Friday, March 7, 2014

How I Got 25,000 Visitors to My Website

How I Got 25,000 Visitors to My Website
Today in just under 2 years I have reached the 25,000 visitors mark. There were not tricks involved. No purchased visits, no fiverr deals, no blackhat. Just 25,000 readers who were interested in what I had to say.

Now here’s the damnedest thing.

After writing over 200 posts, posting countless pictures, videos and songs, the number of comments made by readers in regard to those posts (or perhaps rants) is in the low teens.

Am I so remarkably insightful; are people so dazzled by my missives that after reading, they sit back and say things like: “Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! There is nothing I can say. His astounding perception and understanding of each topic he writes about is completely correct on all counts!”

Judging by the way I am treated in real life, the above is seriously doubtful.
So how did I get 25,000 visitors to my site?

Simple. I gave the people what they want. And the fact that I do have a distinct advantage.

I am a writer. And all writers are crazy, which makes them fun to watch and listen to because you never know when they are going to go off the deep end and that shit is really entertaining!

Another thing I do is write interesting titles for my posts. For example: Ahoy Scumbags! My Adventures with Negroes. Are You a Bore? Let’s Find Out! You’re Smart, They’re Stupid, Here’s Why, and The Mirth & Merriment Ends Here.

They are oddly curious titles so people click on them and read the story.

But it’s not all fun and games I also write serious posts. I posted several on why Homeland Security (A outfit created to protect us from terrorists) purchased 2 billion rounds of ammunition and urban assault vehicles.

Precisely, who do they intend to use them on? We already have a military to defend our shores.

I also spoke out against involving our country in Syria’s fiasco and I feel the same way about this Ukraine business. AND I pointed out the military boondoggles of spending nearly a trillion on a fighter jet that doesn’t work and BILLIONS on a new aircraft carrier that is LESS efficient than those from World War 2.

But here’s the real trick.

When I post to my blog I use google analytics to track how many people visited the site to gage that post’s popularity. The most popular were the ones I made on how to make money on line. Boy! Those really took off!

So it comes down to this. If you want more visitors, find out what they like to read and give them more of it.

One last thing. This blog site has a PR ranking of 2 and over 300 legit backlinks. So if you have a website and want a valuable link then I suggest that you comment on one of my posts and leave your URL at the end. As long as it’s not a link to something that shouldn’t be viewed by anyone who might visit my site I’ll leave it up. If it’s good I might even backlink to yours.

In closing I’ll say this. THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and my various websites and facebook pages. It’s helped me establish my publishing business and sell enough books so that I don’t have to go out and get a real job. In case you’re interested my other sites are and