Monday, November 26, 2012

Just How Stupid Are You? Let's Find Out.

    I see you’ve accepted my challenge.
   At last, a worthy opponent.
   In addition, you have proven yourself to be a person of intellectual curiosity. It’s not  many people who, when faced with that question, would answer:  Yes! I WOULD like to know just how stupid I am.
   It also shows you’re a person of self-respect and courage. A person who knows EXACTLY how stupid they are and is willing to confront anyone who dares to challenge that belief.
   It also proves that you’re a realist. You’re a person who says: “Give it to me straight, doc.  I can take it. Just HOW stupid am I?” No sugar coating for you.

   But most importantly, It’s proof you’re no stupider than I am because whenever I see a questionnaire that poses questions like the above or: Are You A Real Man? Take This Test And Find Out. I take that test. Why? Because if it turns out that I’m a Fake man. I would want to know. OR when it poses questions like: Have You Suffered Memory Loss Since Turning 50?

   Well of course not! I’m just as vibrant and sharp as I was in my twenties. And to prove it, I’m going to take that test just as soon as I remember where I saw it. 

   But I will admit that sometimes, I’m not a clever as I’d like to believe. Why? Because every time I click on one of those questionnaires, it turns out to be a come-on for some product they’re selling. 

   Sorry about that, but since you’re already here. Why not see what I have to offer, because sometimes a sales pitch features a product you’ve been looking for and can actually use!

   So here we go.
   Are you a writer who’s struggling to get his/her book published but is getting routinely rejected? Do you know someone who wants to write a book but doesn’t know where to start? Do YOU have a story to tell that the world needs to hear?

   The problem is literary agents and publishers are swamped with book proposals, query letters, sample chapters and outlines. Far more than they can ever read. So, they bring in college kids as interns to wade through the queries, proposals and slush piles and they automatically reject any manuscript containing common grammatical and spelling errors most people aren’t aware they’re making!

   Many manuscripts are rejected just for having the wrong font, letter size or incorrect spacing!

   Others for not knowing the ‘first five pages’ rule. Or including an “As you know, Bob.”

   Do you know what’s wrong with the following sentences?

   The movie trailer peaked Bob’s interest.

   Once in power, the dictator placed the country under Marshall law.
   “Stop yelling at me!” She said.

   The people reading your manuscript do and because of those errors they’re rejecting the book you’ve spent the last year or so working on.

   Want to avoid being scratched from the race before even getting to the starting gate? 
   Then click on the link below and watch the GET PUBLISHED video. It just might be the very thing you need to make the jump from struggling artist to published author.