Thursday, October 8, 2015


 Written by Zackary Richards for Ari Communications

Here’s the problem. Everything you learned growing up is wrong. I understand you might be thinking Oh great another conspiracy nut but I’m not, and what I’m saying is true.

Here’s the reality. As kids we were programmed to be good little boys and girls and to obey our elders because they had knowledge and experience.

Here’s the second problem. They were teaching us the same thing that was taught to them and to their parents and their parents before them. You see, they didn’t know what they were teaching us was wrong. It seemed to make sense. Get a good education so you can get a good job.

Translation: Learn something that is valuable to a rich person so they can use you to make themselves even richer. And hopefully they will pay you enough to eke out a meager living

Beats starving right?

But what they didn’t teach and what you really needed to learn was how to make money without depending on someone else. Why? Because if someone else is controlling your income stream, that means they can cut it off at any time.

So throughout your working life you always have that gun pointed to your head.

Yeah, but what choice do I have? you ask.

Here’s the scary part. Middle-income jobs are drying up. Get a good job so you can get a good education? Meaning become valuable to a rich person? Well the rich people have discovered that they can replace human workers with computers, advanced software, mechanization and internet sales.

Human workers are becoming obsolete.

Likely you’ve heard the “experts” say that yes, many jobs are being replaced by advancing technology but as in the past, new technology creates new jobs. That’s the way it’s always been. And that makes sense, right?

Sure it does, except it’s an outright lie. If you’ve ever been fired, you know the drill. Everything is fine, your supervisors are friendly, your co-workers like you and one day you’re called in to your boss’s office where you’re told how much they appreciate your hard work and dedication to the company but they’re going in a new direction and that direction doesn’t include you.

BOOM, you’re unemployed and didn’t have a clue it was coming.

As John Lennon once sang. But first you must learn how to smile as you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill.

The truth is if you have a middle-income job, the clock is ticking. Look around. How many professions have been eliminated in the last decade? Hundreds, if not thousands. How many hundreds if not thousands of new professions have been created to take their place?

I’m sure there are some. But I can’t think of any.

Can you?

So what am I doing about it? I’m teaching an eight week course on how to start an online business. It’s free and being hosted by the New York Public library.

I have a successful online business its In fact I have several successful online businesses but I don’t ever mention them to anybody. Why? Because I don’t want competition.

It’s likely that you don’t live anywhere near me or can attend my course. However, just because you can’t attend doesn’t mean you can’t learn the same way I did. Now at this point you should pay very close attention.

The reality is that human employees are being phased out. It’s a lot less expensive to purchase a program that can run 24/7 than to pay someone to do the same job with less results. I know because I do it myself. The industrial revolution is over and the age of us all having our own businesses and multiple income streams has arrived. Don’t put yourself and your family in danger by believing that crap about the new technology creating new jobs. They aren’t and you’re likely to wind up working a paper-hat job for the rest of your life if you don’t take action now!

Much of what I’ve learned on how to create a successful online business I learned from a company called SBI. Here’s the link.
How much is this going to cost me? is your first question as well as the thought that you’ve been duped into reading this entire article only to discover that it’s a sales pitch.

Well it isn’t. Not everybody is trying to rip you off. I wouldn’t be teaching an eight week course on how to start an online business for free if I was looking at the money end of it. I do it because I was once that guy who got called into the office and as much as they appreciated all my years of dedication and hard work, they had to let me go. Sniff, sniff.

Then they had security grab my stuff an escort me to the door.

That’s what going to happen to you if it hasn’t already. So here’s the deal. You go to this link and watch the videos. It explains everything they do and how to successfully run your own online business.


The reason they’re the top affiliate site online is likely due to their reputation for creating successful online businesses and the loyalty of the people who became successful due to what they learned from SBI

So here’s the Link one last time. Watch the videos, sign up and start a life where you don’t have to depend on someone else to support your family.
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