Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Start an Online Business for FREE

   Watched a show on PBS last night about how financial planners, financial advisors, stock brokers etc. all rip you off.

   But you already knew that didn’t you? You just don’t want to believe it, and I can’t say I blame you. Investing is complex and difficult to learn.

   Except it isn’t.

   John Bogle the former CEO of the Vanguard Group the largest investment group in the world gave a simple explanation regarding the difference between index investing and speculation.

   Here’s a short video of it.

   The point is anyone can invest in index funds and make a good amount of money in the long haul. According to Bogle this is how the average working person should invest. Buying and selling stocks is like gambling in Vegas. You can have a great streak for awhile but eventually you’re going to crap out.

   You may ask why I telling you this when the title of this post is about starting a business on line.

   Here’s why: The government is juggling the figures regarding unemployment. They’re counting people with part–time jobs as employed when most work less than 20 hours a week.

   The baby boomers are retiring: the financial boom over the last thirty years was generated by their spending. They’re watching their money now.

   Big Box stores are in trouble: Sears, JC Penny, Kmart, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Rite Aid and Office Depot are teetering on bankruptcy. Even Wal-Mart had a huge loss in their profits.

   Why? Because more and more of us are buying on line. Amazon isn’t having any trouble, in fact they’ve never been better. Purchases from online companies are growing in leaps and bounds, and why not? They can supply the same product as the brick and mortar stores at a lower price because they don’t have overhead expenses.

   Want to know who the next generation of millionaires and billionaires are going to be? Simple. The people who look around, see what happening, adapt to the changes and start their own online business.

   But like investing, people believe that’s too complex for them. They think they need a degree in business or marketing or some other such nonsense.

   It doesn’t need to be complex. The old saying ‘Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door’, is still true.

   The good part is you don’t have to build it. All you have to do is find a product, become an affiliate (that means get permission to sell that product for the owner) then set up a website, present the product for purchase and inform those people who need it that’s it’s available.

   Many of you are probably saying, “Yeah, great idea, smarty-pants except I have no clue how to set up a website and sell online. If only there was a place where a person could go to have a website created for them, have access to video tutorials that will show them EXACTLY what to do, and not charge them until they make a lot of money online.”   

   Gee, it seems to me that if someone actually created such a product, the world WOULD beat a path to his door.

   Well, someone did and they are beating a path to his door. The website is called Wealthy Affilate. They are the #1 Affiliate Marketing company in the world and I am a member. They realized early on that people couldn’t afford to buy their product until they started making money so they set up a system where people could establish their own online business and learn at their own pace.

   Like I said its free. It cost you nothing to join and you get not just one, but TWO FREE websites. They are preset so they are simple to activate. Just follow the simple step by step instructions and you can have your own functioning online business in less than a half hour.

   Tired of struggling to make ends meet? This is your first step to your financial freedom. It cost nothing to look and it might change your life.

  Here’s the link: