Monday, December 3, 2012

Intelligent Design is NOT Creationism

   I believe that everyone has a right to their core beliefs with the exception of one topic; Science. You may choose what deity, or lack thereof, you wish to subscribe to but you don’t get to choose your science. Real science is provable facts verified by empirical evidence and the ability to replicate those results by others.

   I do not believe in Creationism because real science has proved that the world was not created in 6 days but that instead has evolved and changed considerably over billions of years. Real science has also shown that some animals have evolved and changed to adapt to their environment

   What Real Science hasn’t proven is that man has evolved from the ape or has any genetic attachment to any heretofore believed ancestors (Neanderthal, Java man, etc.) Although many claims have been made that we (the Cro-Magnon) carry the DNA of the Neanderthal, there has been NO empirical evidence to that theory.  In the attempts claiming to show a link, the evidence is so minute and so laden with the possibility of outside corruption, that no court in any country would accept such finding as evidence to prove or disprove anything.

   Still many members of the scientific community continue to claim we evolved from apes.

   Attention Scientific Community! Stop making these claims until you verify it with solid provable evidence. Just because you want to believe something, and it has some similarities to other scientific evidence, doesn’t make it scientific fact. Stick to the facts or risk doing to the respected field of science what Fox News did to the once respected field of journalism. And as for proving Mankind’s evolution… frankly, I don’t think you can because here’s what I think happened:

   I believe we were visited by a superior race who, although our atmosphere didn’t support their species, it did permit them to splice their genes with creatures already here.

   (I can already hear the scoff-scoff, ridicule-ridicule smug dismissal, apparently ignoring the fact that we do it all the time. You’ve all likely seen that human ear growing on the back of a mouse)

   And so these advanced visitors started this project by wiping out the dinosaurs. (The meteor theory doesn’t wash because that only would have wiped out land bound dinosaurs not the equal amount that were living in the sea, yet they disappeared at the same time) With the dinosaurs gone they started gene splicing on larger animals (which is why there is also no known link between the sabertooth tiger and today's tiger as well as no link between the Wooly Mammoth and today's elephant. Then they moved on to create the early stages of man and as the technology progressed, improved upon it, bringing about Java and Neanderthal. With each improvement they wiped out the earlier version, (which is why Neanderthal disappeared shortly after we, Cro-Magnon, arrived.

   Now lets take this theory one step further. Scientists have theorized that the Sphinx, unlike the pyramids, which were constructed many years later, may be as old as 36 thousand years, which is approximately the time we showed up. So considering the fact that we were all primitive cavemen at the time, who built it?

   You’ve all heard of Atlantis haven’t you? Plato mentioned it in his dialogues. And what about the Mayans? They supposedly built these elaborate pyramids and had this advanced system of mathematics yet these same technically advanced people were ritualistically murdering each other at an unbelievable rate.

   Doesn’t quite add up does it? 

   Then suddenly these superior beings disappear taking all their stuff with them.

   I worked in corporate for many years and frankly, when a project’s budget is pulled, the offices are vacated, the equipment removed and the prototypes put into storage with the occasional review to see if any part of it can be cannibalized to further advance an existing one.

   Which brings us to UFO sightings.

   Now here is where my theory runs into trouble. I don’t believe in intergalactic travel because Einstein’s theory of relativity shows that to be impossible.

   But that’s only a theory.

   As is mine regarding how we got here.

   Same for Evolution. 

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