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Student Loan: How to Pay it Off.

Student Loan: How to Pay It Off.

Written by Zackary Richards for Ari Communications

   Here’s the mistake many of us make, especially when we’re young. We assume that people are good and want us to be happy and successful. And why wouldn’t we? In the great majority of cases, our parents, the only adults we actually knew well, worked very hard to make that happen.

    One hundred years ago our ancestors went into the streets and physically fought to form unions and end child labor. Many were badly hurt, some even killed. But they were successful and believed that predatory business practices had been soundly defeated.

    And it was… for a while.

    Following the Great Depression and World War 2 business thrived. Company presidents were admired and respected. They saw to it that all things relating to their company had a positive and forthright image. Because if there was scandal, the company was shunned and quickly went out of business.

    As well they should.

    But in the 1980s something went seriously wrong. There was a wide-spread change of attitude. Cowboy heroes who fought against enormous odds to establish law, order, honesty and fair-play were kicked to the curb. They were replaced with shows like Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing. Shows that portrayed predatory business practices as a necessary evil. In fact, evil was portrayed as necessary. Remember the saying, “Greed is good?”

    We became a nation of pseudo-intellectuals, pondering the imponderable. Unable to make a decision on what was right or wrong without a national debate. The Hystericals came to the forefront making nonnegotiable demands without any consideration as to what was required to accomplish them.

    Regardless of what side you took, there arose fierce, fanatic opposition. Both sides committed to the goal of getting everything they wanted while making sure their opponents got nothing at all.

    And while the bickering and false accusations abounded, the predatory business people quietly went into action. And like a cancer it spread. It was no longer necessary to build a safe car, just necessary to have the money to cover any punitive damages. Don’t want genetically modified food? Who gives a damn what you want? We’ll just spin it until you believe it’s a good thing or destroy you in the court of public opinion.

    Whatever is less expensive.

    Want to hire a kid with obvious talent and a strong work ethic?

    Not unless he has a college degree! Because if something goes wrong or if he makes a mistake, his lack of a degree will be the cause whether it is or not, because as we all know, people with college degrees don’t make mistakes.

    So, whereas before talent won out, now if you don’t acquire a college degree, there is virtually no chance of you becoming a member of management. So in order to avoid living paycheck to paycheck, you get a degree regardless of the cost.

    But as evil often does, once the contract is signed, you’re advised of the small print.

    You’re informed that the jobs you received a degree for is glutted with applicants, with international competition and advancing technology that is making the profession itself obsolete.

    Congratulations! You are now officially an indentured servant. Which was EXACTLY their goal from the very start.

    But there is a way out.

    Just as the Internet is eliminating jobs it is also creating them. And you don’t need to get up and go to the office to do them. Why don’t you know about this? Because Big Media is owned by Big Business and Big Business wants you to remain an indentured servant. Why? Because the average time it presently takes to pay off a student loan is Twenty-One Years!

    I wrote a book outlining all the opportunities presently available. It's called How to Pay Off Your Student Loan. Get Debt Free and Start Living. 

For example. There is a company that pays you five dollars to take a fifteen minute survey. Not much but think about this. You can take four surveys in an hour. That’s $20 dollars an hour.

    $20 dollars a day for 30 days is $600 dollars. That might do a pretty good job of paying off your student loan wouldn’t it? In the book I show 24 other business opportunities that you can take advantage of that don’t require much effort and that you can do from home. 

    I also show you how you can make passive regular income with simple pre-made websites.
    Look, this is no get-rich-quick scheme or money from heaven deal. A lot of the money comes from what businesses used to pay focus groups. Instead of paying them $50 dollars each and a meal to give an opinion on a new product, they pay you 5 and save forty-five bucks. They also pay a few dollars for you to place an ad or a free download on a website. And these small money makers add up because they're running 24/7 

     Here's an example  I make 5 bucks every time somebody downloads the ebook. I've done it and it's very informative and worth the money. .Here's my website

    There are literally hundreds of ways to make money on the internet that require little or a one-time effort and I show you exactly what they are, where they are and how you can make a pretty good income using them.

    As you know, businesses change rapidly so why not get in on this while it’s still available? All the information you need to do this costs less than 10 dollars. To learn more click here

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