number of posts regarding this issue, stupidly thinking that if we simply pointed out what needed to be done, Congress would quickly act to rectify the situation.

   Well, I’m sick of doing that. They’ve made it clear they know exactly what the problem is and has no intention of correcting it.

   So I will.

   I have created a new website called The Underground College

   Its purpose is to provide retraining for those whose jobs are becoming obsolete or have already vanished. Going back to college is expensive, very expensive. The Underground College is not. It’s an inexpensive way to acquire new skills, ones that are in high demand and highly sought after in the marketplace.  
   There are two types of people. Those who feel comfortable with the reliability and structure of working for a company and those who prefer to set out on their own and create their own business.

   The Underground College provides instruction for both choices.

   Pensions have been steadily disappearing for decades, there has been talk of cutting Social Security and Medicare. The reality is the only person looking out for your interests is you.

   So pay a visit to The UndergroundCollege and see what it has to offer. I have purchased a library of tutorial e books and videos which will be provided for FREE to those who sign up for our newsletter.

   Bottom line: I’m going to do my part to get the middle class back on its feet and am going to need all the help I can get since the government has no intention of lending us a hand. Hope to see you there.

   Here’s the link: