Monday, February 17, 2014

America is in DANGER!!

Yes, my friends. America is in danger!

Sadly, it’s not from some outside source. There is no Nazi’s threat anymore, no Communist plot, no Berlin Wall, no Yellow Menace, no Viet-Cong, etc.

Why? Because the idea of using armies to conquer other countries so you can take their stuff is antiquated. That whole idea went into the trash can of history with the advent of the atomic bomb. And if that wasn’t enough, the absolute death knell came with the invention of the nuclear tipped missile.

Case in point. Most people don’t know this but during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the United States risked nuclear war with the Soviets over their sending nuclear warheads to Cuba, the US military didn’t know that the Cubans already had small mobile nuclear tipped missiles and had we attempted to invade Cuba, our invasion force would have been wiped out by those weapons.

My point is the era of the invasion force, like that of D-Day is over. There is simply no way an invasion force could reach the shores of a major nation without being destroyed by present missile technology.

Plus, we all have satellites keeping an eye on who’s moving what where. The only surprise attack that could possibly be successful is something on the scale of a 9/11 attack. An attack, let me remind you, that had no military weaponry or involvement.

Now as to why we are in danger and who we are in danger from.

It is once again an enemy that dates back to the cold war. An enemy that goes so far back that it was President Dwight D. Eisenhower himself, a former 5 star general, who warned us about them. Who told us they were as dangerous as any present threat of the day.

The name of that enemy?

Did you guess Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea?

Nope. The real enemy is…

The Military Industrial Complex.

Whether you are a conservative Republican or liberal Democrat I think we can both agree that we are in no position to waste money, especially when we are something like 17 Trillion dollars in debt. And like any responsible adult knows, when faced with a large debt the first thing that has to stop is frivolous spending.

Here’s something you need to consider. For the first time in our history we are not in any real danger from any large or powerful nation. Russia is broke (they couldn’t even get the toilets working during the Winter Olympics, the Chinese are having too much fun spending our money and at no time in their 6000 year history have they exceeded their original borders. India is an emerging nation, England France and Germany are our friends.

The only real danger is from militant extremists who would likely lose interest in destroying us if we simply got out of the middle-east.

So you’d figure now would be a good time to cut back on military spending, especially since we already have more nuclear warheads than every other nuclear power combined, spend more on the military than the five largest other nations combined, and possess technology far more advanced than any other country.

The only thing we’re missing is an enemy to use it on.

On 60 Minutes last night they featured the new F-35 super-duper fighter jet. It has the most sophisticated technology imaginable, can go farther, see longer and attack faster than any other jet in existence.

The only problem is that it is the Edsel of fighter jets. It is 163 Billion dollars over budget, is 6 years behind the roll out deadline, has accrued 35 BILLION in cost overages is projected to cost 1.7 TRILLION when completed and oh yeah…

The damned thing can’t fly.

Oh they’ve managed to get it off the ground here and there but after 4 or so flights it requires a major maintenance overhaul. Why? Because the jet runs entirely on computers. So if the jet’s computers go down, guess what? So does the jet! Remember the movie Independence Day? Where they destroyed the invasion force by putting a virus in their computer software.

So what we’ve managed to create, and costing Hundreds of Billions of dollars, is a flying machine that can’t fly for very long, that can’t be destroyed by enemy aircraft or missiles or bombs BUT can be turned into a doorstop by…


Yet Congress is still pouring money into it. WHY? Doesn’t Social Security need funds, doesn’t Medicare? I’ve spent my entire working career putting money into those social programs and it damn well better be there when I retire!

So email your congressman and tell them to stop these unnecessary military programs that create weapons that are utterly useless in modern warfare and are turning us into a pauper, debtor country.

And if you think it’s just the F-35 that’s a military financial boondoggle, have a look at this article regarding our newest aircraft carrier from the Boston Globe.