Monday, October 7, 2013

35 FREE Sites Where You Can Promote Your Kindle Book.

   Yes, writing is hard. Marketing is harder. And the more time you can spend on writing and the less on marketing the better right? So I’ve assembled 35 free websites where you can submit your kindle e book to be promoted to their subscribers.

   Plus I’ve also assembled 28 facebook sites that allow you to promote your novel to all their followers. Some are as small as 50 while others are as large as 15,000. So it may definitely be worth your while.

   Here’s another point to consider. Like it or not the holidays are coming and it’s the biggest consumer event of the year. People surf the net looking for items to purchase and one of the places they shop at the most is

   So if they find their way to your website why not offer them the ability to purchase a Amazon gift card as an affiliate? This way whenever they use your link to go to Amazon to purchase something there, you’ll get a commission. Here’s the link:

   This is especially helpful if you have an affiliate link to your book and they use that to buy a copy and then continue shopping (perhaps purchase some jewelry where you’ll also get a commission)

   On October 18-19 I will be offering the first book of my very popular series ‘Revolution in America: Noon’s Rise to Power for free. Here’s the link:

   So the deal is they go to get my book for free during the promotion and while there they do a little holiday shopping. Perhaps purchase a dining room set, a nice pontoon boat or a big screen TV or computer. I don’t make a dime on the book but I make quite a bit in commission from their shopping plus, it turns out that they like my book so much they buy the next in the series from my site which of course, has the affiliate link.

   Don’t you just love it when things work out in your favor?

   So back to the 35 free sites

   I set up my free promotion in every one of the sites listed so I know they work. Try to schedule your promotion as far in advance as possible so the sites will have sufficient time to get your book in front of their subscribers.

   Speaking of which, the links to the 35 free promotional websites as well as the facebook promo sites are only available to my subscribers.

   I send out a newsletter about once a month (most times less than that) I don’t spam and I don’t give out email addresses. Most times my newsletter is about how to sell more books on kindle and writing tips. I’m a writer whose actually written a book on how to write, publish and market your book into a best seller so that's what I usually write about.

   Again, the holidays are coming and now is the time to get your books in front of the book buying public and the 35 free websites and 28 facebook book sites can certainly help get the word out.

   So simply scroll up and enter your name and email address in the blue box on the upper right side (ZACK'S TIPS) and click submit and I’ll get it right out to you.