Thursday, December 11, 2014

Writing lessons from Stephen King

 I'm very selective when it comes to reading material. I have tossed far more books than I have read. The reason? They failed to keep my attention. When I buy a book I'm not looking to be impressed by the author's mastery of word and phrase. I'm looking to be introduced to an interesting group of people that I can hang around with for a while. This is why such books as the Harry Potter, the Dark Tower and Game of Thrones series are so popular. We like the people, we even like the villains. Why? Again because they hold out attention. The best an author can do is create characters, story and environment that takes us to another time and place with a group of fascinating people.
One author who has accomplished that goal over and over again is Steven King. And he has outlined 22 lessons that will show you how to create a novel that will hold your readers attention from beginning to end
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Steven King's Rules for Writing
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