Friday, January 9, 2015

Hobbies-Why having one is important

Why is having a hobby important? Because it instills in us a feeling of accomplishment and self-worth. Few things feel as good as looking back on something we’ve done and experiencing the pride of having completed it. The more we accomplish the better we feel. It keeps us from falling into depression, wards off anxiety and promotes good health.

Its as simple as that.

Choosing a Hobby

This requires some thought and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. And trust me on this: It’s well worth it.

My hobby is writing books, designing book covers, playing and recording music and online marketing. Immersing myself in those activities has got me through some very difficult periods of my life.

But how to select YOUR hobby? Here are some of the most popular hobbies with links to additional information and hobby accessories.

Sports GolfClubs martial arts

Play pool like a pro)

Crafts (woodworking, scrapbook ideas,)

Collecting (model trains, fishing lures

Gardening (landscaping, vegetable gardens and healthy cooking)

Outdoor activities (Radio Controlled Land, Sea and Air Vehicles.)

And those are just some of the most popular. There are literally thousands of hobbies and I’m sure there is at least ONE that will add excitement and happiness to your life.

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What makes it even more fun is it may be something you never imagined or considered doing.

I’ll give you an example. A buddy of mine took great joy making fun of golf and openly ridiculed anyone who played. And as fate would have it he made a bet where the penalty for losing was to play 18 holes of golf with a golf instructor. And as you likely guessed, my buddy lost and he had to pay up.

Turns out he and the instructor had a lot in common and over the golf lesson became friends. So now my buddy plays golf regularly. You never can tell what may be the next BIG thing in your life.

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