Monday, February 4, 2013

Why So Angry?

   I’ll get right to the point. A lot of you are crazy.

   Not you of course, beloved reader, but just about everyone else.

   Perhaps you’ve noticed it. If not, here’s what I’m talking about. I have a fan page on facebook which I use to promote my books. I’m not pushy about it, I simply display my books and if you want to read a sample that’s fine and if not, that’s fine too.

   To attract people, I collect and share beautiful photos, illustrations, paintings, plus unusual facts, jokes, videos and just about anything people might find interesting. 

   Here’s the link, have a look and, if you find it entertaining, click the LIKE button.

   Here’s the problem. As I surf Facebook looking for things I think people might enjoy, I am startled at the amount of anger and rage posted by seemingly regular people. And it’s not the language (I’m originally from the Bronx and am quite fluent in the dialect) it’s the fury in which it’s stated.

   This is especially noticeable regarding posts on political issues. Take a side on Gun Control and you’ll set off a range war. I couldn’t believe some of the comments made by so-called rational people, and frankly, the cowardice and shrillness of it. A lot of people on both sides said things they wouldn’t dare say if actually addressing a room filled with the opposition.

  I don’t have that problem because I haven’t said anything in my blog posts that I wouldn’t say to any group for or against any issue. In many cases I try to come up with solutions to various social issues. For example, regarding fair tax legislation, I outlined a plan where those who were actually creating jobs for Americans would pay less tax and those outsourcing and closing plants would pay more. I forwarded this plan to my Senator in Washington and several weeks later President Obama put a very similar plan before Congress. Had he seen my plan or was that similar one already in the works? Who knows? Who cares? The point is, I was trying to help.

   The following week I wrote a comedy about my brother Beerculees. Each week I go out there and swing for the fences. 

   And because I have a blog and sometimes put my views on issues before the public, I get e-mails from those who strongly disagree. And that’s okay. Most e-mails are polite, informative and direct me to links in conflict with my posts. I read them and although I may not agree, I respect their effort and professionalism.
   What concerns me are people who flip out over a post I’ve written. You would not believe the hate emails I got following my posts about Gun Control, Gay Marriage, Intelligent Design, Cops vs The Mentally Ill and others.

   Here’s what I don’t get. A lot of these people clearly hate my guts yet they continue to read my posts and with each new offering, fire off another angry letter.

   Here’s a much better idea.

   Recently a television show I usually watched featured an episode I found so anti-Christian that 5 minutes in, I changed the station and decided I would never watch that show again.

   I didn’t write an angry letter to the network to inform them of my displeasure. I didn’t write the sponsors to let them know I would no longer buy their product, I didn’t write to the producers to tell them I wasn’t going to be watching their show anymore.

   I simply stopped watching. 

   I won’t name the show because you are quite capable of deciding which shows you will or will not watch without me attempting to influence your decision.

   There’s an old joke that features two guys. One is repeatedly banging his head against the wall and when the other approaches he asks, “Why are you banging your head against the wall? To which the man replies, “Because it feels so good when I stop.”

   And that’s the point. I stop doing things I don’t like. I stop reading books that don’t entertain me, stop listening to music that doesn’t rock me, and turn off comedy that isn’t funny. You get the point.

   So, if you’re among those who find my posts offensive, irritating, in conflict with your core beliefs or I just simply piss you off, there is a button on the top of the page that reads NEXT BLOG.

   Press it.

   You’ll be glad you did.

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