Monday, January 28, 2013

Destroy All Zealots, Kill Them I Say!

    Yes, the title is a tad over the top but it got your attention and that’s all that matters. So, what is a zealot? Well my favorite definition is: A zealot is someone who is doing what God Himself would do, if He only knew the whole story.

   And why are zealots dangerous? Because most of them don’t realized that they are zealots. For example, I was ‘Unfriended’ on facebook when I sent an atheist friend a link to a respected Swedish scientific organization that claimed they had proof that in some cases people who were clinically dead had been able to give detailed descriptions of events that occurred in the operating room several minutes after their demise. (Sorry, I didn’t keep a file of that link, at the time I simply thought it interesting and moved on)

   Anyway, he completely dismissed their finding as religious nonsense. When I reminded him the information came from a highly respected scientific organization, he went off his nut and called me a religious fanatic, yet this same person had sent me a link to an article where Stephen Hawking said that the concept of God and an afterlife were simply fairy tales. I read it, found some of Hawking’s points interesting, but not convincing enough to change my beliefs. But I didn’t freak out and unfriend him.

   But his reaction taught me that a person’s ‘religion’ is rarely associated to an establish house of worship. A ‘religion’ is whatever tenets each of us base our entire lives upon. And if you shatter that ‘religion,’ the choices and actions that person has made throughout their entire lives is called into question.

   Apparently people don’t like that.

   As stated in previous posts, politically I am a radical moderate, religiously, a practicing Catholic and nationally, I am proud to call myself an American. However, I have stipulations regarding all three. Politically I support the second amendment because I learned as a kid growing up in the Bronx that the guy who has the gun makes the rules. And I trust my neighbor with a gun far more than I trust those whores in Congress who have shown repeatedly that their votes goes to the highest bidder.

   Although I am a Catholic, I support gay marriage, the right for priests to marry and the right of a woman to become a priest. Why? Because Jesus never said anything that prohibits it. Some say that it is because Jesus chose only men as his apostles. The problem with that theory is that Jesus never officially swore the twelve in. At no point did Jesus tap a kneeling apostle on each shoulder with a sword and say “I hereby pronounce you, Bob the Apostle. Here is your official apostle hat and secret decoder ring.   

   The other problem I have with zealots is that they travel in packs like wolves. They gather with like-minded extremists and feel utterly justified to harm and in some instances, kill people who refuse to accept their ‘religion’.

   As a long term ‘lone wolf’, misanthrope and party pooper, I am not on their buddy list which is another reason I support the 2nd amendment and although I go to church each Sunday I have realized that Catholicism is just the name of the gang I belong to. My religion is to be kind, open-minded, trustworthy, responsible, honest and make at least one attempt daily to bring a little joy into people’s lives while making an honest living selling my books and tutorials over the internet. And so, I have combined the two. On my facebook page I collect and post beautiful and interesting art, photographs, technology, little known facts, famous quotes and just about anything I find fascinating  So have a look here: and click LIKE if you enjoy the stuff I’ve posted.
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