Friday, February 8, 2013

Stuck in the House because of the Storm?

If, like me, you’re stuck in the house because of the Northeast snowstorm, you’re probably looking for something to read. And since you’re not going anywhere soon, you’ll want the book you start reading to be worth your time.

   And so, I have listed samples of my books below with links to Amazon Kindle. After clicking the link, click on the book cover and read the sample. (The samples Kindle offers are just the right length for you to decide if you’re engaged enough to want to continue.)

   Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t need one. Amazon offers a FREE Kindle app reader so you can read on your computer or tablet or even your smartphone  should you decide to continue reading after the sample.

   To Download the free Kindle app click on this link

   And so my friends, Here’s we go.

   The Dead Machine. I’ve often said the only promotion this book ever needed was for someone to read the first three pages. Most of the people who have done so agree.

   Noon: The Rise to Power. This is my most popular book. Not your average political thriller by any means, this book portrays life in the U.S in the near future where corporations have seized control the government. Determined to break their control, a renowned physicist and a group of technical specialists use a paramilitary group known as the Scarecrows to launch a terrorist attack on Wall Street. It received 10 reviews. All 5 star

   Noon 2: The Resurgence. This book picks up following Madalone and the Scarecrows military assault on Wall Street. With over 56,000 dead in the streets, Noon is ordered to appear before Congress and the military makes plans to invade New York City

   The Messiah Complex. A brutal snowstorm detour leads a traveler into a deadly confrontation with something clearly not human and a popular reverend begins healing the sick, only to discover that although their bodies have healed, something has gone terribly wrong with their minds.

   Storytime. My collection of 23 short stories, covering all genres. From action/adventure to romance to comedy to sci-fi and even erotica, this book has something for everyone!

   On the other hand if you’re all set, perhaps your kids need something to read. In that case we I have two popular young adult novels available

   Frostie the Deadman. My award winning first Young Adult novel features Josh and Theo who build a snowman for their town’s winter carnival and by doing so resurrect the ghost of a long dead killer. For ages 10 and up

   Half Moon Falls. When 13 year old Sally Ann Majeski’s family relocates from Queens, New York to a popular tourist town she discovers to her surprise that she likes the place. But that quickly changes when summer ends, the tourists leave and Half Moon Falls suddenly cuts off all contact with the outside world. It is then she learns that when winter arrives, deadly creatures known only as ‘Harkiners’ start roaming the streets. For ages 12 and up.

   So settle back into a comfy chair with some hot chocolate, a crackling fireplace and enjoy.