Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Start Over: Rebuilding Your Mind, Body & Finances

         Like many people I went through a part of my life when everything simply fell apart. I was working myself into an early grave yet the harder I tried the less things worked.
        And then finally, BOOM! Game Over.
        So there I was. My job was gone, my wife was gone, my kids were gone, my income was gone, my publisher was gone, my royalties were gone, my health was fading, and my bills were piling up.

I soon learned employers weren’t interested in hiring a guy over fifty, especially since the job I had done for thirty years was being phased out.

Frankly, I didn’t know what the hell to do. I mean, working hard hadn’t paid off. Scrimping and saving hadn’t paid off and following the rules hadn’t paid off.

And then it slowly dawned on me.

None of that stuff worked out because it wasn’t based on reality. It was based on fantasy, a fantasy fed to us by the media because that’s what people wanted. On TV the underdog always won, and the nice guy was always successful. In movies like A Wonderful Life, guys like George Baily always won over the evil Mr. Potter. In song, the unpopular boy or girl always found love.  

And so, I mistakenly believed that was how the world worked. Just work hard, be honest and true and follow the rules and it will all work out and you will win in the end.

            In reality, if you do that you will have your ass handed to you.

            Looking back I see now that my grandparents, who emigrated here from Newfoundland Canada, had a better understanding of how America worked than many of us who were born here.

They had no misconceptions. To them it was simple, life is filled with predators and misfortune. If you were smart and made the right moves at the right time, you survived and, if you were stupid and didn’t, you froze to death.

And that’s when the saying “Work smarter not harder,” started sinking in.  

I suddenly realized that I had entrusted my entire life and well-being into the hands of others. I worked every day at a job that didn’t make me rich, it made someone else rich, and when I was no longer needed I was sent packing. I put my money in banks, where it made a lot of money for others and very little for me. I watched as Wall Street committed financial treason and instead of being tried and sent to jail, our trusted leaders, using taxpayer money, bailed them out and then set out to cut the very social programs I had spent my entire working life paying into.

And the reality is that George Baily’s Saving & Loan did go under, and he was sent to jail for embezzlement, and that Mr. Potter did foreclose on the outstanding loans and Bedford Falls DID become Pottersville.

Because that IS how life works.

And once that light bulb went on over my head, I immediately started doing things differently. I started my own business, learned marketing, learned e-commerce and began creating multiple stream of income.

I learned that you can’t depend on a job to provide financial security. You need several sources of income from a number of different investments that need to be reviewed regularly. If they are growing and becoming successful, you get more of them, and the ones that aren’t are shut down and the money invested in something else.  

I put very little money in banks because they pay virtually no interest, yet are making huge profits investing in the stock market which is presently at its highest point ever.

Let me put it bluntly. In present day America. It’s every man/women for themselves. The Congress and the media are owned by special interests whose only concern is feathering their own nests. Nobody is protecting your interests. Nobody will come to your aid if you’re screwed over, right now America’s business case is to charge you as much as possible, and give you as little as possible.  They will wave flags, and chant U-S-A, U-S-A, as they rifle your pockets, strip your benefits, and then claim that anyone who doesn’t support this practice is trying to make the United States a socialist country.


Just in case…

We are on the brink of major change and not just here but everywhere. And although you may not need to Start Over now, you may very well need to in the future. So download How to Start Over: Rebuilding your Mind, Body & Finances. It’s free today and it just might come in very handy in the days to come.

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