Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ari Publishing: How to Be Successful.

Ari Publishing: How to Be Successful

First, let me point out that fame and fortune are not the sole indicators of success. We need only look at the many suicides of the rich and famous to make that point.

It’s been said many factors that must come together in order to be considered a success. This isn’t true either.

A successful person is someone who has achieved the life they’ve always wanted.

That’s it.

Studies have shown that the happiest people financially make about $75,000 a year. 
This may have increased a bit due to inflation but it’s still a pretty good ballpark figure.

Before I go any further let me lay my cards on the table. I am not rich, I am not famous.  (Although I’m getting pretty well-known.) I do not drive a fancy car, do not live in a fancy house and do not have a large portfolio of investments.

But I am a success because I have the life I want. I do not have to get up at some ungodly hour and drive to some job on a frozen North Country morning. I don’t have to dress up. I eat whenever I want, sleep whenever I want. I love the work I do and the professional people I do business with.

Unfortunately, I have wasted the better part of my life. Had I known then what I know now, I probably would have had far more success and at a much earlier age.

Here’s where I made my mistake.

When I was young it was drummed into me that to get a good job I must get a good education. I was warned that if I didn’t obey the rules my disobedience would go on my permanent record and I would be subject to a life of bummery and fiscal devastation.

What they didn’t tell me was that I could have avoided all of that nonsense if I just went into business for myself.


And so I followed the rules and spent the better part of my life miserable doing a corporate job I hated. I didn’t think I had a choice. What else was I going to do to make a living?

After years of submissions I signed a book publishing deal so when the Great Recession hit and I was downsized from my day job I believed I simply needed to write more books and financially I’d be just fine.

The problem was my publisher ran into serious financial problems and closed shop.


So I started my own publishing company. Unfortunately shortly afterward the writer’s strike hit and the market was inundated with books written by the striking writers.

Things did not bode well for our hero. Due to the increased competition, lack of advertising money needed to launch fiction books and a decreasing market of book stores, things got ugly fast.

So I sat down and analyzed my business. And suddenly realized I didn’t have one. In fact I knew very little about business and with time and finances running out I realized that I had better learn. And so instead of bemoaning cruel fate, I immersed myself in the field of business and marketing. I found out who were the best in those fields and studied everything they wrote on the topic.

And armed with that information I was able to turn things around. www.aripublishing.com is doing well selling books and producing books for busy professionals. The road was long and hard and at times scary as hell but I was determined to have the life I wanted and I now have it. And that, my friends, is the real definition of success.

So here’s what you do.

First: Go somewhere private where you can just sit back and think without interruption. Then take a long hard look at your life and figure out what you like about it and what you don’t like. Then ask yourself how much misery would you be willing to withstand in order to get rid of the things you don’t like and replace them with the things you do. And be HONEST! A lot of people give lip service to what they really want to do but balk when they realize how much effort is required to actually accomplish it.

Set daily goals. Do not go to bed until they are done. Stay ahead of the curve. Remember whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time. Take the time to figure out what it is you want to do, how to make money doing it then use your spare time building that business.

One thing that really ticks me off about the so-called education I received growing up is the lack of business training provided by schools. We are the largest capitalistic nation in existence yet our schools don’t teach the very subject we all depend upon to make a living and stay alive. My education, in addition to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, was three years of Latin, advanced trig, Earth science, biology, geography, chemistry and reading a ton of so-called classic books.

None of which is presently of any use to me.

There is SO MUCH INCORRECT INFORMATION regarding business that it’s no small wonder that the economy nearly collapsed! So here are some stark realities regarding business, your future, and the likelihood of your success.

The most important skill you need is the knowledge of how to make money. If you presently don’t know how to make money without having a job, then you need to learn right now. Because you can’t be a success if you’re constantly sweating rent. If your idea of how to make money is getting a job and working for someone else, then YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR FATE AND THAT OF YOUR FAMILY INTO THE HANDS OF A STRANGER and will find yourself in serious trouble every ten years or so when the economy goes into a recession and you’re laid off.

You believe that you should get a raise each year you are on the job. Why? Are you still doing the same job you were doing last year? Still putting in the same amount of hours? If so, then why should you receive more money? If you want to make more money then you should do something that generates more business. Increase your skills, find a way to become more productive, eliminate waste, make yourself irreplaceable by doing more, knowing more and by setting an example.

You believe a college degree automatically guarantees a good job and good income. Not anymore. I’m not saying don’t get one, I’m saying make sure the career you’re going so deeply into debt to acquire isn’t being out-sourced or about to be replaced by advancing technology. Lifelong student loan debt is a major roadblock to having the life you want.

You believe government statistics. The so-called economic recovery is smoke and mirrors. The NEW jobs they’re quoting are minimum wage jobs and their unemployment statistics don’t factor in those people who can’t find a job and have gone off the grid. The fact is the mid-level and manufacturing jobs are being eliminated by advancing technology. Is your job becoming obsolete? If so, what are you doing to improve your value in the marketplace? If nothing, then go to http://theundergroundcollege.com and scroll through the opportunities presented there.

Financial security is a necessity for success. And now that I’ve achieved it I can show you how its done. Being a struggling businessman made me realize that there must be thousands of others out there in the same boat. So I took what I had learned to turn my business around and outlined it in a book. It’s called The Best Book on How to Make Money Online. A Step byStep Guide. In it I show you how to set up an online business and how to make money with it. It’s pure nuts and bolts. If you want to create additional income, this is how its done, simple as that.

The road to success is just a road, to get to success you must take action and if you start today, you’ll be one step closer by tomorrow.