Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Daughter, Defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way

   I have, in previous posts, mentioned that many members of my family are in law-enforcement. Today’s story is about my beloved daughter Turtledove, who at 6’4’’ and 200 lbs. is the epitome of the Amazonian warrior. Graceful, feminine and a real hoot at parties, I sometimes forget that she is a member of a paramilitary government organization (one that I cannot name or even spell for that matter) and is on the front line to defend America from terrorists, enemy combatants and the zombie apocalypse. 

    She says the trick she uses to get information from uncooperative suspects is to wrap her hand around their throat, lift them off the ground and ask, “Do you really think it’s a good idea to piss me off!!?”

   Most quickly agree that pissing her off is definitely not the way to go as I myself have learned from my own personal experience.


   We were having coffee at Starbucks the other day when she told me about a situation she participated in that involved a sniper light, a wooded area and a Virginian businessman with considerable government contacts.

   Late one evening this businessman just happens to look out his back window and sees a bright red laser light moving erratically in the woods behind his house. He immediately locks himself inside his panic room. Then makes a call to Washington and because of his considerable influence, my daughter is immediately dispatched to the scene in full body armor.

   When she arrives, she signals the businessman to let her in. She then tells him to shut off the house lights and after he complies, she peers out into the wooded area and sure enough, she sees the red laser moving quickly as if trying to target a very small or hard to hit object. She instructs the businessman to return to the panic room then goes outside and into the woods to investigate.

   Carefully making her way through the dark, she hears movement ahead. The laser light quickly turns toward her and as she raises her pistol and checks her vest to see if she’s been targeted, it shifts and points in the opposite direction.

   She quietly continues toward it, keeping her pistol at the ready and angling to make herself as small a target as possible.

   As she grows closer, she hears something being slammed repeatedly against the forest floor, snapping branches and rustling leaves, then suddenly, heavy breathing, a weak groan and then a high pitched shriek.

   Turtledove immediately vaults toward the scene, flashlight on and gun ready to fire.

   Then she saw it…

   After taking a sip of my coffee I looked at my daughter and asked what she had come upon. She stared at me with eyes that have seen too much of the horrors of this world. Eyes that have viewed places man was never meant to view. It was then she reached across the table and took my hand and said, “Dad, you can get the answer to that question by clicking on my facebook page http://facebook.com/aripublishing and clicking the LIKE button.

   Well, needless to say I was furious! Imagine her forcing me to first go to a first rate facebook page that is filled with oodles of interesting and fascinating stuff that will intrigue those blessed with brilliant and creative minds.

   But if you don’t have one of those:

   Here’s what happened.

   What Turtledove found was a dying deer that had been shot through the eye socket by an arrow that had a red LCD light on the end! She explained that poachers use those types of arrows to hunt deer in restricted areas or after hunting season is over. The LCD helps them find their kill in the dark and because arrows are silent they don’t attract attention. Apparently, my daughter scared the poachers off.

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