Monday, November 5, 2012

Before Voting Tuesday, Read This.

   Those who read my blog know that politically, I am a Radical Moderate, and by that, I mean I usually vote for the less insane of the two. I have voted for Ronald Reagan 2x, George Bush sr. 1x, Bill Clinton 1x, Ross Perot 2x, George Dubya Bush 1x and Barrack Obama 1x. I strongly support the 2nd amendment and a woman’s right to choose. I am a practicing Catholic, yet I support gay marriage. I want all illegal immigrants thrown out yet I fully support anyone who enters this country and legally applies for citizenship. My allegiance isn’t to a particular party; but to the candidate who I believe can get this country safely through the next 4 years.
   I do not post anything political I haven’t verified through a reliable source. I firmly believe that anyone who posts political messages they know to be false or misleading, is a traitor and a disgrace.
   My disappointment with President Obama has been his inability to fight for what he supposedly believes in. He could have called out his political enemies and went head to head. No, he took a conciliatory stance and called for bipartisanship.
   I voted for Ronald Reagan twice, not because I supported his political views, because I disagreed with a good many of them. I voted for him because he was willing to take a stand. The one thing I admired about the man was you always knew where he stood. He said he would fire the air traffic controllers and to everyone’s astonishment, he did. He called for Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. He didn’t ask for permission or try to build a coalition, he just did it. Through the sheer force of his personality, through sheer tenacity, he brought both sides to the table and to me, that’s what makes a great president.
   Sadly Barack Obama will never be a great president.
   But he has been a competent one.  
   When he took office the country was rapidly careening toward another Great Depression. People who had held the same job for decades had been downsized the year before with no prospects on the horizon. ( I was one of them) We were fighting 2 wars and were hemorrhaging money. The banks were failing, the car companies failing, Walls Street was in shambles. Financial forecasters were predicting a complete meltdown. There have been only 2 presidents who took office under similar horrific circumstances. Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt and it took Roosevelt 12 years to pull the country out of the Great Depression.
   And while our nation was teetering on the edge of financial collapse and needed to pull together, the Republicans became the party of NO. Republican leader Mitch McConnell said shortly after the election: “The only responsibility of the Republican party is to see that Barack Obama a one term president.”
   I have been voting since the 1972 election and in all that time, never has the opposing party EVER flatly refused to work with a newly elected president. To say I was furious would be putting it mildly.
   How dare the these sonsabitches defy the will of the American people! Who you like, or do not like, doesn’t matter. As Americans, as people who believe in our constitution, we accept whomever is elected and do our best to support him. I hated that George Dubya Bush won a second term but when he did, I accepted it.
   The more I see of Jersey governor Chris Christy the more I like. He has the personality of a real leader. He doesn’t need approval or coalitions, he steps up and gets the job done. As it stands, if he runs in 2016, I will vote for him.
   But for now, I will vote for President Obama. I have studied the candidates carefully and verified their positions by watching their speeches and researching their past performances. Mitt Romney has waffled on nearly every issue, I don’t know where he stands on abortion, or on social security. He refuses to release his tax returns. He created Romneycare but denies its bastard son, Obamacare. He wants to pump more money into the military, but who does he plan to use it on? The Soviet Union is gone. And we owe China too much money for them to want to attack us. Yet we still spend more money on the military than China, Russia, England and France combined.
    My real concern however is Paul Ryan. I have never seen a politician so eager to destroy every social program that benefits the middle class. So determined to force his religious and political beliefs on this nation. I understand difficult economic times make people angry and resentful. They fall into lock step with extremists because they want everyone to know how pissed off they are.
   This happened during the Great Depression. Not here in the US, but in Germany where their currency, the Deutsche Mark had become valueless and their government was in shambles. So they elected someone who promised to turn things around. And he did. Unfortunately at the cost of 50 million lives.
   Here’s how my math works. The way I see it, the Republicans will hold on to the House and the Democrats will hold on to the Senate. If Obama is elected, things will remain the same, slow growth and high debt. If Romney is elected, he’ll have the same problems except, this time the Dems will be the party of NO.
   If Romney is elected and for some reason doesn’t finish his term, Paul Ryan would become president. He would immediately use his very wealthy supporters to force the moderate Republicans into supporting his programs and unleash a tidal wave of anti-Democrat propaganda. This would undoubtedly bring rioting and violence onto our streets because Americans never give up their rights without a fight. And it wouldn’t be the hippie, non-violent protests of the past, there will be bloodshed and a lot of it.
   However, if Biden were to assume the presidency it would be the return of Gerald Ford, no doubt giving the Republican an easy win in 2016.
   I don’t believe what I wrote here will change anyone’s mind and I’m sure many will be furious at my choice but I did the research, I put in the time, and I ignored the biased media. I fulfilled my responsibility as an American and have no doubt you will do the same.