Sunday, December 1, 2013

Problems Uploading to Kindle: Avoid the Kindle Uploading Nightmare

   I own a publishing company so you would think I know everything about it.

   And for the most part you’d be right. Except for one thing

   And that, my friend is uploading a book to Kindle.


   It literally took me months before I managed to acquire the skills to do it correctly. And although I do know how to do it correctly, I often have to go back and make several corrections because I am human and therefore make errors when I’m uploading a novel containing several hundred pages, over 50 chapters and various font types throughout.

   I know there are several websites whose members are quite skilled at uploading but they too are human and as such prone to making mistakes. Frankly it’s near impossible to avoid when you have to run the manuscript through the Microsoft Paragraph Tool, then the mobipocket converter, then the HTML rebuilder, then redirect to publications and then pray as you click the upload tab.

   You breathe a sigh of relief when the SUCCESS tab appears

   But  FEW DAYS LATER your heart sinks when you GET YOUR FIRST REVIEW and see that the novel you spent over a year working on got only one star and the entire review is about how the book is incomprehensible because of the format errors.

   In panic you click the kindle preview and notice that your title isn’t centered, the jump cuts aren’t spaced and the special font you used has been converted to Times New Roman. As you read further you notice that your chapters aren’t separated and there are huge spaces between words and some pages have only one word on them
And so you go back in to stop the hemorrhaging but it’s too late. Several other one star reviews come in with the same comments.  

   Book, DEAD. Sales, DEAD. Career as a novelist, DEAD.

   There are two ways to prevent this from happening. The first is to click this link:

   This company has an exclusive software program where you simply copy and paste your manuscript into their software template and it produces a perfectly formatted manuscript every time!

   No worries, No errors. No problems! Perfect every time!

   And it comes with a 60 Day no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

   The second is to download “How to Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Bestseller” in e book or audiobook form. Inside it is a step-by-step informational guide on how to correctly upload to Kindle that has been used successfully hundreds of times. Here’s the Link:

   Either one will get you safely through the process and put your book on Kindle in its proper form.

   Word to the wise:
   If you’ve spent years learning to write, perfecting your craft and fashioning a novel that you believe can become a best seller, for heaven’s sake don’t ‘wing it’ when it comes to uploading or trust it to a friend who says he/she has a “pretty good idea” on how to do it!

   You wouldn’t trust your health with someone who’s not a doctor, or your money with someone who’s not a licensed investor, so don’t trust your literary future to a non-professional. Go with either the software program:

   Or the step-by-step book tutorial

   I look forward to seeing you on the best seller list.