Friday, June 29, 2012

Death to the One-Trick Ponies!

Okay, so before some hysterical chucklehead calls the SPCA, let me just say that the above title has nothing to do with animals.
I love animals.
I really do.
They’re delicious!
Okay, calm down. What I am actually railing against today are those annoying zealots who post their one obsessive opinion again and again and again on various websites and social networks.
Don’t like President Obama, fine by me. Want to hang the 1% ers, knock yourself out. Against abortion, state your case. Animal lover? Me too. Gay rights, let me get my party hat.
 I’m willing to listen to whatever you feel is important and will pay attention while you yammer on and on
We all have opinions, some popular, some not. Politically, I consider myself a radical moderate. And as such, I firmly believe everyone should be respectful and tolerant of other people’s ideas and opinions and because I believe that SO strongly, I’ll shoot any sonavabitch who says different.
But seriously folks, I cannot stand people constantly harping on one topic. I’ll give an example. I’m on Facebook and Twitter to sell my books. They are wonderful books and I’m working very hard to convince my friends and followers to buy some.
But that’s not the only thing I SHARE, Twitter or Blog about.
 If I see a beautiful work of art, I put it out there. Same thing for a good photo, an interesting piece of scientific information, a funny joke, a clever comment, an important news story, or a photo of a beautiful woman, yeah, I go the whole 360 because I want to entertain you. Over a period of time, I’m hoping you’ll say to yourself, ‘I enjoy this guy’s posts. Maybe his books are just as entertaining. I’m going to go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and download one to my electronic device.
And should you feel the need to do that right now, here’s the link
And may whatever deity you subscribe to, bless you!
But back to the matter at hand.
If all you can post or tweet about is how much you hate or disagree with President Obama, or if you’re obsessed with being for or against gay rights, or for or against drug legalization, or the tea baggers, or the 1 % ers...
Please ‘Unfriend” me.
Because whatever we’re absolutely convinced will destroy America, probably won’t and those serving on the Supreme Court know a lot more about constitutional law than we do.
Today, the Supremes decided that ‘Obamacare’ or ‘Healthcare Reform’ if you prefer, was constitutional.
Everybody went nuts.
Here’s the deal.
In America, the number of those for it and against it were about even. It was the same with the Supreme Court. It easily could have gone either way. The deciding vote was cast by a highly regarded, experienced, conservative jurist appointed by a very conservative President George W. Bush.
So if Roberts, a judge who everyone was sure would vote against it, considered it important enough to cross party-lines, to state what he felt was in the best interests of the nation, then maybe we should accept it and move on.
We will always disagree on certain topics, some very intensely. There’s Abortion, The 2nd amendment, gay rights, state’s rights, illegal immigration, yada, yada, yada.
The bottom line is, as Americans, we need to trust our system. We need to believe that it works and accept that sometimes, no matter how sure we are that the government is wrong, accept the ruling when the final decision is made.
To use trickery, technicalities, propaganda, rabble-rousing, spin doctoring, misinformation and plausible deniability to corrupt the system to get the results we desire is treason. Because as we fight for our rights we must remember that our opponent’s rights are equally important and must be given the same level playing field that we demand for ourselves.
It’s just that simple.

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