Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free Best Selling ebook

   Want to read a political thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat this coming weekend? The first in a series that has ten 4-5 star reviews? A novel that has reviewers saying:
Perfect summer blockbuster in novel format, Zackary Richards is very good at ratcheting up the tension and crafting compelling cliffhangers that just force you to read one more page... one more page...

Five stars!

Full throttle thrills!, Will Dr. Noon's appearance once again offer salvation that battered humanity so desperately craves, or bring more destruction than ever imagined? Find out in this intense, action packed thriller by the incredibly talented Zackary Richards.
Five stars!
Ashley Fontainne Author of the bestselling ‘Eviscerating the Snake’ series

Couldn't put it down!, I stayed up way, way past an old man's bed time reading this story.
Grabs you and never lets go.
Great, great story. Five stars

A view of the future?, A page turner, a cliff hanger, political thriller? All of these and more! Mr Richards combines all of this with a twist bordering on science fiction. A view of post apocalyptic New York City and a very plausible scenario make this book hard to put down. Fast moving without all the political mumbo jumbo and characters that are easy to love and hate 5 stars

Super heros... or villains?, "Noon’s Rise to Power" is a fast paced, compelling story set in a future America that has fallen apart. It's people are a mixture of the downtrodden, the drug addicted, and the power crazed. There are cybermen and psychics and enough technological goodies to make James Bond drool. Read the book before it becomes a movie. 4 stars
Winifred Elze Author of the best selling contemporary novels ‘Tilde’ and ‘If Only’

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   Here’s the book jacket blurb:

   In an America where the government is at the mercy of multinational corporations, where drug gangs terrorize entire cities, where only the wealthy receive police protection, and where political protests are dealt with by bank account seizures, IRS liens and electronically altered personal histories that feature felony convictions of capital crimes that were never committed…     

   One man comes forward.

   And with the help of a media wizard, a genetic engineer, a renegade computer hacker and a deeply troubled military genius, incites a revolution that propels him into the national spotlight and changes the face of America forever.
That man’s name? Dr. Alexander Noon!

   Don’t have a Kindle? You can go to  and download their free e-reader and read Revolution in America: Noon’s Rise to Power on your computer screen but unless you already have a tablet of some sort (iPad, Aser, Nook, Kobo, etc.) you might want to consider picking one up. Why? Well for no other reason they’re very convenient. They are lightweight, the battery lasts for a month and you can easily slip it into your pocket or purse. (Just try doing that with Stephen King’s latest , Doctor Sleep
or any of the Harry Potterbooks.)

   Or imagine this scenario. You’re stuck in the house because of the weather or your car is acting up. You want something to read but there’s no way you can get to the bookstore anytime soon. So you’re out of luck, right?
Not if you have a Kindle. You just turn it on, go to Amazon’s Kindle Store, 
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   So you might want to consider it. True, nothing can replace the beloved hard cover novel but during these tight financial times the fact that Stephen King’s latest, Doctor Sleep goes for $30.00 retail and just $10.99 as a Kindle download, That $69.00 dollar investment will pay for itself in a very short time.

   But I digress…

   So anyway, download your copy of Revolution in America: Noon’s Rise to Power today Here’s the Link once again: