Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Solve the Gun Control Issue

How To Solve The Gun Control Issue

Written by Zackary Richards for Ari Communications

Every time there is a mass killing by some monster, there is a call for stricter gun control legislation. President Obama commented in his speech yesterday that states with the strictest gun control laws have the least amount of gun deaths.

Sorry Mr. President, that simply isn’t true.

Washington D.C has some the strictest gun control laws in the country yet murders are rampant there. But that isn’t the point. 

When one side says the answer is banning all guns while the other side says we need more guns…


 The reality is both sides are a bunch of fatheads who want to feel smug and self-righteous, they are not people interested in actively addressing a very real problem.
Here’s WHY additional laws won’t work.

1)    Criminal don’t obey gun laws.
2)    If Congress outlaws private ownership of guns, people will rush out to buy more guns and if the government tries to use force to collect guns there will be another civil war bringing about far more deaths than any gun ban was supposed to prevent. The goal is to prevent more killings, not take away constitutional rights.

 Let me lay my cards on the table so you know who I am and what I stand for.

  First I strongly support the second amendment. The reason the second amendment was created was to keep those in power from forcing their will upon us. In the last two decades thousands of young Americans lost their lives fighting two wars that never should have happened. Ben Laden wasn’t in Afghanistan and there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  So there certainly is cause for us to be wary of those in power. And why I am against a national gun registry.

But I also strongly support gun responsibility. If you own a gun, you own something that can murder a fellow human being from a distance, meaning you are never to let it out of your sight unless it is properly locked and put away. In addition, all gun owners should be held legally responsible for any action taken with the use of said firearm. Meaning if someone breaks into the backseat of your car, steals your rifle and kills someone with it, you will be charged as an accessory to murder.

So how do we stop mass murders without infringing on second amendment rights?

First get guns out of the hands of those people who never should have been allowed to own them in the first place.

To do this we have the government create of A NATIONWIDE LIST OF PEOPLE NOT ALLOWED TO OWN FIREARMS. This would include felons, those found guilty of domestic violence, and child abuse, those found guilty of menacing or threatening with a firearm, those diagnosed with a mental illness, those diagnosed of having diminishing physical and mental capabilities, and those being or have been treated for addiction.

Some will say that list is unfair. Maybe, but it’s there for the same reason blind people aren’t allowed to drive. Those people, because of their situation or mindset, simply cannot be allowed to own or have guns in their possession.

How to implement.

In most states there is a black computer strip on the back of driver’s licenses.  When a person attempts to buy a gun, the seller runs that strip through a scanner and if that person isn’t on the list, they can buy whatever gun they want.

NOW THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. Running the strip through the scanner doesn’t capture or store the buyer’s information. It only compares him to the database. If he isn’t on it, the sale goes through.
Although gun ownership is a constitutional right it is also the most important responsibility you have as an American citizen. Every time one of these monsters gets hold of a gun, your constitutional rights and the rights of your fellow law-abiding countrymen are endangered.

 That’s why it is our responsibility as supporters of the second amendment to demand the creation of a database of those who should not be allowed to own or possess firearms, and insist that criminal charges filed against any gun seller who doesn’t first check the database of any buyer.

I understand many on both sides will disagree with my proposal. However, I’m not insisting that everybody should be allowed to own a gun or that nobody should. What 

I’m saying is that inaction and refusal to work together to find a workable solution is endangering the lives of our families, friends and children. 

If you agree with my proposal, pass it on. If you have a better one. One that can be reasonably discussed by both sides. Please bring it to everyone’s attention. Action is needed not rhetoric. 
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