Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombing

   I will begin by offering my sympathy and condolences to the families of those we lost and those who are still with us but struggling to survive. What happened was an act of pure evil perpetrated by someone so vile that description is beyond words
   I said that first because I want you to know that I DO care about those who are suffering because of that horrific occurrence.

   But the hysterics have got to stop.

   Television has learned to zero in on the tragic and most of all on the people who are wide-eyed and on the verge of hysteria. The media paints a picture of a coming apocalypse of nuclear destruction, extremist behavior, poisoned food and economic collapse. They blow these horrible events way out of proportion to gain ratings and internet interest.

   Perhaps I am sounding a little too insensitive. What happened in Boston was indeed a tragedy and as I said earlier my prayers go out to the victims.

   But let’s also keep it in perspective. In the grand scale of horrific events what happened in Boston isn’t a world changer, it’s not going to affect the people of Boston in any long term way.

   Here’s what I mean.

   The 2011 Japanese Tsunami killed over 15,000 people; destroyed 130,000 buildings and caused a nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima Power Plant. Damage was estimated at 235 billion, the costliest natural disaster in world history.

   What did the Japanese people do? They did what they’ve always done. They buried their dead and immediately starting rebuilding. There were no recriminations, no heartfelt searches for answers. No bemoaning their fate. They know real horror. Their history notes that 200,000 were vaporized almost seven decades ago

   The Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami killed over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. The hardest hit being Indonesia with waves over 100 feet high. Which is comparable to having a 10 story building racing toward you.

   The Irish Potato Famine took over 1 Million lives

   The 1918 Flu pandemic killed between 35-70 MILLION people.

   In China in 1931 floods from unending rains during July and August
killed 4 MILLION

   In India in 1984 The Bhopal Gas tragedy killed between 10-16 thousand.

   And stepping away from natural disasters, the city of London was bombed for 57 consecutive days by Nazi warplanes starting on September 7, 1940. After the 57 day onslaught, the bombing still continued intermittently until May of 1941.

   I could continue but my point has been made. The world is and has always been a dangerous place filled with disasters and disease. There is, and has always been, cruel and murderous thugs. And we, as a people have allowed ourselves to become soft. We have replaced personal responsibility with self-indulgent compassion. We are rapidly degenerating into a gaggle of hysterical ninnies who become utterly useless when tragedy strikes and decisive action must be taken.

   I believe the present behavior of the people of today would sicken our ancestors who muscled through plagues, world wars and natural disasters. Let’s take a page from their playbook and instead of trying to ‘understand’ and ‘look for answers’ we focus all our attention on finding the person or person responsible and hang them from the lampposts that stand near the blast sites. 

   And in the meantime, remember to make time for family and friends. To be kind and a pleasure to be around, because we all have our crosses to bear and our sorrows to tend to. 

  Be safe my friends. I love you all