Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Life Lesson from Uncle Zack. The Rule of 3

     As mentioned in earlier posts, once you reach 50 the Universe starts to reveal some of its secrets. It doesn’t explain them but if you pay attention and don’t try to figure out why it works, you might find yourself with a leg up in the game. I have shared this with friends and they have, on many occasions, called to thank me. More than once it saved a job, a relationship and on one instance, a person’s life.  
     Here’s how it works.  Say you’re a salesman in a meeting with the other company salesmen. The big boss is attending and the topic is sales goals and how to cut costs. You want to pitch selling to the Smith and Jones Company.
     As the meeting comes to order and you’re about to bring up Smith and Jones, the secretary interrupts and tells you that the president of your biggest account is on the line and needs to talk to you immediately.
     Realizing the importance of maintaining their business, the big boss instructs you to take the call. You do, the problem is resolved, you return to the meeting.
     That was strike 1
     When you’re acknowledged and are again about to make your pitch about Smith and Jones, the boss interrupts and questions another salesman about a different topic. You wait until he’s finished.
     That was strike 2
     Now you’re understandably irritated and are determined to have your say. But yet again, just as you’re about to address the group, a water pitcher on the table is accidently knocked over and everything stops until the water is mopped up.
     That was strike 3 and no matter how strongly you feel about Smith and Jones, DO NOT BRING THEM UP AT THIS MEETING!!
     Another example. You’re about to go to the store, but your cars keys aren’t where you thought they were. You spend 10 minutes looking for them, then finally find them, behind a bag on the table where you first looked. Strike 1
     You get in the car, turn it on and the check oil light comes on. You check the oil, it’s down a quart, you grab a quart from the trunk and top it up.  Strike 2
     You start the car and are about to pull from the curb when a snow plow roars past and dumps a six inch blanket of snow on your windshield. Do you get out and scrap the snow off?
     Sure, if you want. Just don’t go to the store.
     The point is, if you try to say or do something and are obstructed by some outside factor 3 times in a row, whatever you were going to say, or do…
     Don’t do it!
     I don’t know why this works but, trust me, it does. Does it work all the time?
     Now before you go rushing to the comment box to provide an example in your life where it didn’t work, let me point this out. Say you are at a gaming facility and there are ten numbers on the big wheel. In nine out of ten spins it lands on the number 3. After 100 spins it lands on the number 3 ninety times. Why bet on any number other than 3?
     Is there something special about the number 3? I have no idea but it does factor heavily into our collective lore, starting with the Trinity. Closely followed by unlucky 13 (that is believed to be unlucky because putting the 1 before the 3 is supposedly in defiance of the 1st commandment.) Then there is “The third time is the charm, Three on a match, Three’s a crowd, the Three Faces of Eve, Three times a Lady, Three blind mice, Three wise men, Three Dog Night, 3-CPO,  Three sheets to the wind, and of course the ever popular, For Three’s a jolly good fellow!  
     There is also a factor of 3 in the “Are You a Horse’s Ass test.”
1)   1)  If someone calls you a horse’s ass, ignore them.
2)   2)  If 2 people call you a horse’s ass, reflect on your actions.
3)   3)  If 3 people call you a horse’s ass…

     Buy a saddle.
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