Friday, May 30, 2014

I Need a New Beatle Album with All New Material!

I Need a New Beatle Album with All New Material! 

When I was a kid my father would regale me with stories of how he and his brother would go to the movies to watch the latest Laurel & Hardy comedies. Those two, he firmly believed, were the funniest people who ever lived.
Having grown up with a TV in the house I was able to see all the old movies he was talking about and although I found Laurel & Hardy entertaining, I didn’t think they were the funniest people who ever lived.

When I told my father this he said the reason I wasn’t as thrilled was because I had seen countless watered down versions of their work by second rate comedians which of course killed the impact of seeing the original. The reason he and his brother loved them so much was because Laurel & Hardy were the FIRST to do those routines. They created sketches that had never been done before. And you probably have discovered for yourself that there is NOTHING more entertaining than experiencing a totally original fantastic piece of entertainment.

Which brings us to the Beatles. If you are not a baby boomer you likely feel the same about the Beatles as I did about Laurel & Hardy. But for us boomers, they were gods! Every month or so they would release something so utterly original and amazing that we’d rush out and buy it and play it until we worn down the needle.

And their albums!

Nobody but NOBODY was doing what they were doing. Rubber Soul, Revolver and especially Sgt. Peppers were so utterly groundbreaking and amazing that everyone I knew had a copy of those albums.

Literally everybody.

And you didn’t need to hear a new Beatle album to decide whether to buy it because there was NEVER any doubt that it would be great! They always were!

Here’s the important part. Back in those days, no matter how lousy your life was. No matter what fresh horror you were exposed to each day, no matter what so-called friend stabbed you in the back there was always the joy of knowing that soon, just down the road a new Beatle album would be released and it would be just as great as you imagined. It would lift your spirits and be that burst of sunshine we all, at times, so desperately need.

Then one day while getting ready to attend the horror that was high school I heard over the radio that The Beatles had broken up. It was like hearing your best friend died.

I cut school and instead went to the Bronx Botanical Gardens, stayed there till closing. I remember it was a dreary and overcast day. It would remain so for some time.

I am at the age now where the harsh realities of life have become abundantly clear. Over the last 18 months I have lost two dear friends and two family members to cancer and diabetes. This is how life works. You have to accept the good with the bad.

Okay, I get it.

So where is that new Beatles Album with all new material?

Because, I really need one.

Really, I do.

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