Monday, April 29, 2013

The Adventures of CYBERMAN!

Cyber hackers.

In today’s electronic world it’s a term you hear often and usually in regard to identity theft and the ruination of someone’s personal and financial life.  

I’ve often wondered why someone possessing that amount of technical talent and ability would use it to make some working-stiff’s life a living hell.

   I think back to the days of the 1930’s gangster. People like Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde. They robbed banks and according to legend never took a dime from regular people. Legend also has it that many gangsters of that era gave part of their ill gotten gains to help people undergoing hard times. (Keep in mind most of these gangsters operated during the Great Depression.)

   I am aware that these Great Depression Robin Hoods also murdered innocent law enforcement officers and just about anyone who presented a threat, but the average Joe or Joan was rarely a victim. Even the Mafia usually steered clear of involving the public.

   Unfortunately, that’s changed.

   What we need is a modern day tech Superhero. A plain, ordinary IT person by day and a super cyber-hacker by night.

   Faster than a nanosecond…

   More powerful than the WATSON IBM…

   Able to leap firewalls in a single bound…

   Look…up on the internet.


   Yes, It’s CYBERMAN, a computer and programming genius who hacks into the finances of those bastards on Wall Street— who almost brought about a second Great Depression— and uses that money to pay off the mortgages and credit card debt of the people who lost their jobs because of their criminal acts. And then ruins their credit scores, puts a felony conviction on their recrod (which they actually diserve) and divulges their secret off shore bank account codes to the IRS.


   Who drains the bank accounts of the companies that outsourced their labor force overseas and uses it to pay for the unemployed‘s outstanding medical bills.


   Who empties the bank accounts of the war profiteers and transfers their money to the families of those who lost their lives or came home crippled or mentally ill.


   Who redirects the smallest drones to spy on the secret deals made in the government back offices and uploads them to YouTube.

   CYBERMAN who fights a never ending battle for TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY!

   Fast Forward to the ending sequence where a young fresh-faced boy is sitting on the front porch of their house in Everytown, USA with his Mom. Under the twinkling stars the boy turns to her and says, “So we don’t have to move in with grandma? And Dad got a new job and he starts tomorrow?”

   Mom: “That’s right, Johnny. Plus the hospital bills for curing your Leukemia have mysteriously disappeared, as well as the outlandish interest on our credit cards. Looks like this family will be back on its feet in no time.”

   Johnny: “Gee, that’s swell, Mom. But how did it happen? Dad said that financially, we were screwed three ways from Thursday but now we’re okay?”

   Mom places arms around son should and squeezes.

   Mom: “Well, Johnny. Let me just say that there’s someone out there who understands what law abiding decent folks have been having to deal with and has been doling out some 21st century Prairie Justice.”

   Johnny (wide eyed): “Do you mean CYBERMAN? Is he the one who fixed everything?”

   Mom (pulling back in mock surprise): “Why, Johnny. Everybody knows there’s no such person as CYBERMAN.” (She looks from side to side then winks conspiratorially at Johnny.

   Johnny’s eyebrows raise knowingly: “I know, he just like Santa and the Easter Bunny.” (Johnny then looks around and returns the wink.)

   Stay tuned for scenes from our next exciting episode!
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