Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Do I Start Over

How Do I Start Over?

I’m glad you asked.

We start school at a young age so we can learn how to live and prosper in this life. We learn how to read, write and how to do arithmetic.

After that it’s all crap.

You’re not taught the necessities like, how to make sure you’ll always have enough money, how to win at office politics, how to get the right spouse, how to get the right job, the type of people to avoid at all costs etc.

And because we’re not taught those things, sooner or later in almost everybody’s life, a series of unbelievably unfortunate events happen, BAM, BAM, BAM and suddenly you’re in serious trouble.

Been there, done that.

Looking back I cringe. God, it was horrible! Truly horrible!

I assume you feel the same way. But I got through it.

You can too.

One of the many good things about America is that it’s a country where you can reinvent yourself as many times as necessary. And often reinventing yourself many times IS a necessity. Why? Because your former life is so filled with misery that the very thought of it makes you wince.

There is a line in an old song, “Just remember whenever you’re down and out the only way is up,” It is well intentioned but isn’t totally accurate (I’ve learned NEVER to say, “Things can’t get worse,” because they can and more often than not, a LOT worse!) and in those situations where you’re sitting on the curb with head in hand wondering What the hell am I going to do now?!!

Let me tell you what you are going to do now.

At that point you have only two choices.

And those choices come from the movie The Shawshank Redemption (thanks Stephen King) and they are…

“You can get busy living, or you can get busy dying.”

That’s it. That’s what it all boils down to. Those two choices.

So… Which is it going to be?

Here’s how I made my choice. One day I suddenly stopped, took a good hard look at my circumstances and realized that Life was not only kicking my ass, it was trying to turn me into its bitch.

And that pissed me off! And it was then that I decided I wasn’t going to bemoan my fate anymore. Instead I got really angry and decided to fight back. I didn’t care what it threw at me, didn’t give damn what I had to go through, I didn’t care that I was 50 years old, suddenly unemployed, suddenly without a publisher, with my car falling apart, in the middle of a divorce, with mounting health problems, serious financial problems and no support system, Frankly I was terrified But…


Instead I kicked, clawed, bit, scratched, pushed and fought.

And slowly learned what worked and what didn’t. I figured out why I was in the situation I was in and how I had unknowingly put myself there.

That’s right. My life was a mess because I didn’t know HOW the game of life was played and so kept making the same mistakes over and over.

I don’t do that anymore.  I know better now.

But back then I swore that when I finally turned things around and created the life I wanted, I was going to write a book to tell others how to rebuild their lives AND to scream from the rafters and warn everyone that most of the information we received about life while growing up is completely wrong, counterproductive and dangerously misleading!

Basically it’s a blueprint for a life of failure and misery.

And so now that I do have the life I’ve always wanted, I wrote that book. Because while I was going through that horrible time I would have paid anything for a book that showed me how to get out of my old life and start over.

For the information contained in that book I could have easily charged $40 a copy because it’s worth every dime. But because the people who need it most are likely having money troubles too, I’ve decided to charge under $5 for the e-book and a little over $6 for the audio book.

The title is How to Start Over: Rebuilding you Mind, Body & Finances and its available as an e-book & as an audio book. here is the link:

Read or listen to the sample and decide if it’s for you. Because if you’re struggling like I was, it’s likely just what you need to turn things around.