Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Your Kindle Book

   Starting tomorrow (October 17th) the first book of Ari Publishing’s best selling series ‘Revolution in America: Noon’s Rise to Power is going to be available for Free. Here’s the Link:

Make a note to download your copy.

   But that’s not what I want to talk to you about. What I do want to talk about is new authors publishing on Kindle before they’re ready. And the problem is, it reflects badly on indie authors and publishing companies. These newbies haven’t yet learned the craft, are convinced they don’t need to (all their friends say it’s great) and are emotionally devastated when avid book buyers come across their book, purchase it, then become furious and rip it to shreds in reviews when they discover what could have been a good and engaging story, is a poorly crafted, speechifying, error riddled, self indulgent piece of crap.

   So attention new authors, you need to know this. Just because you know how to put pen to paper does not mean you know how to write a book anymore than my ability to hammer a nail makes me a professional carpenter.

   As a publisher, and back in the days when we were accepting new authors we were often startled when we would receive full length novels written by people who clearly had no idea how to write professionally.

   Again, I own a paint set but I wouldn’t accept a commission to paint the Sistine Chapel.

   But I will admit most books on how to write are crap. They are often dry text books that teach writing with the same style and grace as a book on Certified Public Accounting.

   I feel your pain, bubula.

   Because writing is an art as well as a technical profession, people need to remember to separate the two. Technical writing is for the serious minded, for people who need clear, precise instructions on how to do or build something. No fluff, no humor, no personality. Just nuts and bolts, get the job done.

   And let me point out that I greatly respect this. It is far from easy to take an often difficult and complex process and write it in such a way that a new-comer would be able to comprehend and follow through. I have often said that any idiot can take a simple concept and make it difficult whereas the real talent lies in taking something difficult and making it simple and easy to understand.
   Here’s another point to consider. If you ask any professional novelist how they would feel if their first novel had been published for all to see, I guarantee their eyes would widen, their face pale and they would immediately begin wondering how much it would cost to buy every copy in existence and have a 'hit’ placed on anyone who read it.

   Sure there are often many a good idea in our first attempts which is why you should learn the craft before submitting anything for publication.

   I became a published writer before the days of Kindle and it was a long and frustrating battle trying to learn what publishers were looking for, what submission policy was, the first 5 page rule, and so much more that I now take for granted.

   The point is newbie writers don’t know what they need to know. And don’t know how to go about getting that information. Yes, there are creative writing courses, You Tube video tutorials and those dry 'how to' text books on writing. But it’s not likely you’ll learn the REAL skills necessary to get past the interns and to the real decision makers with them.

   So, I made a promise to myself that once I got Ari Publishing up and running I was going to take some time off and write the definitive book on How to Write, Publish and Market your novel. And I would price it for less than $5.00. Not the $25-$35 dollar most authors charge. This way anyone who is serious about becoming a respected author and wants to have a real chance at getting a book publishing deal can, just by reading that book.

   Seriously, if you’re thinking about uploading your book to Kindle to get holiday sales simply because You think it’s pretty good and all your friends like it. Download and read How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Bestseller before you do. See if you’ve taken all the steps necessary to avoid having it trashed by the reviewers, ridiculed by authors and noted by actual publishers and agents who will make a point to ignore any future submission you make to their respective companies.

   Don’t you think it’s worth the 5 bucks to keep from killing your writing career before it even starts? Read the reviews and see what others say. Again here’s the Link: